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"Queer As Folk" Creator Russell T Davies To Bring New Gay Drama To Showtime

Russell T. Davies who created the original (and MUCH superior to his USA version) BBC drama “Queer As Folk’ is back at Showtime cable network with a new gay drama series in development there titled Cucumber.

Davies who brought to Showtime the a much more stereotypical and almost self deprecating American version of QAF  (based on Davies’ UK version), ran for 5 seasons on Showtime, but eventually became too unrealistic for even for gay American audiences.

Cucumber, the new series Davies has in development with Showtime.is to bring us more intimate views of the lives of gay men. While details are few and far between on the series itself and it is still in the early stages of development. 

Lets hope that after 10 years and Torchwood that Davies this time brings us at least a few positive gay role-model characters.  But with a title like Cucumber, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

TORCHWOOD To Move To FOX? Is Russell T Davies F**CKING INSANE!? (Or Just Greedy)

If killing off Ianto Jones wasn’t enough, via THR – The Live Feed comes news that will make every gay (and straight) Torchwood fan cringe in horror.  It apperars that Fox and BBC Worldwide Productions are developing an American remake of the U.K. hit sci-fi series “TORCHWOOD”.

The suckage on this will be HUGE.

It appears that the FOX version  will incorporate the original UK production team on it – namely series creator Russell Davies, his producing partner Julie Gardner, and BBC Worldwide’s US production V.P. Jane Tranter and Davies will pen the pilot which will contain a global-targeted story line as compared to the more localized Wales-set sensibility

Children of Earth ended with all dead aside from two of the regular cast and one recurring character. One regular looked to be essentially retiring and settling down to start a family, while a grieving Captain Jack headed off into space and was last seen cameoing in the recent “Doctor Who”  finale special.

So far details are unsure but the incarnation of the series could either start over with new actors playing the same characters, or effectively continue in the show’s current continuity with John Barrowman reprising his Harkness character as a regular or recurring role. Either way the links to “Doctor Who” will be entirely excised.


And what about SEX?  Is FOX going to able to deal with Capt. Jack’s sexuality, flirting and risque comments?  Even the more toned-down Children of Earth mini-series still featured an affectionate gay couple – something that may not fly on the conservative Fox free-to-air network.


Russell T Davies is such a money whore.

This is going to suck soooooooooooooo badly.