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Russell Brand + Westboro Baptist Church Members = FAG PIMP BRAND – Video

British comedian  Russell Brand invited  two members of the violently anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church onto his FX show talk show Brand X last night and hilarity ensued!

Steve Drain and  Timothy Phelps gifted Russell with a large placard  bearing his face with the endearing title “FAG PIMP BRAND”  (Shirley must have been nursing her father/husband Fred Phelps who is older than hate dirt)

The pair told the star that he is “an advocate for Satan” and that he encourages his audience to cut their lives short by promoting and encouraging sinful behavior. Joking on the different use of the word ‘fag’ on different sides of the Atlantic. Brand quipped that he didn’t know what the problem was, pointing out that a fag is a cigarette. The members of the extremist church said that Madonna and Tom Hanks would end up in hell because of their support for equality, where they would be joined by the Indian peaceful revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi. Brand also introduced the pair of homophobes to his gay friends, who they labelled as “filthy perverts”. Ending the interview, Brand sat between the pair stroking their backs and asking for a kiss.

Watch the video below its brilliant just…freakin…brilliant!