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PLAYGIRL Magazine to Relaunch Next Week After Years Absence.

PLAYGIRL Magazine to Relaunch Next Week After Years Absence.

PLAYGIRL magazine originally published for women but who also had a large gay fanbase will relaunch next month after a four year absence.

The (ehmm) legendary publication which ran from 1973 to 2016 will relaunch is this coming Monday, October 26.

Playgirl‘s new editor Jack Lindley-Kuhns has said that he” “will unveil a modern mold” for the magazine this month — a mold that looks beyond a simple state of undress. Sure, the infamous centerfold will make its comeback, but in a far more decadent way.

Playgirl, according to their new publisher, “represents an open message that eroticism has no gender right now, and no sexual tendency, and Playgirl is pure eroticism on paper to take home. It’s a fantasy. The magazine was focused on the idea of desire, but desire in every topic they touch—in the environment, health, politics. It’s a magazine about desire.”

Playgirl’s Vol. 1, No. 1 appeared in June 1973, featuring Lyle Waggoner as the centerfold. Other early centerfolds included George Maharis, Don Stroud, Christopher George, Fabian Forte, Peter Lupus and professional athlete Jim Brown.

There has been no word about who the first centerfold will be.

Lyle Waggoner, Playgirl Centerfold, June 1973 - a photo on Flickriver
Lyle Waggoner

Christopher George Actor Playgirl gallery-4224 | My Hotz Pic
70’s Television Actor Christopher George

Daniel Paul (@DanDBear) | Don stroud, Actors, Celebrities
70’s Television Actor Don Stroud

Best Images About George Maharis On Pinterest Nyc Photographs And Satan |  Joss Picture Cam
70’s Television Actor George Maharis

Ronnie Kroell"s Naked Playgirl Pictures Have Been Revoved Due To A Threatening Email From Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

Ronnie Kroell’s pictuires have been removed due to this site recieving a threatening email from Playgirl spokesperson Daniel (Douchebag) Nardicio

From: daniel nardicio (danielnardicio@gmail.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe
Mark as junk
Sent: Tue 6/08/10 10:12 PM

take down your link to the Ronnie Kroell pics NOW- tomorrow AM our lawyers start going after you for copyright infringement



I am humbled that you felt so threatened that my posting of any pics would cut into Playgirls revenues.  But all you had to do was ask in a professional and courteous manner. (And use some capital letters, maybe) But since you come off like a gay Joe Francis from “Girls Gone Wild” I just want to let you know that  perhaps people wouldn’t post Ronnie’s pics if people hadn’t been rooked into buying subscriptions for the much-hyped Levi Johnston photo shoot, which ended up being extremely lame, and even in the much anticipated Kroell shoot in which  Ronnie is not erect, as you Daniel Nardicio said he’d be. At best, there’s only a shot of him with a semi hardon.

So now that the pictures are no longer available please feel to go back to promoting your sex parties, but before you do a bit of advice.  Get a better photographer and after the bait and switch with Johnston , you REALLY should have tried to avoid dangling another baited line with Ronnie.

Oh, and fuck you.