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NOM’s Brian Brown Worries About His Gay Hate Job Security

“Already this year, major new pushes to legalize same-sex marriage have erupted in Washington State and New Jersey. And with just days left before the South Carolina primary, we are at a critical moment in the race for the GOP nomination for president. NOM is committed to making sure voters have a marriage champion who will stand as a clear alternative to President Obama this November. Remember, we are fighting to stop a small group of zealots from discarding 3,000 years of human history and redefining our country’s biblical traditions on sex and marriage as the equivalent of bigotry. If we lose, the result will be the absolute destruction of marriage in America…in your state, in my state, in all 50 states!”-  Brian Brown of The National Organization For Marriage getting all hysterical and breaking out in a piggyman sweat over the fact that if same sex marriage becomes legal he’ll be out on his fat ass. 

“…we are fighting to stop a small group of zealots…”  

Yes indeed we are.  Indeed we are.

Brian Brown Of NOM: “Let’s Get Real, We Don’t Want To Hurt Gay People.”

A REAL American Horror Story "PiggyMan" Brian Brown

“Let’s get real here! No major spokesman or leader in America wants to hurt gay people, or deny them the civil rights we all share. The right to redefine marriage is a made-up right, it’s not real; it has no roots in our constitution, our history, our traditions, or common sense. Being denied the right to call a same-sex relationship a marriage is not like what happened to South Africans, or African-Americans. A movement which makes this argument is rooting itself in wishful self-aggrandizing fantasies which will backfire in the end. The great thing about working for marriage is that it is an issue that transcends the usual political divides—of creed, of race, and of party.”

P.S. Our fight for marriage is your fight! When you donate to NOM, you’re making sure that your voice is heard. The year ahead will bring many challenges, and many new opportunities. Why not take this time to help ensure that marriage is protected—in the new year, and in the generations to come?

That’s the National Organization for Marriage’s and America’s own Horror Story “Piggy Man” Brian Brown lying out his big fat flat ass and begging for money via the NOM Blog.  (I refuse to link to these blogs anymore because I do not what to give them extra traffic.  So take my word for it.)

So Piggy lets do  get real here! 

Every major spokesman or leader who opposes Equality DOES want to hurt LGBT people (in more ways than just violence), and deny them the civil rights we are all supposed to share.   If you seek to write an exemption to the 14th amendment for gay people into the constitution, then automatically you believe we shouldn’t have the same civil rights.

Brian Brown is full of something alright, and it certainly isn’t reality or love.