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NEA Union Submits Resolution To Remove Ex-Gay Educator’s Booth from National Conference

The nation’s largest teachers’ union introduced a resolution this week to remove an ex-gay group’s booth from the exhibit hall at their annual meeting in Boston thus rectifying a mistake that they made in 2007 by allowing the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus to be allowed to have booth space after Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) accused them of discrimination for denying PFOX space at the 2002, and 2003 conventions.

The NEA (National Education Association) is seeking to “immediately remove” the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus exhibit “on the grounds that this exhibit violates existing NEA exhibitor standards.” Those standards state that “exhibitors may not distribute materials that are offensive, distracting, or discriminatory.”

According to its website, the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus’ purpose is to “eliminate intolerance and discrimination against ex-gay students, teachers, and their supporters.” The group defines an ex-gay as someone who has “unwanted same gender attractions” and “does not want to embrace a homosexual identity.”

The groups’ founder Jeralee Smith a teacher and Seven Day Adventist “pastor” said the ex-gay caucus was created in response to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus, which also had a booth at the convention.

“We’re here because they’re here”

Smith it turns out is also anti-union and only holds a membership to union bust from within. She is also the President of the Conservative Educators Caucus and in the past has claimed that the NEA’s web page on LGBT students is all part of the union’s “ongoing agenda to legitimize homosexuality”

The resolution to remove the Ex-Gay Educators booth is currently “awaiting debate” and will be voted at the national conference this week.


Ex-Gay Self Loathing Homos Whine: Put Us In The Smithsonian Exhibit Too!



The self loathing homos over at PFOX  (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) are stamping their delusional  hateful little feet and screaming for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s LGBT history exhibit.

[Smithsonian Archives Specialist Franklin] Robinson told CNSNews.com that he would also be willing to collect items from pro-traditional family groups such as the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Marriage: Unique for a Reason Initiative, Concerned Women for America, and the American Family Association.  He said he also plans to collect material from the conservative Values Voter Summit which will be held later this month in Washington. “I am totally open to anybody that’s willing to kind of chat with me or mail me pamphlets because that fleshes this out and it makes it that much more valuable to researchers,” he said. PFOX said that it would be more than willing to provide additional documents to the Smithsonian. “We also have a D.C. Superior Court case four years ago where we won rights of the ex-gays to be included in the D.C. Human Rights Act and we could give them that case as well,” Salvatierra said. “That’s a historical legal case for ex-gay rights and we can give them that document…as well so they can archive that.

The Smithsonian’s exhibit’s curator is not only open to that, he plans on including materials from numerous anti-gay groups.

Personally I have no problem with this.  Both the good and bad in our history and the hatred that we have to overcome should be presented also.

I just hope that they make jars of formaldehyde big enough for the ex-gays to fit in for display. 

FRC Leads 42 Anti-Gay Groups Into Publishing a Full Page Ad Telling The BSA To Keep The Gay Hate

Hate Group Letter to the Boy Scouts

White supremacist Tony Perkin’s and his Family Research Council has gathered together 42 anti-gay hate groups including the American Family Association and the Liberty Council ran a full-page ad in USA Today urging the Boy Scouts of America to keep its discriminatory anti-gay policies.

Writes the FRC in a release:

Among the groups signing onto the ad are the American Family Association, American Values, Bott Radio Network, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, International Communion of Evangelical Churches, Liberty Counsel, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Patriot Voices, and a number of state family policy organizations.

The ad states that a policy change would be “a grave mistake” and that, “Every American who believes in freedom of thought and religious liberty should be alarmed by the attacks upon the Boy Scouts,” whose oath includes that members should be “morally straight.” The ad emphasizes that, “To compromise moral principles under political and financial pressure would teach the boys cowardice, not courage.”

The ad highlights BSA’s policy of recognizing the right of parents to teach their children about sexual topics. The ad concludes by challenging readers to ask themselves, “How will parents be able to entrust their children to the Boy Scouts if they trade the well-being of the boys for corporate dollars?”

Of course Tony Perkins took to the Tokyo Rose Broadcast Network otherwise known as FOX News.

“Ex-Gay” Group PFOX Files DOMA Brief Citing Horrific Childrens Book About Child Molestation

Lifelong self loathing closet-case Greg Quinlan and his group Parents & Friends Of Ex-Gays (PFOX) have filed a Supreme Court brief against the overturn of DOMA. molestation.

 Joe Jervis of Joe My God:

PFOX goes on to cite NARTH, whose co-founder was busted for hiring lithe young Latino prostitutes, and JONAH, who is being sued for asking male clients to expose their genitals and grope themselves in order to “get in touch with their masculinity.” Also cited is “ex-gay counselor” Richard Cohen, who asks clients to beat a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming, “Why, Mommy? Why did you make me gay?”

Also PFOX  cites  that nobody is born gay, and  that gays and lesbians should not be a “protected class” under the law because homosexuality “is not an immutable characteristic.” As evidence, it presents the stories of four self-proclaimed “ex-gays” that purportedly show that “sexual orientation can shift over time and does so for a significant number of people.” and blame the  “gayness” of  person on child molestation citing  Richard Cohen’s book Alfie’s Home, the most horrifically disturbing children’s book that anyones ever seen.

Alfies Home


Alfies home 2


Alfies Home 3


Alfies Home 4


Tony Perkins, Linda Harvey, Porno Pete and More Go Insane Over The Possibility Of Gay Boy Scouts


“Christian” right-wing religious hate groups and leaders are losing their little bigoted minds over the fact that the Boy Scouts of America MIGHT change its rules and allow gay scouts and leaders after decades of discrimination and stigmatizing them.

TONY PERKINS – FRC President and White supremacist:

“Can they honestly tell parents that entrusting little boys to men with  same-sex attractions is somehow going to reduce the incidence of child  sexual abuse? Or is the motivation closure? Because anyone who’s been a  target of homosexual activists understands: there is no appeasing them.  This struggle won’t end until there is a national policy eliminating any and all standards of morality. If the Scouts go down this path, before  the ink is even dry on this decision, there will be demands to represent and celebrate homosexuality in the Scouts’ curriculum, hiring policy,  camping arrangements, merit badges, jamboree programming, and a host of  other traditions. All these bullies need to topple a 2.9 million-member  organization is a foothold. And a naive BSA headquarters is dangerously  close to giving them one.”

LINDA HARVEY – Mission America President and Columbus Ohio HausShrew:

“Will two 13-year-old boys in a troop who ‘like’ each other be allowed to hold hands at meetings? To sleep in adjacent sleeping bags at a camp out? And then, what happens when inevitably some newly empowered homosexually declared youth puts the moves on a boy who finds it disgusting? Fights? Division, as friends take sides? Of course! These are boys. Unlike school, that boy and his parents have the option to leave. But he may still have to encounter these same abusive kids at school. It’s not a fun thing to be labeled a ‘hate-filled bigot’ or whatever new iteration of tradition-bashing is rolled out. Institutionalized intimidation and bullying, all in the name of sodomy, will be even more damaging than it currently is in the military. Once again, children are sacrificed on the altar of progressive values.” –  Writing for Wingnut World Net Daily

PORNO PETER LABARBERA – President and ONLY Member of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality:

“It’s very sad to see the Scouts cave on this. If you capitulate to the homosexual lobby, you’re capitulating to immorality; and you’re not being ‘morally straight,’ as the Boy Scout creed says. And you don’t want homosexual Boy Scouts either because you don’t want to have one homosexual Scout going around telling everybody about his homosexuality and how he’s out and proud and everything. You don’t want that influence of deviant sexuality among the boys itself.”

GREG QUINLAN – President of the “ex-gay” hate group PFOX and lifelong self loathing homo:

“As a former homosexual who was sexually molested as a child, I urge the Boy Scouts of America to reinforce their policy prohibiting homosexuals as Scout leaders entrusted with the care of impressionable young boys and teens.  My own sexual molestation as a youth was a contributing factor to my homosexual behavior as I got older. I left homosexuality only when I saw over 100 of my friends die of AIDS. I regret all those years of living homosexually — time wasted when I could have been dating and experiencing a relationship with a woman, gotten married, and raised children together. But sexual molestation and homosexuality raped me of those precious years, which should have been the best years of my life.”


“The BSA, for years, has had character and integrity and has stood firm on moral values. If they reverse this policy, then what they’re saying now is that to remain ‘morally straight’ isn’t as important as they’ve been saying for the past 100 years. You’re signing a death warrant when you say you’re going to allow open homosexuals to participate in a program with young boys.”


“The mission of the Boy Scouts is ‘to instill values in young people’ and ‘prepare them to make ethical choices,’ and the Scout’s oath includes a pledge ‘to do my duty to God’ and keep himself ‘morally straight.’ It is entirely reasonable and not at all unusual for those passages to be interpreted as requiring abstinence from homosexual conduct. If the board capitulates to the bullying of homosexual activists, the Boy Scouts’ legacy of producing great leaders will become yet another casualty of moral compromise. The Boy Scouts should stand firm in their timeless values and respect the right of parents to discuss these sexual topics with their children.”

Short translation: “Waah!  They’re not hating the way we want them to.  Pass the Bath Salts.”

“Ex-Gay” Greg Quinlan of PFOX and The New Jersey Family Policy Council: Gays Are Sexual Cannibals!

“I like the word that you used there, ‘cannibalized,’ because there is a scientific term that’s called that, ‘I want to have sex with that man so I can be like him, so I can become a part of him.’ It is a sexual, emotional cannibalization. ‘That person has something I want, they look better than I do, they’re more muscular than I am, they’re more virile than I am, they have something I want,’ and it’s a type of what we call an emotional or sexual cannibalism. I can’t describe it any better than that.”Greg Quinlan current New Jersey Family Policy Council and PFOX President.

So lets get this “straight”  in other words gay sex is kind of like communion?

I’d tell Quinlan to “EAT ME” but I don’t date outside my species.

Video – Self Loathing “Ex-Homo” And Founder of PFOX Greg Quinlan Rants At NJ Marriage Equality Hearing

Ohhhhhh get her!

Greg Quinlan the president of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (who is also a male nurse HA!)  proved what an extremely delusional, damaged, and self loathing human being he was yet again yesterday as he testified at yesterday’s marriage equality hearing in New Jersey.

Quinlan also demanded an apology from the bill’s sponsors for calling people of faith ‘bigots’:

“I want to talk first of all about something I heard from the very beginning by people of this Legislature that we are bigots as people of faith, because we do not hold that homosexual marriage should be codified. That somehow we are bigots and we are ideologues because we are people of faith. I want to address that hate. Everyone in this room who is a person of faith deserves an apology from one of the sponsors of this bill for calling us bigots.”

I think “idiot” should be added to “bigot” because since when did civil rights have to be derived from immutable qualities? freedom of religion is a civil right but one’s religion is far from being immutable or innate.

What incredibly fucked up people Quinlan and his ilk are.

MARYLAND: Montgomery County Board Of Education Allows “Ex-Gay” Group Flyers To Be Given To School Children

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland is defending and standing by its decision to allow the distribution of fliers from the “ex-gay” group PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays which also just happens to be headquartered in Montgomery County, MD) to students at Einstein High School in Rockville, Maryland not because they believe in it (or so they say) but because “the board of education policy allows materials and announcements from non-profit community organizations to be distributed at four designated times during the school year,”

Perhaps a non-profit abortion clinic should distribute flyer’s next quarter and see if the Board of Education has no problem with that.

Feel free to let MCPS know how you feel about them allowing a non-profit hate group like PFOX distribute possibly harmful pamphlets to children.  Because if you don’t.  No one else will.  CLICK HERE

Truth Wins Out To Sue Anti-Gay Religious Group For Defamation

Truth Wins Out  the LGBT organization formed by Wayne Besen that fights anti-gay religious extremism and monitors anti-LGBT organizations announced today that it is going to put forth a defamation lawsuit against Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) 

The lawsuit is a result of PFOX President Greg Quinlan’s comments on a Washington, DC television show claiming that TWO Executive Director, Wayne Besen, tried to have him murdered. Quinlan  has also been defaming publicly been defaming Besen’s character by falsely stating that Beesen was fired from the Human Rights Campaign, where he served as Deputy Director of Communications from 1998-2003 and that Besen has said that Besen had said to him that someone should run hom over with a bus or inject him with AIDS.

For those of you who don’t know, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) was started in the late 1990′ as an effort to mock the successful pro-gay organization, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).From its beginning , PFOX was a tool funded and used by the extreme religious right to deny equality to GLBT Americans. In 1998, the group was jumpstarted with an $80,000 grant from the officially recognized anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council.

Truth Wins Out sent Quinlan and PFOX a letter giving  them an opportunity to apologize for their smear campaign. , Quinlan responded:

 “Once I was able to stop laughing and realized that the letter wasn’t intended to be parody, I thought: Okay; Wayno wants a response to his list of comical demands? Here’s my formal response: Grow up…So, Wayne, if you really feel you must waste money you could be using to bash ex-gays, bully Christian churchgoers and spread the lie that people who are trapped in unwanted homosexuality can never escape it, I say knock yourself out. We’re happy to countersue and expose the hundreds of smears you and TWO have lodged against me and other pro-family advocates. Smears that actually amount to defamation. Little man, I’m calling your bluff.”  
 Besen replies:
“We are preparing a lawsuit and PFOX will soon realize that this is no bluff,  PFOX will not be able to pray away this lawsuit any more than they can pray away the gay. The outcome of this disturbing matter will be settled in a court of law.”
The lawsuit is expected to go forward something early this week.

Ex-Gay Group “PFOX” Denounces Bullying & Hate Crime Laws On Matthew Shepard Anniversary

As I noted earlier today is the 13th Anniversary of the day that Matthew Shepard was found beaten to the brink of death tied crucifiction style to a fence in Laramie Wyoming.  And in what has to be one of the most disgusting ironic “coincidences” today is also the first day of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council’s “Value Voters Summit” which is nothing but a white trash “HATERPOLOOZA” of so called “Christians’ to get together and spread some serious hate.

PFOX,  Parents and Friends Of Ex-Gays  started off the day by denouncing Anti bullying bills. 

PFOX has had said in the past about the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill:

“This bill threatens free speech and classifies certain people worthy of extra protection under the law based on sexual orientation (which fails to specifically include ex-gays) and gender identity (which includes transsexualism and transvestism, both defined as mental disorders by the American Psychiatric Association). PFOX families love all of their children equally, whether homosexual or heterosexual. But this bill divides families by elevating the status of one child over another.

This bill seeks to punish intolerance, but instead legislates hatred against ex-gays and provides gay activists the legal means for justification of intolerance against the ex-gay community and their friends,” Griggs said. “The bill serves to protect non-heterosexuals over heterosexuals while ignoring former transgenders who have undergone reversal surgery and former homosexuals.”

For these “ex-gays” who hate themselves, it seems the only way to cope is to hate someone else even more.