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Big Brother 15 Cast Full Of Racist, Homophobic, and Misogynistic Cretins – Video

Big Brother 15 sucks

The casting agents for CBS’s Big Brother 15 have scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel and should be fired for filling the Big Brother house this season with the most racist, sexist, homophobic and obnoxious group of “mactors” to date.

The comments captured on the live feed will probably never see the light of day thanks to sanitized editing by CBS.  Executive producer Allison Grodner has explained why the CBS show ignores awfulness from the house guests: “We really don’t want to put hateful things out there in our edits.”  Grodner said.

As to the awful things this cast has said so far, most of it occurred Saturday night and into Sunday. A Jokers poster has compiled an extensive list including flashback times to view the footage, while Zap2it’s Andrea Reiher summarized many of the awful things in a story.

Here are examples, compiled and expanded from the above sources, video clips, and other sources:

  • GinaMarie said that, because of her income level, she receives “nigger insurance” (she whispered the n-word, so it’s possible she said the version that ends with “a”). She whispered it to both Nick and Andy, neither of whom challenged her.
  • GinaMarie said Helen, who’s Asian, “should be kissing our ass and serving us some fucking rice.”
  • Aaryn said of Andy, “No one’s gonna vote for whoever that queer puts up.” She also suggested he’d win MVP because “people love the queers.”
  • Aaryn said about Candice, who’s black, “be careful what you say in the dark; you might not be able to see that bitch.” (A month ago, Aaryn tweeted, “Attractiveness comes from inside. What would you look like if your looks mirrored your words and actions?” So much irony.)
  • GinaMarie said Candice “gets that fuckin’ blackness,” referring to Candice’s reaction to something that happened in the game.
  • Aaryn said of Helen, “Shut up. Go make some fucking rice.”
  • Talking about sheets that smelled bad, David said they were that way because “black Candice” was on them, and then admitted, “that was totally racist.”
  • Jeremy, who calls the house’s women “bitches,” said of Katilin, “I did touch her vagina today.. she didn’t act like she was happy.. I like to feel around see what’s she’s working with.. see if it’s a nice meat wallet … I know she’s on her period.”
  • Spencer called Andy “Kermit the fag”; Amanda called Andy “Faggoty Ann” (McCrae later called her out for that language, but she defended it).
  • Spencer said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities, even while acknowledging that he’d be criticized for that.
  • Katilin said she likes gay people but they’re “untrustworthy in a game like this.”
  • McCrae said, “If I’m talking to a girl, that probably means I don’t want to fuck her.”
  • Spencer referred to women as “cunts.”
  • GinaMarie said, “you know two blacks stick together. They’re like tokens.”

Nice going CBS.  Whats next Klansmen

The ironic thing is how the UK versions of the show handles these sorts of things…if someone says something that someone else in the house might possibly construe as hateful, racist, bullying, homophobic, etc, Big Brother calls them into the diary room, reads them back verbatim what they said, reminds them of the house rules on hateful speech, gives them a warning and says that if this sort of behavior is repeated, it’s grounds for immediate eviction. And asks them if they understand why this is being done

And then they air the entire hand-slapping process.

But obviously this isn’t UK television because our versions of UK shows as proven by Big Brother usually suck.

Source: Reality Blurred

Gay Republican SURVIVOR Contestant Colton Cumbie Tries To Explain Away His Disgusting HomoCon Ways

Gay Republican contestant Colton Cumbie (what a fitting name) who was on this seasons  Survivor: One World had to leave the game early because of a physical ailment but not before becoming one of its most despised contestants in Survivor history due to his racist, hateful, and typical republican remarks which he then tried to explain last night on the Survivor: One World Reunion Show after the season finale.

And the little Auntie Tom even brought his Mother who then apologized for his actions.