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Former Survivor Winner Turned Politician Kentucky's Nick Wilson Blasted For Voting for Anti-Trans/Don't Say Gay Law

Former Survivor Winner Turned Politician Kentucky’s Nick Wilson Blasted For Voting for Anti-Trans/Don’t Say Gay Law

Former Survivor winner and now ex-fan favorite Nick Wilson let his homophobia and transphobia freak flag fly on his vote on a recent bill in The Kentucky House Of Representatives.

The reality show star turned Republican politician, who has been representing his district since 2022, voted in favor of a proposed new law that would prohibit most health care for trans minors and control what bathrooms they use, as well as limit what sexuality-related subjects school districts are allowed to discuss. 

The community of former Survivor players is typically very tight and very protective of each other. But not this time.

Survivor contestant Karla Cruz Godoy, from this past season, called Nick’s actions “transphobic” and encouraged people to register to vote. Lyrsa, who was on David Vs Goliath with Wilson, blasted the Survivor Reddit for allegedly removing posts talking about the issue, and Gabby, who also played with Nick, called him a “former friend” in a post talking about where we are as a society. Multi-time player Jonathan Penner called him “an asshole”, and numerous other players also posted more general messages of support for the trans community including Ozzy, Angelina and Adam Klein, said eartbroken and ANGRY. Omar Zaheer from Survivor 42 also got in a sick burn that referenced Wilson’s final tribal council… “This isn’t the first time Nick has been on the winning side of a wrong vote.”

Even ultra hot Zen nudist Max Dawson chimed in.

Since his vote Wilson has made his Instagram account private. He has not spoken publicly about his vote.