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Video – Foster’s Beer "Man Tan" Commercial – Homophobic or Funny? You Decide

Foster’s beer advice gurus Brad and Dan answer an urgent question from a caller: “Can I rub sunscreen lotion on my mate’s back ?”

Now I have read a few comments on other sites that they think this commerical is highly homophobic.  On the other hand Fosters is also going out of its way to make the title characters Brad and Dan come off as some Boozy, Aussie slacker,  beach bum boys and the guy who’s calling the line as a uber straight uptight clueless asshole.

Just HOW PC is TOO PC?

Homophobic or funny?  You decide

Is "Bitch" The NEW "N" Word? – Rant of the Day

bitch – noun \ˈbich\

1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals

2a : a lewd or immoral woman b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse

3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant

Examples of BITCH

That word is a bitch to spell.
tiresome members of the tour group who had one bitch after another

Recently I have been called out twice for calling someone a bitch. 

Now I’ll adnit it.  I speak very plainly here and with passion which sometimes does include cursing.  I have called Men , Tony Perkins, Bryan Brown, and Joe Solmonee a BITCH.  I have called Maggie Gallager and Michelle Bac\hman a BITCH and I never heard a word.  But recently in a heated post I made about Rea Carey of the NGLTF and the total waste that she and her organization had been over the past two years wasting what little time that we had to make LGBT advances I called her a BITCH.  And viola!  Suddenly I am a MISOGYNIST asshole. 

Now I will freely admit I can be an asshole. But all of a sudden, because I called a lesbian a “bitch” I am a misogynist that hates all women?  That’s just a bit of a stretch don’t you think?  And a bit of a double standard.  How many women out there say “you bitch” to another woman?  Or if a woman says “I feel like such a bitch today, or if you called Joan Collins character on “Dynasty” a bitch does that make them misogynist?

 In some cases are wemaybe  getting too UBER PC? 

If a woman calls a man a “prick” or a “dick” or worse a “scumbag” does that mean she hates all men?  Should we as a male race be offended?  Is that woman  ‘misandrist’. Greek roots ‘mesein’ (“to hate”)/’misos’ (“hatred”) and ‘andr’ (“man”).

ANYONE who read that post could see clearly that I used the word bitch not as an attack on the entire female species.  Should I have not cursed?  YES. I probably should have found another word.  Not for the fact of misogyny but for better writing.  But  I was angry.  I AM ANGRY.  At what Rea Carey and the NGLTF and Joe Solmonese of of HRC  for not doing their job and wasting what little opportunity they had. while collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars and selling us up the river.

If I did offend, I mean TRULY offended people out there by calling Rea a BITCH and you REALLY TRULY BELIEVE  it was an attack on ALL women I am sorry.  It was not meant that way.  And I suggest that you go back and read the original post and you’ll see that.

In the end what can I say.  I’m just one angry HOMO.

Now I suppose I am anti-gay and a homophobic too.  *siiigh*

End Of Rant.

Delaware GOP Senate Christine O’Donnell Was A Witch! And Bill Maher Has The Video!

Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell’s past continues to keep coming back to haunt her.   In a clip from an old television news show O’Donnell admits she “dabbled in witchcraft”  And that “One of her first dates with a witch was a picnic on a satanic altar.  There was a little blood there and stuff like that.”

Bill Maher who televised the clip on his HBO program last night from when O’Donnell was a guest on his “politically Incorrect” program in the late 90’s said that he will continue showing embarrassing clips until O’Donnell agrees to appear on his show..  “It’s like a hostage crisis. Every week that you don;t show up I’m going to throw another body out.”

You gotta love Bill Maher!