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Prop 8 Attorney Ted Olsen & NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: "Civil unions are a second-class status"

AFER and Prop 8 Attorney Ted Olson and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have joined together to write and excellent opinion piece in the New York Daily News arguing that civil unions are no substitute for marriage equality and are really in fact nothing more than than giving Lesbian and Gay couples a second class status which is almost virtually worthless.

“A civil union reflects a second-class status that fails to protect committed same-sex couples who choose to be married. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue; this is a matter of protecting the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under law for all Americans.

In New York, there are more than 1,300 state rights and responsibilities that come with a marriage license. From spousal inheritance rights to the ability to file joint tax returns to child custody rules to the transferring of workers’ compensation benefits, the scope of marriage-related law is expansive. Some are fundamental, others mundane – but all serve to underscore how deeply interwoven New York’s marriage laws are and how extraordinarily they reach into the lives of countless people……..

A civil union is not a marriage, nor is it an adequate substitute for one. To suggest otherwise is a cruel fiction. Even if all of the inherent confusion and complexities could be resolved and civil unions could somehow provide couples with the same rights and responsibilities of a true marriage, the separation of the two institutions creates a badge of inferiority that forever stigmatizes the relationships of committed same-sex couples as different, separate, unequal and less worthy.”

Head on over to The Daily News online and read the entire editorial.  It’s well worth it.

Video – New York Ranger’s Sean Avery Stands Up For Marriage Equality

In what hopefully will become a trend in pro sports amongst the more liberal players, Sean Avery of New York Rangers has come forward to support same-sex marriage.

New York Times:

“The places I’ve played and lived the longest have been in West Hollywood, Calif., when I played for the L.A. Kings, and when I moved to New York, I lived in Chelsea for the first four years,” Avery said in a phone interview. “I certainly have been surrounded by the gay community. And living in New York and when you live in L.A., you certainly have a lot of gay friends.”

Avery, who lives in the SoHo section of Manhattan and keeps a home in Los Angeles, said some of those friends had wanted to marry, and he saw no reason they should not.

“I’m certainly open to it,” he said. “Maybe I can help, and I jumped at this opportunity.”

Love the glasses. And thanks for standing up for gay marriage on a New York State level.  But seriously, isn’t single issue voting a bit passe? Can we please get out of this “state-by-state” mentality and work on a National level HRC? 

Oh wait , that’s right.  You proved with Obama between 2010 and 2012 you can’t handle that. 

Carry on

Corrupt Self Loathing New York State Senator Closet Case Carl Kruger EXPOSED!

Carl Kruger New York State Senator who voted against same-sex marriage last year, surrended to federal authorities on corruption charges yesterday, and was finally exposed as the self loathing closet case that he is as charges explained that he took $1 million in bribes which his boyfriend helped launder

The NY Post reports:

Kruger and his secret longtime companion, Manhattan gynecologist Michael Turano, were among eight men arrested in a sweeping government “pay-to-play” corruption scandal.

The charges include allegations that Kruger, Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland and previously convicted Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio — who died in prison in January — received bribes and other largesse to help two competing health-care companies buy hospitals, and direct state funds to those firms.

Kruger’s constant companion, Turano, is accused of using bribe money he deposited in two shell companies for Kruger to pay the lease on a Bentley luxury sedan, credit-card bills and the mortgage on the garish, multimillion-dollar Mill Basin home where the two men for years have shacked up with Turano’s mom and brother, authorities and neighbors said.

“Sen. Kruger had a close and intimate relationship with the entire Turano family, which includes one of the defendants, Michael Turano, along with his mother and brother,” US Attorney Preet Bharara told reporters yesterday.

Another one bites the dust…

Weather they be Republican or Democrat the majpority of politicans ALL SUCK

New York Govenor David Patterson Vetoes Rent Relief Bill For People Living With HIV/AIDS, Senator Tom Duane Responds (Video)

In 2009 New York State Senator Thomas Duane introduced and supported passionately bill preventing people living with HIV or AIDS and receiving public assistance from having to pay more than 30 percent of their monthly income on rent. The bill passed, and made its way through the proper channels to Governor Paterson’s desk, where he vetoed it this weekend, saying it was unclear where the money would come from to pay for it.
Said Patterson:

“This is my most difficult veto. I recognize, sadly, the history of the inadequacy of services government has brought to bear for those with H.I.V./AIDS. I have pledged not to impose unfunded mandates on cash-strapped localities, and to prevent the state from taking on additional financial burdens outside the budget process without an identified funding source.”

State Senator Thomas Duane reacted with anger, releasing this statement:

“Governor Paterson’s veto of the HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) 30% rent cap bill is an incredible tragedy. Thousands of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS who receive housing assistance from HASA will continue to be forced to live on $11 and change a day because all the rest of their monthly income — in some cases upwards of 70% — must go towards paying rent. While people in all of New York’s other rental assistance programs have their rents capped at 30% of income, these women and men will continue to worry about how they are going to survive each month instead of focusing on staying well. It is inexcusable that New York would make these people who are ill decide between buying winter gloves or underwear, between buying toilet paper or a Metrocard to get to a doctor’s appointment, between buying toothpaste to brush their teeth or laundry detergent to wash their clothes. This veto takes away these HASA clients’ ability to afford fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain their strength and to purchase over-the counter medicine at the drug store when they have a cold. Affording a telephone and electricity is a struggle and buying stamps to send a letter to loved ones is cost prohibitive. Even simply going to a movie or taking the subway to the park to escape the pressures of life for a few hours is impossible. This is an incredible injustice and it is shameful that New York will allow this to continue.

…There was no valid reason to veto this bill. Time and time again I, Assemblymember Deborah Glick, and so many other elected officials have proven that this legislation is cost-effective for the City and State. Mayor Bloomberg aggressively lobbied against the legislation claiming it would cost the City of New York $16 million dollars. Yet a cost analysis conducted by Shubert Botein Policy Associates projected a savings of over $19 million from prevented housing evictions. Inexplicably, under extreme pressure from Mayor Bloomberg, the Governor decided to ignore this solid evidence and vetoed the bill. HASA clients: The Governor and the Mayor let you down. Your hopes were raised when both the Senate and Assembly passed the legislation in overwhelming numbers. You traveled to Albany week after week, telling your stories and providing hard data time and time again. “We have lost this chance to right this wrong but you have my pledge to continue the fight.”

A BAD and TRAGIC move by Patterson.  That the budget  is more important to than the lives of AIDS/HIV victims.  So very sad and horrible. Surely the money could have been found.   Patterson should be ashamed of himself.

Watch Senator Tom Duanes impassioned 3:00am speech to the New York Senate in 2009 to pass the original bill,  It truly is a speech so worthy that stands up there with Harvey Milk.  Its 22 minutes long but well worth it to watch.

Make no mistake.  This is what a REAL Political Gay Activist is.

"Don’t Get Mad, Get Even" – New PAC To Target New York State Senators Who Voted Against December’s Marriage Equality Bill

The powerful Gill Action Fund has joined with other well-financed LGBT activists to create a new political action committee called Fight Back New York, who plans to target the state senators who voted against December’s marriage equality bill. First to face the ire of this new coalition is recently expelled NY Sen. Hiram (girlfriend beater) Monserrate, who is running to re-take his seat in a March 16th special election. But who really should be in jain for assault. Also the Empire State Pride Agenda has launched a”Don’t Get Mad, Get Even,” a campaign in support of Monserrate’s opponent, Assemblyman Jose Peralta.

Founder os Gill Action, Tom Gill/New York Times:

“The committee will start going after Mr. Monserrate, who was convicted of assaulting his female companion in a confrontation that left her requiring more than 20 stitches, by mailing fliers this week to voters in his district. The flier shows still frames of a surveillance video that shows him dragging his companion, Karla Giraldo, through the hallway of his apartment building in Jackson Heights, Queens. He was acquitted of a felony assault charge by a judge, who convicted him of misdemeanor assault. “He brutally assaulted a woman and tried to cover up his crime,” the flier says. “Now he has the nerve to run again. Many of us have voted for Hiram before. But we cannot vote for him again.” In the three weeks that remain before the election, Fight Back New York expects to send out at least five different fliers, upwards of 100,000 pieces of mail. The district’s population is around 300,000, but voter turnout in special elections is typically quite low. Mr. Monserrate, who would run as an independent, is facing Assemblyman Jose Peralta, a Democrat supported by the party and many leading Democrats.

THINK PINK! – Pink Snow Falls On Buffalo, New York. A Message From God To Stop The Hate? (Video)

In Buffalo, New York a recent rash of violent anti-gay hate crimes have stunned the area. On New Years Eve Lindsey Harmon was attacked leaving a popular lesbian nightclub. She was stabbed in the eye after being hit with a barrage of anti-gay slurs. She’s still recovering from her injuries. Twelve hours earlier a 20-year old man was attacked at walden galleria by two women. The assault happened allegedly because they believed he was gay. Now those two women are facing charges. So on Saturday night close to three hundred people took to the streets in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood to call for an end to hate.

But they aren’t the only ones calling for the halt of the violence aganst the LGBT Community.   Yesterday an omen appeared in Buffalo streets as snow in certain neighborhoods turned a deep shade of PINK! 


State health and environmental officials are trying to pass it off as an accident caused by a demolition contractor said a pipe that contained about five pounds of residual red dye No. 40 ruptured at a building being torn down and the powder was carried by the winds.

But I prefer to think of it as a warning sign from God saying: