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WATCH: Tim Tebow Takes It And Gives It Like a Man (Bwahahahahahaha!) – Video

Tim Tebow Takes It Like A Man

This year for T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial ad buy the wireless phone company teamed up with Tim Tebow for two commercials that poke fun at the former professional quarterback’s continued pursuit of an NFL contract. The 30-second spots showcase what Tebow has been able to accomplish WITHOUT a contract, which includes saving puppies from a burning fire…

This is actually the best work Tebow has done in or out of his professional career.  Tim might actually be able to skip gay porn and go directly to soap opera work.


H/T to the handsome and insanely talented Kenneth Walsh of Kenneth in the 212

ESPN Hires Tim (On His Knees) Tebow – Watch His Screen Test (Video)

Tim Tebow

Former Florida quarterback, Heisman winner, Focus on the Family member and uber-christian Tim Tebow, has been hired as a college football analyst for the SEC Network launching in August 2014. Through a multi-year agreement, Tebow’s primary role will be as an analyst for SEC Nation, the network’s traveling pregame show that will originate from a different SEC campus each week beginning August 28, 2014. In the months leading up to launch and after, he will contribute to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary Southeastern Conference player.

Timmy will debut on January 6th for the BCS National Championship game.

I guess after the ESPN stint ends the next step will be a straight to the DVD gay porn bargain bin release of a Tim Tebow vs Ryan Lochte  naked hot oil wrestling match.  Which would be perfect for both of them.

You can watch Tim Tebow’s screen test for ESPN below:  Bwahahahaha!

Tony Perkins and the FRC Wants You On Your Knees On July 30th. OMFG!

Tony Perkins On Your KneesOne really has to wonder how many repressed self-loathing gays are really in the anti-gay movement.

First we had NOM’s anti-gay movement called 2M4M – that was supposed to mean “two million for marriage” except 2M4M is actually gay personal ad-speak for a gay couple looking for a menage-a-trois.  And now thanks to Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council we have the gayest anti-gay hate group campaign’s slogan faux pas ever….

 “On our knees for America.”

And it’s accompanied by a logo that appears to be a man performing oral sex.


That’s right.  The FRC wants America to fall on its knees on June 30th and give head.

And the BEST part is.  The follow-up slogan is “I”m in.”

I hear that the runner up slogan was “On our backs with legs open wide, holding our ankles, and freshly douched… for America.” but they thought it was too wordy.

Oh these wacky KKKristians they bring a whole new meaning to a “come to Jesus moment”