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Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee Writes Open Letter To Donald Trump. "Dear Fucking Lunatic..."

Motley Crüe Drummer Tommy Lee Writes Open Letter To Donald Trump. “Dear Fucking Lunatic…”

An Open Letter to the president”
From the Drummer of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee

Dear Fucking Lunatic,

At your recent press conference – more a word salad that had a stroke and fell down stairs, you were CLEARLY so out of your depth you needed scuba gear. Within minutes of going off air your minions were backpedaling faster than Cirque De Soliel acrobats… In India a week ago, i couldn’t get past the bit about your being the most popular visitor in the history of fucking india — a country of a BILLION human souls that’s only 3000 years old, give or take.!!! Trust me – Gandhi pulled CROWDS.. You pulled a cricket stadium and half WALKED out…

Do you know how fucking insane you sound, you off-brand butt plug? That’s like the geopolitical equivalent of “that stripper really likes me” — only 10,000 times crazier and less self aware.

You are fucking exhausting. Every day is a natural experiment in determining how long 300 million people can resist coring out their own assholes with an ice auger. Every time I hear a snippet of your Queens-tinged banshee larynx farts, I want to scream!

We are fucking tired. As bad as we all thought your presidency would be when Putin got you elected, it’s been inestimably worse.

You called a hostile, nuclear-armed head of state “short and fat.” How the fuck does that help?

You accused a woman — a former friend, no less — of showing up at your resort bleeding from the face and begging to get in. You, you, YOU — the guy who looks like a Christmas haggis inexplicably brought to life by Frosty’s magic hat — yes, you of all people said that.

You attempted — with evident fucking glee — to get 24 million people thrown off their health insurance.

You gave billions away to corporations and the already wealthy while simultaneously telling struggling poor people that you were doing exactly the opposite.

You endorsed a pedophile, praised brutal dictators, and defended LITERAL FUCKING NAZIS!

Ninety-nine percent of everything you say is either false, crazy, incoherent, just plain cruel, or a rancid paella of all four.

Oh, by the way, Puerto Rico is still FUBAR. You got yourself and your family billions in tax breaks for Christmas. What do they get? More paper towels?

Enough, enough, enough, enough! For the love of God and all that is holy, good, and pure, would you please, finally and forever, shut your feculent KFC-hole until you have something valuable — or even marginally civil — to say?

You are a fried dick sandwich with a side of schlongs. If chlamydia and gonorrhea had a son, you’d appoint him HHS secretary. You are a disgraceful, pustulant hot stew full of casuistry, godawful ideas, unintelligible non sequiturs, and malignant rage.

You are the perfect circus orangutan diaper from Plato’s World of Forms.

So fuck you Mr. President. And fuck you forever.

Oh, and Pence, you oleaginous house ferret. Fuck you, too. You’ll be as useful as a chocolate teapot against a medical crisis you Bible thumping cock socket.

Tommy Lee – Posted on Twitter 3/20/2020


H/T David Shaw

Covington, KY Mayor Joe Meyer: "Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred Won't Be Tolerated"

Covington, KY Mayor Joe Meyer: “Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred Won’t Be Tolerated”

Via The River City News

Two days before the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an intense discussion took place following breakfast at a Catholic church in Covington’s urban core. 

The crowd listened as five courageous young women talked candidly about growing up in Northern Kentucky being, as it were, a bi-racial student in high school, an African-American of Jewish faith, an African-American of Muslim faith, a Mexican immigrant, and the Kentucky-born daughter of Mexican immigrants. 

I left the church feeling buoyant: Over the years, the City of Covington has taken strong stances on issues pertaining to diversity, and here were people in Covington taking a leadership role in continuing to discuss issues of race, discrimination, and favoritism. 

I felt very proud of this City’s commitment to being a place of opportunity for all people. 

But my feelings of pride were soon tempered. I learned that Covington was being linked across the nation to intolerance and ethnic intimidation. Why? Because teens from a local high school were filmed surrounding and mocking native Americans participating in the Indigenous Peoples’ March in Washington D.C. The disrespect shown to a Native American elder, who happens to be a Vietnam Veteran, was particularly offensive. 

Videos of the confrontation are disturbing, discouraging, and – frankly – appalling. And they are rightfully inspiring a tidal wave of condemnation, even on the City of Covington’s own social sites, leaving the impression that these are the values of the City of Covington.

Yes, the ironic thing – as people keep pointing out to me – is that the school isn’t even located within Covington. But that’s not the point. 

The point is that because of the actions of people who live in Northern Kentucky, our region is being challenged again to examine our core identities, values, and beliefs. Regardless of what exact town we live in, we need to ask ourselves whether behavior like this DOES represent who we are and strive to be. Is this what our schools teach? Are these the beliefs that we as parents model and condone? 

Is this the way we want the rest of the nation and the world to see us? 

In answer, let me – as Covington’s mayor – be absolutely clear: No. The videos being shared across the nation do NOT represent the core beliefs and values of this City. 

Covington is a diverse community, in areas of race, national origin, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation, and income

  • We are one of the few cities in Kentucky with a Human Rights Ordinance that protects ALL people, including those with diverse gender identities and sexual orientation. And we have urged our fellow cities in Northern Kentucky to follow our lead. 
  • In fact, this past summer I joined Covington’s police chief leading Northern Kentucky’s Pride Parade. City vehicles drove in the parade, and department heads marched with a banner proudly proclaiming our beliefs. 
  • The City also is led by elected officials and top administrators at the highest level who represent the diverse makeup of Covington. The people who make decisions here are not homogenous in racial background, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Far from it. 
  • We welcome the recent opening of the Esperanza Latino Center in Covington as a resource center for all of our residents with roots south of the Rio Grande, and I was proud to attend their opening ceremony. 
  • We financially support our local Human Rights Commission and take seriously any complaints received. 
  • Our police and other public safety officials enforce the law fairly across the board on behalf of all people. 
  • And by our ordinances and by the implementation of programs, we have made it clear that all people should enjoy the opportunity for a good and successful life. 

No, we’re not perfect. More progress needs to be made, and we will continue to work diligently on making it. In the meantime, Covington is proud of being a welcoming City where bigotry, discrimination, and hatred will not be tolerated. – Mayor Joe Meyer

Joe Solmonese and The Human Rights Campaign Send A Letter To Obama Asking Foa A "Stop-Loss Executive Order" To Stop Discharges Under DADT A Year Late and 7.9 Million Dollars In Revenue Short

As reported this morning the HRC is facing an almost 20 percent loss in donations from the LGBT Community in 2010  which in most par due to the horrible handling of LGBT \righst issues including ENDA and of course DADT.

Today Joe Solmonese wrote a heartfelt rambling letter to President Obama finally after over a year and a half of asskissing,cocktail parties and  listening and drooling over the Obama Administration’s lies and unkept  promises.  NOW the HRC FINALLY asks Obama to “issue a stop-loss order suspending enforcement of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

This is one of the first letters they should have put on Obama’s desk. And, even if 2009 was all about finances and health care, then they should have pushed him to put it firmly on his 2010 agenda last year.  The HRC had a responsibility to the LGBT Community to stand up and be strong from the start and not stare with stars in their eyes at being invited to the White House for cocktails.

 THIS is just further proof of the HRC’s ineptness and just how useles and removed from the REAL LGBT community that they are.

You can read Solomeses’ rambling letter to Obama after the jump.  Which is actually kind of sad and pathetic because no matter how strong “Little Joe” tries to come on in the letter.  He still sounds like a simpering, fawning fool.
Dear Mr. President:

Years from now, students of the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality (LGBT) will no doubt see this fall as a pivotal period in the history of our struggle for fundamental fairness. In January, we were all inspired by your State of the Union pledge to end our nation’s discriminatory ban on open service by gays and lesbians. Equally inspiring was the testimony in support of repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We have come so far, but the only true measure of success is whether the thousands of brave gay and lesbian Americans who are serving their country, and the many more who want to serve their country, can do so openly and honestly. We have not yet met that goal, and without your leadership and unparalleled efforts, this historic opportunity to remove a stain of discrimination from our nation will pass all of us by.

Last week, lawyers for your administration asked for an emergency stay from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, seeking to end a worldwide injunction of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law while they work to overturn a federal judge’s conclusion that this law – one that you have called discriminatory and contrary to our national security on many occasions – offends the protections of our Constitution. I continue to struggle with how your administration can defend a law you oppose, and how it could be even remotely constitutional for a statute to single out one group of brave Americans, because of who they are and who they love, and order them serve in silence and deception. How can our government have a duty to defend a statute that is clearly so contrary to our Constitution’s guarantee of equality for all?

The Ninth Circuit’s decision to stay Judge Phillips’s decision further frustrates repeal advocates and puts a bright spotlight on you to reconcile this endless legal wrangling with your public promise to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” While we continue to call on your Administration not to appeal, if the Justice Department does insist on defending this discriminatory law, I strongly urge you to instruct government lawyers to inform the appellate court that the Executive Branch believes that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law is unconstitutional. I agree with the esteemed lawyer and former head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, Walter Dellinger, that such a move would send the Ninth Circuit a critically important message.

Furthermore, the litigation strategy challenging “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is made all the more critical by the challenges a legislative repeal has faced in Congress. While the House approved repeal by a wide margin, the Senate’s first and second attempts to move forward on the critical Defense Authorization bill were stymied by Republican obstructionists looking to score political points before the midterm elections. There is still an opportunity for the Senate to send the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to your desk in the lame duck session, but it will not happen if you do not put the full weight of the Office of the President of the United States behind it. Republican opponents would rather see the Defense Authorization and everything in it – military pay raises, critical armor and equipment for our troops, health coverage for their families on the home front – fail than let gays and lesbians serve their country openly. This is an outrageous insult to our troops, to their Commander-in-Chief, and to the Defense Department charged with their operations and their care. You and Secretary Gates must be full partners in making clear to Senators that it is doubly unacceptable to hold hostage the needs of every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine in a desperate attempt to preserve a law that flies in the face of the American ideals they sacrifice to protect every day.

It is because “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is contrary to our core values as a nation that it must end. And we must have a durable solution – legislative repeal or a solid judicial decision. But if those fail, you must not allow another day to go by in which a brave gay or lesbian service member is discharged based simply on sexual orientation. HRC has urged your administration, privately and publicly, for more than a year to use every tool at your disposal as Chief Executive to at least significantly reduce discharges, if not end them entirely. More can be done in this regard.

You can and should issue a stop-loss order suspending enforcement of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” This discriminatory law has already deprived our military thousands of service members, many with critical skills in fighting terrorism. You have acknowledged that it harms our national security. If we fail to achieve legislative repeal this year, and if you will not abandon the defense of this discriminatory law in court, then it is imperative that you use your clear authority as President to end the discharges. Anything less is unacceptable.

We have fought long and hard to get this close to ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” We pledge to continue that fight, every step of the way, until this unjust law is gone for good. Future generations will look back at this moment – we must not let it become a setback in the long march toward full equality, but instead make it the turning point it is poised to become.

Joe Solmonese

Bette Midler Writes Open Letter Concerning The Recent Epidemic Of LGBT Teen Suicides.

Bette Midler has written an open letter concerning the recent suicides in the gay youth community and  implores people, especially parents, to to a better job in teach thier children better the basic moral lessons of “live and let live” “.

“It is a sad sad day for America when young people would rather die than endure one more day of hatred and relentless persecution. As a mother, I am ashamed of all the parents who have failed to teach even the most basic human lessons to their children, “Live and let Live” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The normal, everyday kindness that we took for granted just a few years ago is a thing of the past, and I for one, mourn it deeply. Technology, the Internet, with its anonymity, have allowed people to behave like beasts, pouncing on the weak and howling with laughter when they inflict a wound, that only the strongest could survive. What are we doing to ourselves? How are we to survive as a nation, when hate seems to be the only thing that motivate us??

Four children are dead by their own hand because they just couldn’t take any more. How many more are we going to sacrifice to the hyenas? Isn’t it time to stop??

– Bette Midler

Why Hasn’t Stonewall UK The LARGEST LGBT Equality Organization In Europe Been Pushing For UK Marriage Equaility? – Let’s Give Them A Shove Okay?

Back2Stonewall.com reader Andy Godfrey sent me an email today alerting me to the fact that Stonewall UK, the largest gay equality organization in Europe has been surprising silent about full marriage equality in the United Kingdom and that many of our LGBT brothers and sisters across the Atlantic are extremely frustrated about this.

Now I know those of you who live in America might think that at least they have legally recognized civil partnerships in the UK and we have almost nothing. here.  But that’s not the point.  Time after time we always say “Separate is not Equal” and that’s not only true for us.  But  also for our LGBT brothers and sisters in the UK, Europe, and everywhere around the globe and we should stand with them and help them in anyway that we can.  And who knows maybe KARMA will come back to us and they will publicly stand for us.

I find it APPALLING that EVERY UK Gay Rights Group EXCEPT for Stonewall UK has set out positions on gay marriage equality. This coming from the largest LGBT Equality Organization that has the nerve to name itself after the most defining event in LGBT Movement is not only unacceptable but also circumspect.  They should be not only be supporting marriage equality but should be a leader in the marriage equality cause.

I am asking EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY THAT YOU LIVE IN to take a minute and go join  the “Why The Silence, Stonewall? Marriage Equality Now!” Facebook page and in doing so attaching your name and supporting an open letter to Stonewall.UK to get off their asses and actively support and push for Marriage Equality in the United Kingdom.  Aside from the obvious inequality of having separate institutions for straight and LGBT people, the current situation is detrimental for married trans people undergoing gender reassignment (as they are legally obliged to divorce their partner), for foreign married same-sex couples (whose marriages are not recognised as such by the UK government) and also for opposite-sex couples who would prefer a civil partnership without the baggage of marriage.

We must all start to stand together and help each other when it comes to LGBT Equality and Rights issues.  Whether it be in the next city, in the next state, or in a different country. 

Please take a trip over to the Why The Silence, Stonewall? Marriage Equality Now!” Facebook page and show your support. for FULL EQUALITY

Read the Open Letter To Stonewall UK after the jump.

          Dear Stonewall

We are writing to ask you to end your silence and openly support full marriage equality.

A recent PinkNews survey found overwhelming support (98%) for full marriage equality. Other LGB&T organisations, including the LGB&T groups of the three main political parties, have also professed their support. However, Stonewall have declined to do so.

At present, there is segregation between the institution of marriage for opposite-sex couples and the institution of civil partnerships for same-sex couples. “Separate but equal” is not equal, and many couples who wish to have their relationship recognised as a marriage are denied this right (conversely, there are also opposite-sex couples who are denied the right to a civil partnership).

Although civil partnerships were a huge step forward and you are to be commended on your work to bring them about, they do not have the same status as marriage. They confer the same legal rights, but there are nonetheless still some significant differences. For example, transgender individuals must divorce their partner if they wish to undergo gender reassignment. Furthermore, at present revealing one’s status as a civil partner (for instance, on forms) is tantamount to revealing one’s sexuality – often in wholly irrelevant contexts. Finally, civil partnerships are not recognised internationally in the same way as marriages – and it is demeaning that the UK does not recognise the marriages of foreign same-sex couples.

At present, your website contains no mention of your position on marriage equality and you have repeatedly declined to respond to questions on the subject (including an invitation from PinkNews to clarify your stance). If Britain’s largest and most influential LGB rights organisation refuses even to support the principle of marriage equality, calls for marriage equality from the LGB&T community (and its allies) will be undermined.

You have a duty to the people you represent and we urge you to make your voice heard on marriage equality.

Yours sincerely,