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LGBT Activist March Down Castro Street and “Occupy HRC” In San Francisco – Video

A large group of angry LGBT Activist marched down Castro Street today chanting “HRC doesn’t speak for me!” right into the HRC store disgruntled, frustrated, and pissed off (and rightfully so) with the non-profit gay organization.

They took the “bourgeois” HRC to task for its lack of movement and priorities especially those on homelessness among LGBT youth and people with AIDS, high unemployment rates for transgender folk, and lack of decent health care and affordable housing for elderly LGBT’s and of course the snail pace to full LGBT Equality.

While leaving the store┬áprotesters chanted “We’re a movement, not a market” a zinger at HRC for having the nerve to buy and turn Harvey Milk’s once camera store and political headquarters into an over-priced gift shop.