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Gay Porn Star Twins, Elijah and Milo Peters, Redefine The Word “Bromance” – Take The Poll

Two gay men from the Czech Republic have rocked the porn world recently, not just because they are twin brothers, but because they are lovers.

Elijah and Milo Peters, 22 year old twins, are a well known feature of the porn site Bel Ami for their “twincest”.

“My brother is my boyfriend, and I am his boyfriend,” one of the twins tells Salon.com in a phone interview from Prague. The writer notes that the two sound so much a like, it’s impossible to tell who’s who. “He is my lifeblood, and he is my only love.”

Clearly there is something fundamentally tempting about the twins; after all many would state ‘what’s the only thing better than having a hot man infront of you? Having two hot men infront of you!’ And Bel Ami have certainly reaped the benefits of the world’s desire to see this twincest in action: traffic to the company’s website has doubled since the twins first started appearing in 2009.

But once you’ve gotten over the intrigue, and the eroticness of two beautiful Eastern-European men together, you may well come down from the dizzying hedonism and ask yourself about the morality of it all. Now, I’m certainly not here to lecture you on your morals and values (not least of all because I’m somewhat undecided myself) so instead I wish to put the question to you – see the poll below.

  • Is incest fundamentally wrong?
  • Or, are morals around incest not really morals at all, but merely socially inflicted ethics (which can therefore be molded, changed, justified)?
  • Do the “morals” of incest relate only to the heterosexual world? Are these social norms constructed purely around the biological reasons against siblings conceiving a child?

Therefore, I pose this question to you, and welcome any comments or justifications to your response:

[poll id=”35″]

Note: the Peters brothers aren’t the first twins to make a go of it together in porn, but they look to be the first managing to make a success of it.

And the twins say they have no intention of quitting any time soon. “We want to keep making videos for Bel Ami for the next 50 years”.

p.s. Does anyone else really love their names? (who am I kidding, none of you are focusing on the aesthetics of their NAMES here)