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Jesus vs. Liberace: The People’s Choice Award Joins The Culture Wars

Jesus vs. Liberace

This years People’s Choice Awards  which first aired in 1975 and “recognizes the people and the work of popular culture” by popular vote will step into the 21st century culture wars  this year  when a miniseries based on the Bible will go up against a movie about the last ten years in the life of the colorful and conflicted gay entertainer Liberace.

In the “Favorite TV Movie/Miniseries” category, the History Channel miniseries “The Bible”  not only will be going head to head with HBO’s “Behind The Candelabra” but also FX’s “American Horror Story:Coven ,” the B-movie sensation “Sharknado” from SyFy, and “The White Queen” (how did that get there?) miniseries from STARZ.

So how will Jesus fare against witches, flying sharks, powerful medieval women and and the most sparking queen of the 20th century?  Who knows.  But “Behind the Candelabra” did win several Primetime Emmy Awards and beat out “The Bible” for the Outstanding Miniseries or Movie honor back in June.

The People’s Choice Awards airs January 8th on CBS.  It should be fabulous!