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California Attorney General Kamala Harris Files Amicus On Prop 8 – Enough is Enough

California’s attorney general Kamala Harris id standing up for LGBT rights and gay marriage again as today she  filed an amicus brief to the California state Supreme Court saying that “only public officials exercising the executive power of government have authority to represent the state when laws passed by voters or the Legislature are challenged.”  Which means that that only Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and then Attorney General Jerry Brown had the only legal standing to defend Prop 8 and since they decided not to, no one else has the right to, despite claims that they have a “vested interest” in protecting the anti-gay marriage law.

“California law affords an initiative’s proponents no right to defend the validity of a successful initiative measure based only on their role in launching an initiative process,” Harris said. 

The Prop 8 decision has been dragged on for years now.  It’s time for the decision that that lower court ruling overturning Proposition 8 stands and for justice to be served

BREAKING NEWS: NOM President Brian Brown Whines Like A Little Girl Over Prop 8 Appeal Hearing

“This hearing makes a mockery of the federal judiciary,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “Citizens are entitled to a guarantee of impartiality from their judiciary. Yet here we have the spectacle of a federal appeals court justice ruling on a case in which his wife represents a group that is a participant. A cynic would be left to wonder if the fix is in for marriage in the Ninth Circuit.
The long road to determine the constitutionality of Proposition 8 cannot be allowed to go through the courtroom of a Judge whose wife is a key participant in that case,” said Brown. “It’s obvious that Reinhardt will vote to overturn Prop 8. We can only hope that once this case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, that the people of California will finally get an impartial day in court. When they do, we are confident that marriage as the union of one man and one woman will be vindicated.” – National Organization For Marriage President, Brian “Butt Boy” Brown

Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Considering that Judge Smith is a MORMON that “impartial judge” dog just don’t hunt Brianna.

What Miss Brown’s REAL poroblem is is that now t20 million people will see the actual arguments, he’s left with is only tactic – to complain about the judges. Please notice that “his fatness” didn’t address the merits of the Proponent’s case? Why? Because they weren’t any merits

Watching justice slowly nibble away a bigot is the sweet savory smell of meat..

Dance clown, DANCE!

OMFG – CNN Posts Hardcore Gay X-Rated Picture In Story On Prop 8 Appeal Trial

Someone at CNN online news has either a wicked sense of humor or is just not too observant.

In a story posted online this morning about Prop 8 heading to appeals court today the picture which accompanied the article. a placard full of gay rights buttons included one button with a  a hardcore gay sex scene..  LOL

In the original image attached to the article in the lower right hand bottom of the screen a button portraying one man playing hide the salami with another man was clearly visible. (Right next to a “Got Milk” button with Harvey Milks picture on it no less)

The original image has since been cropped to remove the button.  But that doesn’t explain if someone at CNN knew the button was there or somehow just overlooked it.

Press release from FRC, AFA, and Peter LaBarbera in three…….two……one.