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EXCLUSIVE! – Cincinnati, Ohio Trump Rally Gay Couple Identities Discovered: Meet Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

Cincinnati, Ohio Trump Rally Gay Couple Identities Discovered: Meet Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

The identities of the Trump loving gay couple who made nationwide news for their interview at the Cincinnati, Ohio Donald Trump Rally on Friday have been discovered thanks to an anonymous source who contacted Back2Stonewall.com.

The couples names are Dewey Lainhart  and Cody Moore of Middleton and Kettering, Ohio.  

Not much is known about the couple except that they were engaged on October 7th. and are both are die hard Donald Trump supporters. (And out of their ever loving gay little minds)

Feel free to stop by and congratulate them on their engagement on their Facebook pages below. Or talk about you know how Trump being elected would null their engagement, take way their civil rights, and make them more of second class citizens then they already are. In a CIVIL conversation of course.

Facebook:  Dewey Lainhart

Facebook:  Cody Moore


Ohio Public School Considers Rabidly Anti-Gay, ‘Christian’ Commentator “Coach Dave” for Job

Coach Dave and Porno Pete

Rabidly anti-gay “Christian” con-servative commentator Dave Daubenmire, who refers to himself “Coach Dave” in his hateful and insane YouTube and radio rants is one of three finalists for the vacant head-coaching job at Lakewood Public High School,  35 miles east of Columbus in Licking County.

Daubenmire, runs Pass the Salt Ministries, which organizes spiritual “boot camps” for men with a slogan, “Real Men Under Construction.” and also runs something called “Minutemen united”, a group of people who disrupts church services to proclaim their anti-gay stance and  advocates revolution to obliterate the distinction between church and state, and  he has called Fred Phelps and the Weastboro Baptist Church  “part of the body of Christ”, and defended them at length

In October, he posted a commentary saying he was “sick and tired of hearing about bullying” and called anti-bullying efforts part of the “homosexual agenda, to try to get people to not criticize or make fun of or poke fun at homosexuals.”

This is definitely not someone who should be around children or other any other human beings for that fact.

Equality Ohio is urging the LGBT community to sign a Change.org petition to stop the hiring of Daubenmire because of his “blatantly homophobic and pro-bullying” ways.

Sign the petition and take it one step further and call Lakewood High School directly at (216) 529-4028 and tell them not to hire Dave Daubenmire.

Do it NOW!