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Protect Marriage Washington and NOM Lose Last Ditch Effort To Hide Ref 71 Names

Protect Marriage Washington’s last ditch effort to to prevent the Washington Secretary of State from releasing more copies of the Referendum 71 petitions to the public has FAILED.

In October, Federal District Court Judge Benjamin Settle, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled in their case Doe v. Reed that PMW was not entitled to an exemption from the Public Records Act and that therefore the Referendum 71 petitions they submitted to the state must be made available to the public by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of States Office began releasing the petitions and the signatories names and PMW in a last ditch effort filed emergency motions for injunctions after the fact to stop the release of names.  Which hated it temporarily

But now The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has declared that order MOOT.

Appellants have renewed their emergency motion for an injunction pending appeal under Ninth Circuit Rule 27-3. They seek to enjoin the Washington Secretary of State from further releasing the R-71 petitions, the Intervenors from distributing the petitions, and the district court from further disclosing the identity of Protect Marriage Washington’s John Doe parties and witnesses in the district court’s unredacted order. Because the court preliminarily believes that the appeal is moot due to the release of R-71 petitions, appellants’ renewed emergency motion for an injunction pending appeal is denied.

Protect Marriage Washington  is affiliated and backed by  the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage which is in similar fights around the country attempting to hide its supporters information from the public.
The Secretary of State’s office has resumed release of R-71 petitions and names to the public.


Federal Judge Benjamin Settle Keeps Restraining Order In Place To Seal Washington’s Referendum 71’s Petitioners Names – WORST Judge Ever!

It just goes to show you that for every Vaugh Walker there is a BIZARRO World version and this one’s name is Federal Judge Benjamin Settle

Settle who obviously doesn’t follow the Supreme Court does has decided that until he can hear arguments about releasing the names of Referendum 71’s backers who signed petitions calling for a state vote on expanded domestic partnerships for gay couples will remained sealed until he makes his decision on weather to release them or block them for good.

The U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in June that release of the signatures does not violate constitutional rights, but said the group behind the Washington state initiative can still try to prove the release would put petition-signers in danger (Because we all know that there are so many straight bashings out there.)

Referendum campaign organizer and major wingnut homophobe LOSER  Larry Stickney (Click this LINK to travel over to Pam’s House Blend and see how much of a LOSER this dude really is.) said he and others in the campaign were subjected to threats and harassment for their involvement in the effort

Supreme Court Rules That Washington State Anti-Gay Marriage Group Protect Marriage Washington MUST Hand Over Referendum 71 Petitioners Names

In a surprise ruling of 8 -1 The Supreme Court has ruled that Protect Marriage Washington, which organized the signature drive to get Ref 71 on the ballot Washington State’s residents who lent their names to put Referendum 71 on the ballot, which let voters choose to uphold the state’s “everything but marriage” law, must let their identities be know. Disclosing them does not violate the 138,000 petitioners’ First Amendment rights, the justices ruled, updating their decision to stay the Ninth Circuit’s ruling to make the names public. (Only Clarence Thomas voted to keep the names secret. He says a citizen’s privacy rights trump transparency in politics and was probably trying to find the cheapest way to just side with anti – gay Protect Marriage on this.)

The consequences of the ruling; it “could have far-reaching impacts, not just on the state’s initiative and referendum process, but also for other “open government” laws like the disclosure of who contributes to political campaigns, and how much they give and knocks down the silly and irresponsible arguments from opponents of gay marriage, who say democracy should happen in secret. No longer will these individuals be able to deny rights to Americans without being held publicly accountable

The National Organization For Marriage and the Mormon Church must be terriffied. (GOOD!)

This is a good day.

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Justice Antonin Scalia On Referendum 71, Johnny Weir Responds to Evan Lysacek, Gavin Rossdale Shirtless, and The University of Oregon’s All-Male Acapella Group (Video)

*  So who on the Supreme Court today was the  most vocal Supreme Court objector to keeping private the names of those who signed petitions in Referendum 71?  Justice Antonin Scalia!

Justice Antonin Scalia, using history, sarcasm and political taunts, laid down a barrage of objections Wednesday to a plea that the Supreme Court create a new constitutional right of anonymity for individuals who sign petitions to get policy measures onto election ballots. When he was finished, the strong impression was that it might be exceedingly hard to gather a five-vote majority to establish such a right, even though the plea got the fervent support of Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
Declaring that the rough-and-tumble of democracy is not for the faint-hearted, what Scalia referred to as the “touchy, feely” sensitivity of some political activists, the Justice said “you can’t run a democracy” with political activity behind a First Amendment shroud. “You are asking us to enter into a whole new field,” Scalia told James Bopp Jr., the lawyer for Washington State signers of an anti-gay rights petition. Politics, the Justice went on, “takes a certain amount of civic courage. The First Amendment does not protect you from civic discourse — or even from nasty phone calls.”

Well fuck me with a chainsaw.  Thats a SHOCK!

* Groovy Gavin Rossdale played tennis shirtless just for our enjoyment!  (Gavin call me!)

* Today B2S reported on a cuntified quote from Evan Lysacek about Johnny Weir not being asked to participate in Stars on Ice.
Johnny believes that everybody made a big deal out of him not participating because he was the Miss Congeniality of the Olympics. Johnny then called Evan a “slore.”

Hmmmm. Is Evan a slore? Before we answer that, let’s brush up on the official meaning of “slore” from the most accurate dictionary in the world: Urban Dictionary. According to UD, this one of the definitions of “slore”:

The combining of a “slut” and “Whore”. Usually in terms of a real trick ass bitch.

Well he’s got you nailed Evan!  Now if only these two would rent a room already and nail each other so they’d both calm down.

*  WATCH as the University of Oregon’s all-male acapella group On the Rocks covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.  Now that IS too gay!  (But in a good gay way!)