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Saddleback Mega-Church “Pastor” Rick Warren Says Embracing Marriage Equality Would “Weaken” Christianity

Evangelical Southern Baptist and founder of the Mega Saddleback Church, has told told ABC News that gay marriage would “weaken” the church if the church were to embrace it. 

Warren, who was a major influence on Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill also gave the invocation on January 20th, 2008 at President Obama’s inauguration and Obama praised the Mega-church leader in his second book “The Audacity of Hope.

WARREN: And so I believe what Jesus says about the Bible – and he says the Bible is the word of God. Well, if the Bible is the word of God, then I don’t have the right to change it. Policies come and go over the years. And so if I’m unpopular for certain beliefs, well, then I’m unpopular for certain beliefs. And to me, the Bible is very clear that sex is for a man and a woman in marriage only.

Source:  The New Civil Rights

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