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KENTUCKY - KKK and PROUD BOY Recruitment Flyers Being Found Around State.

KENTUCKY – KKK and PROUD BOY Recruitment Flyers Being Found Around State.

FBI and  Police in Kentucky are looking into reports of racist flyers being spread through towns by the Ku Klux Klan and the Proud Boys recruiting members.

The FBI said these flyers have been seen all across the state, from northern Kentucky, to the Lexington area, to Bullitt County.

In 2021, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported nine hate and anti-government groups here in the Bluegrass. They’ve been tracking since 2000 and since then, here in Kentucky, they saw a spike in those numbers in 2016 with as many as 23 of those groups. 

“Neighborhood watch,” the Klan flyer advertises in part. “You can sleep sound tonight. The Klan is awake.” The flyers also urged residents to report crimes and drug dealers to an email address.

The name of the Trinity White Knights Ku Klux Klan – a Kentucky-based offshoot of the white supremacist organization .

Federal agents said they’re keeping a close eye on what’s happening, especially in light of an incident in Corbin earlier this month, when anti-LGBTQ protesters faced off with demonstrators at a Pride event. Two protesters showed up, shouting homophobic slurs and showing a KKK membership card.

Others across the state have contacted local authorities after seeing Proud Boys flyers in their communities.

It’s getting very scary out there. Please take care.

Today In Anti-LGBT Propaganda: FRC's Tony Perkins: Trump's Gay Ambassador Might Interfere With Countries That Put Gays To Death

FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins: Bans On “Ex-Gay” Therapy Will Help Gays Recruit Children

Tony Perkins Nazi2

“In Washington, D.C., destructive behavior isn’t just encouraged — efforts to stop it are punished! If kids are looking for a way out of their same-sex attractions, they’ll have to start outside of the nation’s capital. Under a measure just passed by the D.C. Council, counselors can lose their license just for offering the kind of therapy these children seek. Like California and New Jersey, the District is radically opposed to helping young people shake the unwanted sexual feelings they have for members of the same sex.

“It’s all part of the new Conversion Therapy for Minors Prohibition Act, which makes it a crime for therapists and mental health practitioners to coach children out of the sexual confusion they’re experiencing. Council member and author Mary Cheh insists that the District’s move is “a crucial step in the long battle” against “the counterproductive anti-homosexual mindset.” The fact that children are seeking this help doesn’t seem to matter to D.C., which is intent on locking kids into a lifestyle with devastating health, emotional, and societal consequences. Instead, the District wants to make it an offense to help children come to grips with their natural biology — opening a frightening chapter in the liberal recruiting of LGBTs.

“In a twisted irony, the Council made it quite clear that counseling aimed at helping kids make the transition into another sex is perfectly acceptable. It’s a ludicrous double standard — one that should draw the ire of every parent who rightly believes they should be the final authority on the kind of treatment their child should receive.” – Tony Perkins channeling Anita Bryant on the FRC website

Someone bake this Nazi a poopie-pie!