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Sports Stud Sunday – Retiring UK Rugger And Equality Advocate Ben Cohen Stripped And Ready For Action

England’s World Cup winner and LGBT Equality Champion Ben Cohen has announced his retirement.

Beautiful Beary Ben Cohen has OFFICIALLY been released by Sale Sharks despite being the club’s player of the season. Cohen has turned down offers from clubs.  Cohen will be leaving rugby and instead will focus his future on heading up the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation, an organisation set up to tackle bullying and homophobia. “To be honest, I would never have imagined my career was going to move in this direction after my professional rugby career, but here we are.

And we thank you for it Ben. WE LOVE YOU BEN!

Man, why are all the good ones STRAIGHT? 

GAYWEEK: Chris Evan’s Package, Rugby Stud Ben Cohen Comes To The U.S, Dynasty’s 30th Anniversary, Hot Geek Chris Hardwick With A Fleshlight and MORE! – Video

*Chris Evan’s as Captain America is certainly packing some….um heat.  WOWZA!

* OMG I’m…..I mean he’s coming!   UK Rugby Stud God God Ben Cohen will be in NYC this weekend to kick off the “The Ben Cohen Acceptance Tour 2011,” which will “support the activities of GLSEN based in the USA. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.” – Why do all the good men have to be STR8!

* The Simpsons goes gay again this weekend when Smithers helps renovate Moe’s Tavern, turning it into Springfield’s hottest gay bar. But things get complicated for Moe when his new patrons presume he’s gay. Scott Thompson, and Alyson Hannigan guest voice.- Fox-TV Sunday at 8:00pm EST.

*  The Parents Television Council is calling MTV’s sanitized version of the UK hit show Skins “the most dangerous show for children that we have ever seen.”  But then again they also said that about “PeeWee’s Playhouse” way back when. 

*18 year old Taylor Lautner who’s abs follow the Lee Strasburg method of acting is going to be paid 10 MILLION DOLLARS for his next movie. Now if thats not incentive to hit the gym, nothing is.

*The Hottest Geek On Earth Chris Hardwick broke away from CES and visited the Adult Expo next door, where he check out some Avatar-themed bedroom enhancements including a Na’vi Fleshlight!  Oh my!. And the scariest thing is I bet some people actually bought them.

This week was the 30th. Anniversary of one of the most influential moments in pop culture and catty gay history. On January 12th, 1981 … Dynasty debuted on ABC!  I AM Alexis Carrington Colby!