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Homo Say What? – Tennesse Republican Congressional Candidates Ron Kirkland And James Finn: When We Were In The Military, We "Took Care Of" Homos

Ron Kirkland and George Flinn
At a Tennessee Tea Party event, two GOP candidates for Congress told the audience just what they did to us  dirty homos back when they were in the military service.

Physicians Ron Kirkland of Jackson and George Flinn of Memphis were among the candidates Thursday night who talked largely about how they’re against the Obama administration and its policies, according to The Jackson Sun. The candidates criticized the administration for wanting to overturn the gay policy, which prevents gays from serving openly in the military. President Barack Obama has called on Congress to lift the ban, and military officials are examining how to do that. The candidates said ending the policy is “political correctness” that adds an unnecessary stress on the military. Kirkland, a Vietnam veteran, said of his time in the military: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.” Smith, who served in the first Iraqi war, added: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

Despicable scumbags.