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Video – Security Guard At Zuccotti Park Calls Gay Veteran “Faggot” During Occupy Wall Street

Can you identify this homophobic douchebag?

This afternoon a well known gay veteran activist was videotaping the newly added security at Zuccotti Park in New York City after the Occupy Wall Street encampment was brutally destroyed by the NYPD earlier  this morning.  When trying to get any information from the stone faced Brookfield Properties guards one of them looked into the camera and called  gay six year army veteran  and LGBT activist Joey Boot’s a “faggot.”

“Your flys open faggot” the guard said in reply to one of Joey’s questions with a straight face and a mocking tone.  And when Joey called this rent-a-cop who has probably never seen one day in the military out he shut up and with just the smalled hint of a smirk turned and walked away.

CONTACT Melissa Coley Vice President, Investor Relations & Communications Brookfield Office Properties Tel: 212-417-7215 Email: melissa.coley@brookfield.com and Bryan Davis Chief Financial Officer Phone: 212-417-7166 E-mail: bryan.davis@brookfield.com and DEMAND that this security guard be fired IMMEDIATELY!