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Mickey Mouse Is A Republican – 90 Percent of Disney’s Political Donations Go To The GOP

According to an investigation by the Orlando Sentinel 90 cents of every dollar that the Walt Disney Co. has spent in political donations in Florida has gone to Republican candidates or conservative interest groups to the tune of 2.5 million dollars.

According to Bryan Malenius, a spokesperson for the company, said the donations are part of an effort by Walt Disney Co. to prevent the legalization of gambling and Vegas-like casinos, not to mention more mobile casino reviews and pro-gambling advocates in the state. “Our contribution levels in 2012 reflect increased efforts to support candidates who oppose the expansion of casino gambling in Florida.”

But also Disney reportedly donated $30,000 to a political action committee backing anti-gay GOP state Rep. Rachel Burgin.

While Disney as a company has offered health benefits to its employees’ same-sex partners since 1995, and while it has never officially supported gay marriage, it allows same-sex ceremonies to be performed at its theme parks and resorts is this another TARGET type faux pas’ with businesses donating to the GOP for their own good without taking into consideration the whole of society?

Or is it just the being of a Disney dark secret about to be exposed?.