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How Would Anthony Weiner’s Pictures Do On Grindr? Pretty Damn Well It Turns Out.

As we sit here day by day and watch Andrew Brietbart slowly, methodically and deliberately destroy the political career of Anthony Weiner for nothing more than being a horndog and showing some bad judgement. But it took Salon.com came up with the idea about how Anthony Weiner’s picture would do if they were put up on Grindr. 

Surprisingly it  turns out if Anthony played for our team he’s make out like a bandit.

We uploaded Weiner’s shirtless shot to a phone, and logged on in midtown Manhattan. Almost immediately, men started sending him messages. “More pics,” one 31-year-old man, wearing an oversized baseball cap and standing on a beach, asked immediately. When Weiner responded with the image of himself posing with his cats, and then the picture of his bulging gray briefs, the man answered by asking Weiner’s age, and sending a shirtless photo of himself in his underpants.

Over the course of the next 24 hours, Weiner’s Grindr profile received six more messages from people who were intrigued and interested in potentially meeting up. Their entreaties ranged from a straightforward “hey handsome” to “where you at?” to a man sending a picture of himself upside down on a trapeze

As “shocking” as Weiner’s photos were to middle America. They aren’t all that scandalous in the gay community. Where trading pictures, posting video, and webcam sex is almost the norm. You see we moved forward sexually and Middle America” has moved back to the year 1692. It wouldn;t surprise me if a housewife in Idaho has already made Weiner a pair of trousers ready with a big red “W” on the crotch for Weiner to wear.

I’m not excusing his lying, but I can understand his embarrassment at being caught.  And I do feel sorry for the pain his wife is going though.  But lets not lose sight of the fact that this has been nothing more than a long drawn out “blackmail” campaign by Andrew Brietbart who obviously had his minions put in many hours collecting the pictures and then proceeded to release the pictures one by one to mount more and more pressure on Weiner to resign or the Congress to kick him out.  And that’s something I can’t excuse.  To me Brietbart’s calculated extortion of Weiner beats some skin pics any day.

Video – Raw Story’s Mike Rogers On The GOP’s Hypocrisy And Anthony Weiner

Mike Rogers, the  Managing Director and partner of Raw Story Media,  fundraiser, blogger and gay rights activist best known outing closeted gay politicians who actively oppose gay rights.  Appeared on MSNB’s The Ed Show last night and talked about the GOP reaction to Anthony Weiner’s non-illegal Twitter pics, while ignoring the current illegal sexual activities of Republican officials


Six Congressional Democrats Calli For Weiner’s Resignation – They Are The Ones Who Should Resign

So far six lilly-livered, GOP ass kissing congressional Democrats have called for  Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) to resign over the “scandalous” and “lewd” pictures that Weiner sent over Twitter.

Never mind that Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana), slept with hookers, won re-election and remains in office, is holding a $2,500-a-person fundraiser tonight and despite the fact that Weiner had no physical contact with these women, and in fact, did not commit adultery. Weiner’s actions are inappropriate but Vitter’s was illegal

But come on now does Anthony Weiner’s (MIGHTY) dick pic really live up to say the scandal of John Ensign?

And as for the 6 GOP asskissing “so called” Democrats listed below.  YOU are the ones who should be ashamed of yourself by pandering to the Right and not standing up for one of the best and most forceful members of the House that you have.  You six are prime examples of exactly whats wrong with the Democratic party.

1.Senator David Pryor of Arkansas
2.Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas
3.Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania
4.Congressman Mike Michaud of Maine
5.Congresswoman Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts
6.Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana

The Republicans may suck but they stand together.  And that’s why they always win over you.  And since you all seem to be so out of the loop as to not understand this,  not only is the Tea Party the reason that the Democrats lost so many seats in 2010.  It was also because we, your voters stayed home because we are so DISGUSTED with you as a political party. 

And that disgust is continuing to this day

Good Luck in 2012

Andrew Breitbart Leaks Anthony Weiners Penis Photo – Wanna See Weiner’s Wiener?

Supposedly Andrew Breitbart made a deal with Rep. Anthony Weiner that he wouldn’t leak Weiner’s penis pic as not to as Breibart said ” “I don’t think I want to put his family through that type of thing.”

But that didn’t stop Briebart from whipping out his IPhone and showing the pic to some buddy’s who immediately photographed it and has sent it on its merry way.

So now its ALL out and  this should invalidate whatever deal  cut with that douchebag Briebart not to show it and hopefully Briebart will be prosecuted for attempted extortion and blackmail.

Now about the pic.  Its fuzzy but DAMN Anthony is packing a nice piece!

I told you all he has the biggest balls in the House

UPDATE:  I have removed the picture of Anthony Weiner’s penis from Back2Stonewall.com.  My integrity has won out over page views.

I saw it.  Its impressive and I still think that this is not such a huge deal as to ruin a brillant politican’s career. 

If you want to follow-up on this please head over to Gawker.com

Dan Savage Hits The Weiner Right On The Head!

Okay, I lied one more. I suppose you want me to resign now?

“A reporter asks if Weiner was drinking or using drugs—if he has a problem—because only a man who has a drinking problem or a drug problem could get caught up in something like this. Do reporters know what men are like? (And lots of women too?) This desire to pathologize behavior that isn’t sick—that is, indeed, very common and human and completely and instantly understandable—is itself pathological. Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner’s problem: same old horniness, brand new box.”  – Dan Savage

Thank you, Dan. Very well written and on the money  I agree completely.

And as for Nancy Pelosi saying she wants an ethics investigation. Really Nancy? Lobbying, campaign finance violations, undue influence of foreign governments doesn’t bother you, but one of the strongest liberals in the House sending a dick pic does? Fuck you.

Andrew Breitbart Releases MORE Anthony Weiner Pics!

Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com has released MORE pics of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Relax they are only bare chested and face pics.

I just want everyone to know I’m not posting the pics as a condemnation of Weiner because I believe what he did has absolutely NO baring on his political prowess.  The man IS a great politician.  I’m just posting it for you out there who are into skinny guys with BIG dicks.

That is all.

Video Anthony Weiner’s Press Conference – It WAS Weiner’s Wiener Big Deal. (Oh Wait It Is BIG!)

This afternoon Rep. Anthony Weiner held a press conference where he did admit that the picture of the man in the grey boxers with an erection is him and he did send it. 

Weiner is not resigning nor should he.  He has broken no law, and has not broken any Rules of the House.

And for those of you out there who say its a double standard for him to get away with it because if it were a Republican like Chris Lee, or Larry Craig you are 100 PERCENT WRONG.

Anthony Weiner unlike all those hypocritical Republicans who were caught did not run on Family Values Platform like Lee or Craig and even before his wedding 2 years ago was a bit of a ladies man (Dammit!)  So there goes the double standard argument.

And everyone get over it.  Especially the press and media.  What year is this 1662?  Want him to wear a BIG RED W on the front of his pants.

As for the picture.  Impressive Anthony!  You  might have to change your name to Anthony Hebrew National Bun Sized Franks

Video – Jon Stewart On Weinergate: ‘No way! His dick is just not that big’

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show took a long hard look at Anthony Weiner’s wiener and “Weinergate” last night a story that hits close to home to Stewart.  So close in fact that Stewart spent weekends when he was younger at  Anthony Weiner’s lake house in the mountains and as Jon compared the picture to his memories of swimming experiences with Weiner he concludes that the picture is indeed NOT Weiner’s wiener because as Stewart puts it.  “There was a lot more Anthony and alot less weiner.”

WEINERGATE EXPOSED! – Andrew Breitbart, Dan Wolfe, and Dana Loesch Soon To Be Roasted

Weiner’s weiner?  No way the man has HUGE balls!

Looks like a MAJOR GOP/Breitbart smear attack on Rep Anthony Wiener is rearing up its head and pointing back at the perpetrators.

Friday Andrew Breitbart’s “Big Government” website published a photo of  man’s erect penis outlined in a pair of tight grey boxer briefs. what was “supposedly sent by and belonging to” Representative Anthony Weiner to a college girl. (Because we are supposed to believe its him because the erection clearly shows the guy was circumcised and Weiner is Jewish after all)

But Rep.Weiner isn’t laughing at what he’s calling an Internet “prank” – and he’s hired an attorney to explore civil or criminal charges. And the co-ed it was sent to knows nothing about it.  But Twitter users, however, focused on tracking down the source of the dramatic crotch shot. Many on the social networking site accused user “patriotusa76” as the hacker.  “Patriotusa76,” whose name is listed as Dan Wolfe. denies it but in an an amazing coincidence, @patriotusa76 was anticipating JUST such a scandal more than two weeks ago.

Add into that mix involvement by Dana Loesch of Breitbart’s Big Government and An analysis by the website Raw Story that suggests that the screen-grab Breitbart’s site posted as ‘proof’ is a fraud. you have a whole lot of dirty muckraking and possible criminal charges in  Breitbart, Wolfes, and , Loeschs future

You can read all the dirty details and evidence  here, 

And @patriotusa76 if I find out its you you are in a whole bunch of trouble man.