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Today 8/4/2010 Is Our Proposition 8 "Day of Decision" – Whatever The Outcome We Must ALL Stand Together (VIDEO)

Today is the day we find out Judge Vaugh Walker’s decision in the Prop 8 Trail – Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

Whatever the outcome, weather we WIN or LOSE, CELEBRATE or PROTEST we must all band together and support each other.

This is a historic day.  If we WIN it is not only a win for the Lesbian and gay Community of California but it a win for Lesbians and Gays throughout the United States and sets precident for other challanges and the eventual fight all the way to The Supreme Court.   And even if we LOSE this is not over and will never be over until we have the same exact rights as all American Citizens. 

We must stand together, in celebtaion or tears and continue fighting..

Here is to HOPE!