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Redheads Get A Bad Rap – Four RED HOT Redheaded Sports Figures To Go "Ginger Gaga" Over

South Park has ripped them apart and portrayed them as evil dominionist that want to take over the world and “gingers” in the UK have a hard time of it even though Dr. Who has been waiting many regenerations to come back as one.  But those pale skinned red headed guys are sexy as hell IMO and to prove that I’m offering up this Saturday 4 of the hottest redheaded professional male athletes that can and will make sports lovers (and ginger) lovers out of you weather you like it or not!

Shayne Graham
Shayne Graham has gone from worst to first as a former place kicker for the Cincinnati Bengals placekicker and now  for New England Patriots.  He’ll fir right in will all those Irish boston boys.
Alexi Lalas
U.S. Soccer great Alexi Lalas (The Great Red Hope) was born on June 1, 1970 and He became the first modern-era American soccer player to play in the Italian Serie A. Alexi is currently the editor-in-chief of MLSsoccer.com.
Matt Bonner
The pride of New Hampshire – has played for the San Antonio Spurs since 2006. And at 6’10” and 240 lb that’s a whole lot of REDHEAD!
Andy Dalton
On September 4, 2010, Dalton recorded his 30th victory as the Horned Frogs starting quarterback, passing Sammy Baugh as TCU’s all-time win leader.  Dalton has since signed with the worst team in the NFL The Cincinnati Bengals
Hey, I just said redheads were hot.