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Gay Russian Activist Nikolai Alexeyev Meltsdown Again, Quits Activism After Michael Lucas Article

Nikolai Alexseyev crazy mofo

Gay Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev (Alexeyev) who has been been throwing a series of tantrums of late bashing America for getting involved in the fight Russian LGBT gay human rights, (without asking him) after Vladamir Putin passed a series of sweeping anti-gay Russain laws reminiscent of the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany.  Alekseev (Alexeyev) has gone off the deep end  once again and is now quitting LGBT activism after American activist and gay porn maven Michael Lucas wrote an op-ed for Out.com criticizing him and wondering if there is more behind his recent actions than meets the eye.

Lucas, as a gay Jew who grew up in Russia, argues that Alexeyev might have been either bought off or coerced into becoming  the Kremlin’s “pocket gay.” after his recent anti-American behavior and softening view of Russia’s anti-gay laws.  Either way, Lucas writes, “he can no longer be trusted as an advocate for LGBT Russians.”

“If “gays are the new Jews” in Russia, as many people have said, then Nikolai Alexeyev is the new Anti-Zionist Committee. Russia is desperate again: The upcoming Sochi Olympics are important to Putin’s sense of his standing in the world, and the international campaign against Russian homophobia is staining them more every day. This campaign is working, and Russia knows it. What better way to slow this movement’s momentum — and to confuse and discourage those in the West who have working for it — than for its most visible advocate to minimize its importance and dismiss it as a Western, anti-Russian plot?”

Lucas’ op-ed of course sent Rasputin Alexeyev into a frenzy not only threatening to sue Lucas but also causing him to act out and quit the Russian LGBT movement.  Alexeyev also threatened to “hire a hitman” and kill Lucas because he will “not go unpunished”

A hit man, how very Russian of him.

Regardless of all this drama, I have to say I agree with Micheal Lucas.  If not in content but in final statement.  As sad as it may be.  It  has become clear that as long as Alexeyev’s bizarre behavior continues he can no longer be trusted as an advocate and spokesperson for LGBT Russians and equaluity.  And it pains me to say that.  He has done much good in that county in recent years, but now there is something wrong.  Weather its mental problem, alcohol, drugs or perhaps who knows maybe he did sellout until he meets with and talks with LGBT world leaders which he has refused to do.

In my opinion Nikolai Alekseev (Alexeyev) can no longer, and should be trusted.

Nicolai A crazy bastard


Gay-ly News Round-up 8/23/13: Nikolai Alekseev’s Tantrum Continues, John Travolta, Filmore Protest and MORE

gay history

*Daniel Hernandez, former intern turned politician who saved Gabby Giffords life hit with nasty GOP/Tea Party recall effort insinuating that he’s not a real man because he is gay.

*John Travolta, Orange Is the New Black‘s Laura Prepon, Parenthood‘s Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman, and Michael Pena attend Scientology Gala in L.A.  HAIL XENU!

*The Casa Di Amici Condominium condo association of Venice, Florida ends ban on unmarried couples at a special meeting last Thursday where they amended a rule allowing only singles and husband-and-wife couples to buy or lease units within the community. The policy, approved in a July 17 meeting as part of 34 pages of amendments, generated anger among some who saw the measure as discriminatory against gay couples, who cannot legally marry in Florida.”

*Equality MD to protest Mexican anti-gay band rock/rap band Molotav at the Fillmore in Silver Springs.  Molotov’s response “Go fuck your whore mother.”  At least they are bi-lingual in their hate.

*Will Emery, the 17-year-old son of a banker, is the first openly gay elected student head of a top British school, according to UK media.  Go Will!

*Bloomberg News Editorial Board piles on American Sochi Russia Winter Olympic sponsors: “Unless the IOC acts, sponsors such as Coca-Cola Co., McDonald’s Corp. and Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics.” BURN!

*The TSA issues guidelines for transgender travelers that basically state:  If you are transgender, you can expect TSA’s travel requirements to be even more inconvenient and humiliating than they are for non-transgender travelers.  Hope and change my ass.

*Mg Ser Miang, the Vice President of the International Olympic Committe, made clear today that he has no plans to do anything, because the Sochi Russian Winter Olympics are going to be a “wonderful” games.

*And speaking of CRAZY.  Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev wrote an op-ed for the Russian television network RT in which he once again acts like a petulant child speaking out against the American LGBT communities help against the atrocities going on in Russia because he is not in charge.  Rumors of payoff. drug addiction and alcoholism are being reported.

5 Gay Activists, Including Nikolai Alekseev Arrested Outside Russian Embassy In Paris As They Deliver Petition

The French-language LGBT Website, Yagg, is reporting that a group of gay activists including Louis-Georges Tin, the founder of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev (pictured left); American photo-journalist Chad Meacham,  Act Up-Paris co-chair Audrey Grelombe and an unidentified russian activist were arrested in Paris this morning as they tried to deliver a petition to the Russian Embassy against the violence during Moscow Pride at the end of May.

The reason for the arrests, was because the five were taking part in an unauthorised gathering. The five were taken to a police station for identity checks where later four were released by the police. But Nikolai Alekseev is still being held in detention. Alekseev asked the police in English for a lawyer and, was insulted by the police officer who told him that he was not in Russia and to go back to your country”

Simply shocking and disgusting behavior by the French government. 

Video of The Arrest of Russian Gay Activist Nikolai Alekseev In Moscow Yesterday

Yesterday while many of our eyes were turned to the our nations capitol to watch bigotry and hatred rule the United States,  Nikolai Alekseev Russia’s highest profile gay activist, was among eleven who were arrested outside Moscow City Hall. Alekseev just last week returned to Moscow after a horrific72-hour ordeal which started when he was kidnapped and drugged by Russian police at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport as he was about to board a Swiss Air Lines flight to Geneva..

“Today it was like a VIP service at the police station, I have never seen any such service from this police station in the last five years that I have been regularly taken there when conducting our actions,” he said.

The activists were taking part in a demonstration against the homophobic mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, and his “faggots” remark which a Moscow court ruled recently was not hate speech. All but one of those arrested were said to have chained themselves to the railings outside City Hall.

Also arrested was a reporter from Agence France Presse.  She was seen by activists being hauled into a police van.  But Mr. Alekseev told UK Gay News later that she was not taken to the police station and was presumably released without charge.  He also confirmed his and ten others’ arrest

Maybe its time we take a cue from Nicholai and stop writing and making phone calls that that thoise in power obviously refuse to listen to and do what is morally right and start standing up.

Watch the video of Nikolai Alekseev arrest below.

Nikolai Alekseev, Russia’s Leading Gay Activist Arrested. Whereabouts Unknown

Nikolai Alekseev, Russia’s leading gay activist and organizer of Russia Pride was arrested at the Moscow airport as he was about to board an Air Swiss flight to Geneva, Switzerland.  Russian Police have not answered questions concerning the reason why Alekseev was arrested and his whereabouts at this time is unknown.

\In a statement release by gay activists in Moscow via The UK Gay News:

“The Russian border police asked Swiss Air Lines to cancel his boarding pass and to offload his luggage from the plane, causing a 30-minute delay to the flight’s departure. ‘[Mr. Alekseev] had time to call a friend as well as the news agency Interfax,’ the statement read. ‘Reports of his arrest have been republished in the evening through the Russian media. As he told his friends and the media, no explanation was given to him on the motive of his arrest. A group of three activists from GayRussia led by Nikolai Baev went to the airport to try to locate Nikolai. The airport police told them that Nikolai was not retained by the airport police and one police officer suggested that he was being interrogated by the FSB (ex-KGB) at its headquarter in Lubyanka (Central Moscow).'”

According to Gay Russia:

Russian activist applied yesterday for a picket scheduled for Sept 21 on the anniversary of Moscow Mayor Luzhkov with the title “Luzhkov – Gomiki. (English translation for Gomiki is Faggot.) The activists wanted to protest a Court decision which dismissed their complained against the Mayor who said that gays are “gomiki” in a TV interview in June 2009.

A recent law passed by the Russian Parliament and signed-off by President Medvedev in July of this year allows the FSB to echo Soviet practices. The punishment for ignoring a warning was unclear, but 15-day jail sentences are envisaged for “obstructing an FSB officer’s duties”.

This new provision was denounced by human rights activists as an attempt to prevent human rights activists to organize rallies and public protest by preemptively arresting them.

The headquarter of the Moscow Police said tonight to Human Rights activists Ludmila Alekseeva that Nikolai Alekseev is not registered within their database. The FSB denied to answer tonight. No more information is expected before tomorrow morning.

Under Russian law, enforcement authorities have no right to detain people for long periods without charges and without giving reasons for the detention, but this time has already expired at 10pm Moscow time.

Courage Nikolai.  Courage.

Sunday Slavic Pride 2010 Aftermath Update: Imprisoned Slavic Pride Marcher Escapes From Police Station In Belarius!

Here’s an update about whats happening in the aftermath of Saturdays brutal police raid of Slavic Pride 2010’s March in Belarius, Minsk Russia.

One of the awesome things in todays update is that last night, one of the who was jailed yesterday managed to escape by asking to go to the toilet and then calmly walking out of a door!  How freaking awesome is that!


12.45: Food and drinks for the seven detained have been taken to the police station by Sergey Androsenko. In Belarus, anyone detained by the police have to be fed by their relatives.
12.30: Maria Efremenkova, St Petersburg Pride chief organiser, was told by the Russian Embassy this morning that the Belarusian Authorities have denied Embassy officials consular access to the two Russians being detained.
10.00: The 2010 the Slavic Pride Awards were handed out in the ‘wee small hours’. The Belarus Award went to Alexander Sakovich, the directeur of Club 6_A, the only only gay club in Minsk, while the founder and president of International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, Louis-Georges Tin, picked-up the International Award.
10.00: Yes, there were eight still locked-up by the police awating court appearances tomorrow (Monday). But now there are seven. One managed to escape by asking to go to the toilet and then calmly walking out of a door to freedom! Said escapee actually made the Pride party.  There were no incidents at the closing party. There was a minute of silence to remember the seven march participants who are in police custody

Once again I must say thank you to thanks to Andy Harley and UKGayNews for their tireless work in the UK keeping the communication lines open and lettting the world know whats happening there.  (And on a personal note I must say that I am VERY disappointed in my fellow American bloggers for thier lack of coverage and updates on this heinous abuse of LGBT and human rights. Get some perspesctive.  Whats more important?  Beating the Reker’s Rentboy Scandal with a stick day after freaking day ?  For shame.)

UPDATE – As Slavic Gay Pride 2010 Comes To An End We Salute The Courage And Strength Of Our Russian Brothers And Sisters In Belarius

This will be the last update for thew night Special thanks to Andy Harley and UKGayNews for doing such a smash-up job and on repoerting the happenings in Belarus and keeping a communication line open to the courageous activist in Minsk.  We are stand in solidarity with you and  salute your Courage and Pride.

00.40:  A couple of items in the ‘food for thought’ department … the Belarus Web site Ont.by News is reporting that there wore no more than half a dozen people on the march (so how come 12 participants were arrested?) … and one march participant reported tonight that a JOURNALIST started to throw eggs at the participants during the march. Another journalist stopped him and said: “Vassya, wait at least until we have finished our work … we have expensive equipemnt here.” Only in Belarus …?

00.32: The post-Pride party is now on … though most participants are not in a party mood until everyone is released. The Slavic Pride Awards 2010 are going to be announced during the Party tonight. These will be posted here later.

00.25: The police seem to have found some petrol for their car! The group of eight have finally been moved to the detention centre for administrative offenders. They will stay there until Monday and their court appearances.


23.29: Police are mow patrolling around the club where the post-Pride party takes place tonight. Things are reported to be “quiet”.

23.05: Reuters now have a report, with a slide show of seven photos, HERE.

22.22: Belapn, the Belarus news agency, has video footage of the march and arrests, plus still photos HERE.

22.22: Proof that Russian media are adapting to the fact that Gay Prides are a modern fact of life? Today, the Russian news agency RIA NOVOSTI is reporting Minsk and Brussels Gay Prides.

22.15: The group of eight held together in custody – they were told earlier that they might be released due to a petrol shortage – have now been told that they will be kept locked-up until court on Monday. Medical services have been called as two Belarusians have injuries following their violent and brutal arrest as police broke-up the march.

Shocking Footage Emerges Of Police Agression and Arrests In Belarius At Slavic Pride! – Video and Update!

Remarkable footage of police aggressively ripping the 40 foot long rainbow flag out of the hands of the parade’s participants and of the arrests that followed has surfaced, 
17:46: It appears that a total of 12 participants in the gay pride march have been arrested. Eight are being detained in one police station and four in another. The eight who are together are saying that they will be taken to the special detention centre for administrative offenders until court, probably on Monday. 
18:20: German government is being urged to make representation to Belarus. German out-gay MP Volker Beck is making the request as he been doing for a number of years when Russian activists have been arrested during unsanctionned rallies in Moscow.  
18:56: The Russians who went to their Embassy asking for consular support for the two Russians from St Petersburg arrested and detained were told that the information will be transferred to the consul and that they have to call back in 30mn. But they said that Russians who breach the law abroad have to be punished according to local laws
19:44: Reports say that the police was chased after the ‘mysteriious’ biker who opened the Pride march with a rainbow flag (Pictured Above). Luckily hey failed to catch him.
19:47: Sergey Androsenko and others have just been released together with the three others who were arrested at the cafe. Still waiting to hear from the group of eight
20:53: Bad news for the Russians who were arrested. The diplomat from the Russian Embassy, after visiting the Police station, said that they were arrested for taking part in an unauthorised event and therefore should answer according to the law. The Embassy will not provide any assistance.
More to come…….

UPDATE: Minsk Has Slavic Gay Pride March Admist VIOLENT Crackdown And Brutal Beatings By Police! – Sergei Androsenko Arrested!

*Sergei Androsenko and Nicolai Alekseev  (Photo from recent Press Conference,  NOT TODAY)

From Blogging From Belarius:

14:53: A short-lived March took place with 40 participants … violent crack down from anti riot police.

14:55: “A big mess,” a participant is reporting via SMS.

15:08 Minsk had its gay pride march. For just 10 minutes, 40 Belarusians and Russians waived a 12 meters long rainbow flag for a short march of approximately 200 meters. They were at first met by a large group of journalists, photographers and TV crew. But when they reached the first crossing point, they were trapped by several vans of anti-riot police. Suddenly, the doors of the vans opened and anti-riot officers ran towards the participants. “I never saw anything of the kind” said Nikolai Alekseev by mobile phone. “They were brutal and violent” he added. Another participant who did not want to be named said: “It was like a group of wild dogs”. The march ended with most of the participants being arrested and violently beaten. A few managed to escape but the police ran after them. 

15:45: Between five and ten participants are reported to be detained by the police, including Sergey Androsenko, chief organiser of Slavic Pride, and Alexander Sheremet, one of the St. Petersburg Pride organiser. Local activists are working to provide them with legal assistance.

15:55: Nicolai Alekseev: “I’ve never run so fast in my life”. (Russian co-organiser of Slavic Gay Pride,)

he participants who were not been arrested are still under shock. One can feel that they are proud of what they did today, but you can also feel the stress in their voices after the violent police crack down they suffered.

16:07: Three pride march participants are reported to have been arrested at a nearby cafe AFTER the event.

16:10:  19 year-old Sergei Androsenko, leaders of Belarussian Initiative of Young Gays is among the three (some reports say four) who were arrested in the cafe. They were taken from the table by the police and removed from the cafe via the backdoor.

This is just HORRIBLE!

I will be updating the events unfolding in Belarius throughout the day…….