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Family Research Council Demands SLPC Apologize For "slanderous attack and attempted character assassination." After Being Labled A Hate Group

Well  the FRC after having had time to talk with the other anti-gay hate groups and figure out how to respond to the recent  listing of being categorized as a “hate group” in The Southern Poverty Law Center’s report this week on rabidly anti-gay organizations has finally released a statement. 
FRC President, and ginger haired closet case Tony Perkins says the list is part of “the left’s smear campaign of conservatives and demands that the Southern Poverty Law Center  apologize for it’s “slanderous attack and attempted character assassination”

“Family Research Council has, for nearly 30 years, advanced faith, family, and freedom in public discourse. We do so with civility and compassion. We hold to the indisputable fact that the family – a Dad, a Mom, and children – is the best building block of a good society, which is why we oppose efforts to transform it based on personal sexual preference.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is a massively funded liberal organization that operates under a veneer of public justice when, in fact, they seem more interested in fundraising ploys than fighting wrongdoing.

“This is a deliberately timed smear campaign by the SPLC. The Left is losing the debate over ideas and the direction of public policy so all that is left for them is character assassination. It’s a sad day in America when we can not, with integrity, have a legitimate discussion over policy issues that are being considered by Congress, legislatures, and the courts without resorting to juvenile tactics of name calling.

“The Left’s smear campaigns of conservatives is also being driven by the clear evidence that the American public is losing patience with their radical policy agenda as seen in the recent election and in the fact that every state, currently more than thirty, that has had the opportunity to defend the natural definition of marriage has done so. Earlier this month, voters in Iowa sent a powerful message when they removed three Supreme Court justices who imposed same-sex marriage on the state. Would the SPLC also smear the good people of Iowa?

“Family Research Council will continue to champion marriage and family as the foundation of our society and will not acquiesce to those seeking to silence the Judeo-Christian views held by millions of Americans. We call on the Southern Poverty Law Center to apologize for this slanderous attack and attempted character assassination.”

Well lets see.  Other than the fact that the SLPC is NOT a massively funded liberal organization and the fact that FRC after all these years are FINALLY being labeled the hate group is poetic justice.

The above statement by Perkins plays off that this is about the the FRC being anti-gay marriage.  Its not.  It’s because the FRC is anti-gay EVERYTHING much like the KKK was anti-black EVERYTHING

Examples of this rabid gay hatred are too long to list but FRC senior research fellows Tim Dailey and Peter Sprigg “have constantly pushed false accusations linking gay men to pedophilia,”  In a conversation about immigration rights for gay couples, Sprigg told Chris Matthews, “I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them.” He later apologized for that statement, but went on to argue that there should be “criminal sanctions” against “homosexual behavior.” Sprigg also “claimed that allowing gay people to serve openly in the military would lead to an increase in gay-on-straight sexual assaults,”

That sure sounds like hate to me!

Somebody call Perkins a waaaaaaaaaambulance and a rentboy.  He’s having a rough Thanksgiving and its only going to get worse from here on if I have anything to do with it.

Official Statement From Rentboy.com: "Scandalous Rentboy Romp Caught in Media Storm‏"

Found this in my Inbox this morning…….

Rentboy.com Newsletter: Scandalous Rentboy Romp Caught in Media Storm‏
One of Rentboy.com’s classic advertising slogans is “Take a Pornstar on Vacation…Find him on Rentboy.com.”
This week an anti-gay activist and family values crusader named George Rekers was caught by the Miami New Times returning from a vacation with a rentboy, and the story has turned into an international media circus, with coverage on CNN, Colbert Report, BBC, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show and the blogosphere. We were completely surprised by this turn of events and we are following it closely. At rentboy.com, it is our policy to protect the privacy of any escort advertising his services on our site–the same goes for clients. Information exchanged between consenting adults meeting on our remains private. Mr.Rekers has built a highly public, lucrative career out of shaming gay men and women. If it is true that he took a rentboy “on vacation,” then he has brought this negative attention on himself. We reserve judgment, we don’t know all the facts.
Just to be clear, Rentboy.com is not an escort agency, we are an ad listing service for male escorts, where men place their own ads and work for themselves, so that clients can contact them directly. Our mission is to create a non-judgmental space where anyone curious about exploring male-male companionship can hire a man by the hour. We remain open-minded and devoted to privacy for the people who use our site, but we can’t take the risk out of leading a double life, or having a closeted or hypocritical career… If you’re a famous heterosexual homophobe and you appear in public with a rentboy with your pants down, you’re just asking for trouble
If you would like to Take a Pornstar or Male Escort on Vacation, Rentboy.com is where you’ll find him. Excess baggage can indeed be heavy and there is nothing like a hot man to help you unload it.
Fucking beautiful!  Cheers to Rentboy!!