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Tucker Carlson: “Being Racist Is Not A Crime”.

Tucker Carlson: “Being Racist Is Not A Crime”.

And if ANYONE should know it’s Tucker Carlson.

Unfortunately being a racist is not a crime. But fortunately, the shunning of racists for the deplorable excuses for human beings that they are is also not a crime.

Far-right former Fox News host Tucker Carlson denies being racist – but says if he was, he would “just say so”.

“Being racist is not a crime,” Carlson says in a new biography, Tucker, by Chadwick Moore. “Maybe [it is] a moral crime, but not a statutory crime – so if I was racist, I would just say so.” Carlson has long been accused of pushing racist invective and conspiracy theories during six years as the dominant Fox News primetime host.

He has stirred up numerous controversies including pushing the racist “great replacement theory”, saying immigrants had made America “poorer and dirtier” and once suggested a Black Democrat politician spoke like a “sharecropper”.

The Guardian

Rarely have I met a racist who openly admits that they are racist.