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Vladimir Putin Signs Draconian Russian Law Banning ‘Homosexual Propaganda’

President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the draconian anti-gay bill banning the promotion of “homosexual propaganda” among minors in Russia today.

RIA Novosti reports:

Gay propaganda with the use of mass media or Internet resources will see harsher penalties of 50,000-100,000 rubles ($1,520-3,050) for individuals, 100,000-200,000 rubles ($3,050-6,115) for officials and 1 million rubles or 90-day suspension for legal entities.

While the law’s proponents argue it is aimed at protecting children from harmful influences, critics allege the move is part of a broader crackdown on Russia’s gay community.

Putin attempted to downplay accusations of antigay bigotry by claiming sexual minorities are “full fledged members of our society and are not being discriminated against in any way.” despite the fact that only yesterday over 60 participants in St Petersburg Russia gay pride parade were beaten and then arrested by Russian police.

Cardinal Dolan Threatens Gays With Arrest By NYPD For Attending Mass At St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patricks refuses gays entry

In response to a column that rabid Catholic homophobe Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s wrote last week in which he suggested that LGBT people were welcome in the church so long as they “washed their hands” of the sin of being gay, a small group of gay Catholics gathered on the corner of East 46th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with a simple purpose, to dirty their hands with ash and attend Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in protest.

Symbolic and peaceful?  Yes.  But hardly an anarchistic and disruptive event.

Regardless Cardinal Dollan not only barred that small group of 10 from entering the cathedral but also threatened them with arrest by the NYPD if they did.

Joseph Amadeo writes:

It is what transpired in the moments after soiling our hands that I have trouble understanding and placing in the context of the Christian experience. At around 9:30am, the ten of us gathered were greeted by four police cars, eight uniformed officers, a police captain, and a detective from the Police Commissioner’s LGBT liaison unit. The detective informed us that the Cathedral would prohibit us to enter because of our dirty hands. It was at that moment that I realized the power of fear. The Archdiocese of New York was responding out of fear to a peaceful and silent presence at Mass. Even in light of this, we decided that we would walk solemnly from our gathering spot to the Cathedral with hopes that we might be welcomed.

As we reached St. Patrick’s Cathedral, we were approached by Kevin Donohue, who identified himself as being in charge of operations for the cathedral. Sadly, Mr. Donohue’s tone was both cold and scolding. What astounded me most was when he said that we could enter the cathedral so long as we washed our hands first. Even now, writing those words I find myself struggling to understand their meaning, while coming to terms with their exclusionary nature.

It was at this moment that Mr. Donohue advised us that if we entered St. Patrick’s Cathedral with dirty hands, we would be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. Upon hearing those words, I remember standing there thinking, “How can I be charged with criminal trespassing in my own home?” It was then that I realized what it meant to be spiritually homeless. This realization was particularly difficult for me in light of the private meeting that I had with Cardinal Dolan on November 27, 2012, at his office in Manhattan. It was during that meeting that he expressed such love and welcome that I find his subsequent “conditional welcome” to be difficult to understand.

Not only is this one of the most unchristian thing done.  Dolan’s reaction of  physically shuting the doors and threatening arrest of the group reveals exactly how shallow and sinister his and the Catholic hierarchy’s mind operates

Jxactly how does Cardinal Dolan justify and get the NYPD to help block these people entry to the church.  They were being quiet and peaceful, they were not even carrying signs, and, except for the ash on their hands, they were behaving the same as every other parishioner that morning.

Can the NYPD even justify being used to bar a group of homosexuals from the Church other than the fact that they were gay.  And why did the NYPD go along with it and why are they not being called out for it?

In the words of Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, in his Drum Major Sermon,  ” And any church that violates the “whosoever will, let him come” doctrine is a dead, cold church, (Yes) and nothing but a little social club with a thin veneer of religiosity.”


Jackson, Mississippi Police Stop LGBT March For Equality Before It Begins. How Very 1961

LGBT Jackson, Mississippi residents were turned away as they gathered to rally and march yesterday morning despite having applied for a permit to highlight LGBT discrimination. 

Organizers of the march were informed shortly before the event that their permit had been denied and they had no right to rally in the city.

Bob Gilchrist, who had organized the event on Facebook, expected a large turnout for the march and rally and at the last minute the permit was denied even though event organizers were finalizing details to secure required liability insurance. When informed by police that the permit had been denied, those assembled were threatened with arrest if they were to proceed.

Robin McGehee, GetEQUAL’s executive director and a Jackson, Mississippi native stated:

As a Mississippian forced to flee my home state to seek equality elsewhere, this decision by the Jackson police is reprehensible. Despite Mississippi’s long history of racial, gender, and economic discrimination, the state continues to use deceptive tactics like insurance requirements to prevent people from simply walking down the street as openly gay. You would think that Mississippi would have learned its lesson and would try to shake off the chains of its discriminatory past, but this action by Jackson police will simply cement the state’s reputation as the leader of bigotry and discrimination.”

McGee has a point tht history bears out.  On May 24, 1961, during the African-American Civil Rights Movement, more than 300 Freedom Riders were arrested in Jackson for disturbing the peace after they disembarked from their bus. They were riding the bus to demonstrate against segregation on public transportation.

So how far has Jackson, Mississippi evovled since 1961? 

Obviously not that much.

Source: Addicting Info

Gay Arts Festival Banned In Kuala Lumpur As A “Threat To Public Order”

Police in Kuala Lampur have ordered gay rights activists in the Muslim-majority country to shut down the  “Sexual Independence” festival has been held since 2008 because this year the festival titled themed “Queer Without Fear” focused on LGBT discrimination and acceptance.

The five-day festival which was set to start Nov. 9 at a private arts center afeatured planned musical performances of “queer anthems sung by local singers and drag divas who know what it means to love out loud and proud, and also included plans for talks on sexuality issues, a poster exhibition and a makeup workshop by a drag queen. One session was titled “Defense Against The Dark Arts: Homophobia 101.” organizers said.

After criticism by the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin who called the event “inappropriate” and a “waste of time,” and plans by several Muslim nongovernment groups to protest, police ordered the event to be canceled.

Authorities will “prevent any function relating to the program,” deputy police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said in a statement.

“Asking us to keep quiet is asking us to take your abuse with a smile … it’s time to put a stop to all the hate and misunderstanding and abuse,” festival spokesman Pang Khee Teik said in an online statement posted Thursday before the event was banned and there has been no further statement.

Source AP

Gay Belarius Russia Websites Under Threat From The Goverment

A decree signed by President Lukashenko has given government agencies the authority to block LGBT websites which are releaying “extremist information” however, in the light of next year’s President election many sees the law as a way to shut down any disturbing opposition websites. The law also comes into force in Belarus after the inernet has become increasingly popular and widely accessible. The law demands that all news media, including online publications have be approved by the government. It also requires all providers to register servers, personal computers, and other “devices used to connect to the Internet,” and to collect the personal details of Web surfers.

The editors of the main LGBT websites in Belarus have already registered new domain names outside Belarus in fears that a new law would prevent them to be accessible via their usual .by adress.

“The adoption of this law is one thing but another thing is how the information will be used” says Alexander Paluyan, Chief Editor of the portal Gay.By “From July 1, information on those who visited websites will go to public services and can be used at their own discretion. Because many Belarusian conceal their sexual orientation, an increased control over the internet might simply lead that many gays will stop to surf gay websites” he further said.

“For sure, this new law violates our human rights” says Sergey Androsenko, Editor of GayBelarus.By and Organizer of this year’s banned Slavic Gay Pride March in Minsk. “Gays and Lesbians have the right to privacy like any other citizen, and they have the right to access freely any information something that this new law will prevent.”

GayBelarus.By is now also acessible via GayBelarus.Org and Gay.By is also accessible