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1970’s Gay Lit Classic “Dancer from the Dance” Gets Director, Set To Begin Production In 2016

Dancer from the Dance FULL

The feature film adaptation of Andrew Holleran’s classic 1978 gay novel Dancer from the Dance about a lawyer who gives up his day job and immerses himself in the ’70s social scene of gay men in New York City and Fire Island has gotten a Director and will soon begin production almost 40 years after its literary debut.

Deadline reports:

Alan Poul’s TV directing credits include Six Feet Under, The Newsroom, Rome, Swingtown, and the feature The Back-up Plan. RT Features’ productions include Frances Ha, Love is Strange, Mistress America, and The Witch. Screenplay is by Joshua Harmon, John Krokidas, and Austin Bunn. Poul, Rodrigo Teixeira, and Mauricio Zacharias will produce. Production is scheduled for summer 2016 and WME is packaging.

The novel is known for its unflinching vivid imagery, lush language, and captivating depiction of gay men searching for love and acceptance in a harsh, dreamlike urban landscape.

Poul also co-produced the ’90s Tales of the City series which aired on PBS and Showtime.

TRIVIA:  The title of the novel comes  from the last line of William Butler Yeats‘s poem “Among School Children”, which ends, “O chestnut-tree, great-rooted blossomer,/ Are you the leaf, the blossom or the bole?/ O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,/ How can we know the dancer from the dance?”

Reference:  Post-Stonewall gay literature



Identity of the Dirty Dancing NYPD Pride Cop Revealed! – Bust A Move Boys!

Officer Michael Hance


The identity of the hot and humpy NYPD police officer who went above and beyond his duties at NYC’s Pride Parade by shaking his groove thang has been revealed.

BuzzFeed reports that the agile and fine looking police officers name is 16 year NYPD veteran Michael Hance.

Meet Officer Michael Hance! Unfortunately, although we tried repeatedly to convince the NYPD to let us speak with Hance, the department refused.

From his social media accounts, though, we know Hance is straight, single (!!), and has two young children.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s been with the NYPD for 16 years. In 2005, he was honored by the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for his heroism and quick thinking in working with his partner to save the life of a young boy who had been choking.

We salute you Officer Hance for doing more to repair the NYPD’s reputation in 2 minutes than NYC has done in years.

Can send Officer Hance a message on Facebook to thank him here. ( Keep it clean boys)  https://www.facebook.com/michael.hance.98


NYC Hotel Worker Awarded More Than $500,000 In Wrongful HIV Termination Lawsuit

The Manhattan club

Last Thursday a jury awarded Antonio Muñoz — a 50-year-old HIV-positive man more than $500,000 in a wrongful termination suit against the Manhattan Club, in NYC.  Muñoz’s termination came in February 2011 when he received a suspicious complaint against him after filing a discrimination complaint against his employer.

Muñoz  had explained to a supervisor that he was being treated for a chronic condition that required him to take a medication at night that causes drowsiness, his lawsuit stated and he asked to be moved to the day shift.

His supervisor denied the request. Even after he produced a doctor’s note, his supervisor not only turned him down, she suggested that he quit, the suit says.

Muñoz was eventually put on a day shift but it didn’t last.

His supervisor told him he would be put back on nights starting April 30, 2010, prompting Muñoz to file a “complaint of disability discrimination” with human resources.

Not long after, Muñoz received a scathing evaluation “full of falsehoods,” his suit stated adding that a few years earlier Muñoz r an office manager was awarded two raises and received an “Exemplary Manager Award”

He was fired in February 2011 after an anonymous — and suspicious — complaint was leveled against him.

The following year was miserable for Muñoz, who struggled to find work and lost his apartment to foreclosure..

On Thursday, a jury awarded him $185,000 in compensatory damages and $347,500 in punitive damages to be paid out over 3 years.

Muñoz, said he was ‘estatic’ over the verdict, but the money was never the point. ‘At least I know that I was able to tell my story,

Variety Hires Self Loathing Queen Ramin Setoodeh As NY Film Editor

Ramin Setdooah

Variety has announced that it has hired controversial former Newsweek writer turned entertainment journalist Ramin Setoodeh as New York film editor, covering all aspects of the movie business and other media.

For those of you who don’t remember Setoodeh went to Oxnard to cover the cold-blooded murder of gay teenager Larry King and instead ran a hit-piece arguing that it was all King’s fault. His murderer, Brandon McInerney, was a sensitive and “smart”, but “troubled”, boy who had been harassed and taunted by King who “flaunted his sexuality and wielded it like a weapon.”

That was, of course, before it was discovered that McInerney had white supremacist connections and neo-Nazi beliefs.

In a later article for Newsweek  Newsweek by Setoodeh titled “Straight Jacket” Setoodeh make the unbelieveable statement that gay actors are unable to play straight roles convincingly. Setoodah sets up a twisted illogic that states out gay actors can’t play straight roles because they’re always “hiding something.”

Setoodeh, a gay man no less has a history of  gay-baiting, (and stupidity)( and reeks of a man who is not only ashamed and uncomfortable with his own sexuality but of those around him. “It’s the sad tale of a sad man and definitely not the right pick for Variety as more gay and lesbian actors come out of the closet and LGBT characters and story-lines become more prevelent in movies.

Variety calls Setoodeh as “a fearless and industrious journalist” in their press release.

I simply call him him a deluded self loathing queen.

Brooklyn, NY Man to Sue City Over Anti-Gay Assault by Homophobic Cops

Jabbar Campbell

Jabbar Campbell, a gay Brooklyn man is claiming that he was attacked by homophobic police officers who responded to a noise complaints at a party he was having and that the officers tried to disable a surveillance camera on the outside of the building before entering and then beat him mercilessly while screaming anti-gay slurs.

Officers from the 77th Precinct, responding to reports of noise at Campbell’s  Sterling Place party, “They bum-rushed me” Campbell said after he opened the door of his apartment.

They were screaming and cursing saying things like ‘fag,’ ‘homo,’ ‘a–hole,’ just a bunch of anti-gay slurs,”

Campbell said he was beaten by the officers, who bloodied his mouth, split open his lip and caused swelling to his left eye. He was then handcuffed and charged with resisting arrest — and spent 24 hours in police custody.

Campbell, a 32-year-old forensic specialist filed legal paperwork Wednesday revealing his intention to sue the city.

Lady Gaga Donates $1 Million Dollars to The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Lady Gaga posted this today on her ‘Little Monsters’ fan page:

Today I pledge 1 million dollars to New York & The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief. If it wasn’t for NYC: the Lower Eastside, Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn, I would not be the woman or artist that I am today. New York is relentless ambition, a drive to succeed, a place where there is a natural pursuit of diversity through compassion. Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia, and my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude New York for raising us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours.

Sincerely, Lady Gaga and The Germanottas

Lady Gaga is truly an exceptional human being.

Long live Lady Gaga!

New York State GOP Hits New LOW With Anti-Gay Political Mailer

Against one of thier own. no less.

Upset that New York Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti voted for the state’s marriage equality bill in 2011  “The Committee To Save The Eric County Republican Party” created the below mailer as Grisanti faces a primary challenge from the Tea Party endorsed Kevin Stocker on Thursday.

Mailer source: Politico

Gay New York Man Stabbed In Abdomen During Closet Case Gay-Panic Attack

A man broke into his neighbor’s house in Pine Hill, New York and slashed him in the abdomen with a knife in what can only be called a “homophobic panic attack.”

Richard Treitner n openly gay artist says he had sex with the suspect, Kenneth  Fazzina, twice two years ago and that Fazzina later threatened him  with violence if he told anyone about their sexual encounter.

The attack which happened on Thursday could have been much worse, says Treitner, who sent an  email describing the incident to the Watershed Post:

At first I was afraid, but then because he was drunk and making sexual  overtures, I thought he was trying to make up. He said he hadn’t set the fire.  Soon after he was finally being led out the door when he asked me for a kiss  goodbye. I stupidly leaned close when I felt a pain in my chest and he muttered  something vehement under his drunken breath. I looked down to see the knife  blade skittering to the floor and him clutching the handle tight in his  hands.

Miraculously the blade had snapped clean off leaving only a scratch across my  chest. He didn’t realize the knife was broken and went to stab and attack me  further. I punched him in the face and because he was drunk I managed to knock  him to the ground in the scuffle. He kept trying to get up and attack further so  I reached out my hand and grabbed whatever I could touch to defend myself with.  After hitting him once I realized I had grabbed the door stop which was a round  carved stone.

I stopped after realizing what it was but held it in threat as I held him  down and screamed for help. Luckily some passersby heard and called for help  which came some time later with him threatening to kill me when he gets out the  next chance he gets..

In the arson case, which was unsolved, Fazzina was the main suspect—but police couldn’t find enough evidence to link him to the crime.

Fazzina is now in jail on $25,000 bail and facing charges of third-degree  assault, second-degree burglary and fourth-degree criminal possession of a  weapon.

No hate crime charges have been made.

NY State Appeals Court Rules Against Liberty Counsel’s Challenge To New York’s Same-Sex Marriage Law

A New York State appeals court rejected a challenge to New York’s year-old same-sex  marriage law brought by the anti-gay New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Matt Staver’s Liberty Counsel on Friday.

Grasping at straws, Liberty Council lawyers argued that Republican state senators violated New York’s open meeting rules  ahead of the law’s passage last year when Governor Cuomo, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and another gay marriage  supporter,  met behind closed doors with  the Senate’s Republican majority in violation of the open meeting law.

New York’s open meeting law requires public access to the deliberations of  legislative bodies.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman argued that the Republican caucus with invited guests was exempt, even if the guests aren’t  in the same party

The New York State appeals court agreed with Schneiderman in a 5-0 ruling.

In the event that we were to adopt plaintiffs’ limited definition of ‘guests,’  it would be impossible for a Democratic member of a governor’s office, such as a  budget director, to speak to a majority Republican caucus,” according to the  decision

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, called  the decision “a great victory for marriage equality.”

It’s a disappointment, because this gives a green light to the politicians to  (use) strong arm tactics behind closed doors and shut out the people from the  process,” stated Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel.

The Liberty Counsel is expected to  appeal the ruling. (Of course.)

Rookie GOP New York State Senator Introduces New York Same Sex Marriage Repeal Bill

A newly appointed GOP New York State Senator is wasting no time pushing his anti-gay hate agenda.

Just ten days after taking office proposed Republican David Storobin introduced a bill that would repeal the one-year-old law allowing same-sex couples in New York to marry. ( His campaign was heavily funded by the National Organization for Marriage)

Storobin, an attorney from Russia, defeated Democratic City Councilman Lew Fidler in a race so close it needed more than two months and a hand recount to settle. Introduced the same sex marriage repeal bill with a memo attached stating: “The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs.”

Storbin used the issue of being against same sex marriage as his campaing platform which helped the GOP win the  large Orthodox Jewish bloc in his district.

For now Storbin is the lone sponsor of the measure, and there’s no companion bill in the Assembly, where same-sex marriage has more robust support.

Source: WSJ