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Why Isn’t Brian Brown In Jail? NOM Continues To Deny Release Of Donor Information In Maine.

The state of Maine is back in court AGAIN to get NOM to comply with state campaign finance laws and release the names of their donors, a battle that has been raging since 2009/

  NOM provided more than $1.9 million to a political action committee in Maine that helped repeal a law to legalize same-sex marriage

The National Organization for Marriage says that identifying donors would violate their First Amendment rights and deter future donors. Lawyers for each side presented arguments Wednesday in Kennebec County Superior Court to a judge who said she will provide a ruling in writing. Assistant Attorney General Phyllis Gardiner told the judge that the ethics commission wants to question donors. “What did they understand they were asked to contribute money for?” Gardiner said. The answers would help the commission determine whether the National Organization for Marriage should have registered with the state as a ballot question committee. State law says groups that raise or spend more than $5,000 to attempt to influence the outcome of any Maine election must register and disclose their donors.

Why the hell isn’t Brian Brown in jail for contempt of court?

Why isn’t the National Organization for Marriages assets frozen until such time as they comply?

Why is NOM allowed to continuously break the law in state after state? 

The state of Maine needs to man up and make NOM do the right thing!

The National Organization For Marriage Supports Homophobe Delano Hunter "Who Beleives In Biblical Marriage" (What That Wives Are Nothing More Than Property And Obedient To Their Husbands?)

Ah the National Organization For Marriage is like a herpes, you are never truly rid of it.

In this edition of HATE ON PARADE The National Organization For Marriage is in supporting Black American  DC City Council candidate Delano Hunter, who “supports the Biblical definition of marriage.” which I suppose means that he supports the fact that married women were nothing more than the property of thier husband, were not allowed to leave the home of their husband, were not allowed to talk to strangers, and that a  man could marry (literally “become the master of the woman”) as often as he desired.

Gee I wonder if Delano Hunter also believes in the “Biblical definition and meaning of “slavery”? as well?

SHOCKING VIDEO Of The National Organization For Marriage Having Peaceful Gay Videographer Thrown Out Of NOM’s Albany Rally And Threatened With Arrest!

To hide it’s low numbers and to show its intolerance of the LGBT Community Bryan Brown and The National Organization For Marriage  had the Courage Campaign’s cameraman thrown out of the rally in Maryland on Wednesday with threats of arrest! 

Watch the SHOCKING Video and see the TRUE faces of intolerance!

Now the NOM and it’s radical hetrosexual anarchist leader Brian Brown may have had a permit to use the public space, but the space was still open to the rest of the public, and NOM clearly wanted the public´╗┐ to attend. Recording the event while attending the event is in no way a violation of any law and is actually a violation of the 1st Admendment of the Consitution.

Please feel free to contact Lt. Derwyn Parker of the Maryland Capitol Police (410) 260-2919 and make him aware of the fact that our Consitutional Rights have been trampled!

(HELL they want to do sensational spin. Well NOMBIES it works both ways)

Also someone should let this policeman know that  A.) He needs to lose some weight.  And B.)  He seriously needs to take care of those ashy elbows.