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FBI Now “Skeptical’ That Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Was Closeted Bisexual Or Gay Despite Rumors

Omar Mateen Was Closeted Bisexual Or Gay


Almost one week after the horrific mass shooting which targeted the LGBT community and left 49 people dead officials have become ” skeptical” of unconfirmed reports that Omar Mateen was bisexual or gay and closeted:

Federal law enforcement officials said Thursday that the F.B.I. is increasingly skeptical of reports that Mr. Mateen was gay but “closeted,” that he had been visiting gay clubs or that he had used gay dating apps. The bureau has recovered the Samsung phone he used the night of the attack, and is trying to retrieve data from it.

No profiles for Mateen have been found on any gay dating apps such as Grindr, Adam4Adam or Jack’d despite claims by some that they had seen Mateen on the gay sex sites.

Chris Hayes of MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes broke the story earlier this week without any substantial evidence to prove any of the accusations.

Rick Perry: A Coke Snorting Bisexual Whoremonger Who Bought Stippers. Did Dudes And Loved Orgies….. Allegedly

Robert Morrow the Texas Ron Paul supporter who recently took out an ad asking strippers, escorts,  “young hotties”, and gay guys if they have ever did the “nasty” with Rick Perry went on Austin’s public access gay radio show “Outcast” to discuss his findings so far.

Mostly its just hearsay and “friend of a friend” for now but if ANY of this info even turns out to be remotely true Perry’s going to have alot of explaining to do.

Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire and there are a lot of rumors about Rick Perry’s mispent youth and his alleged bisexuality.  

It will only take one person to step forward and shoot Perry down in flames.  So who out there is going to be a hero?