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Polska duma! – Over 5000 March in Warsaw, Poland LGBT Pride Parade

Over 5000 members of the LGBT community and their supporters  marched though the streets of Warsaw, Poland  Saturday calling for equality, freedom, and tolerance.

The parade which was called “Simply Equality” marched through the streets with banners reading “sexual equality, economic equality”, as well as “members of parliament, come out of the closet!” and marchers were joined by liberal politicians including Democratic Left Alliance member Ryszard Kalisz,  Janusz Palikot, a former member of the ruling Civic Platform, Robert Biedron, an openly gay member of the party and Anna Grodzka, a transgender MP of the Palikot Movement and social activist.

Also taking part in the parade was the British Ambassador to Poland, Robin Barnett .  Who delivered a signed letter signed by US and Canadian ambassadors that states:

“LGBT individuals deserve the same rights and freedoms as all human beings in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We celebrate the many social, economic, and political contributions of LGBT communities worldwide, and salute the efforts of authorities here to protect LGBT rights in Poland.”

There were no major incidents during the march.