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Arizona’s SB 1062: The Right To Discriminate Against LGBT’s Comes Back To Bite Republican State Senator On The Ass.

shame on you

Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard’s new television spot features Melanie Puskar-Blakely, Tonya Blakely and their two children discussing state Sen. Michele Reagan’s vote in favor of SB 1062 a controversial bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse services to LGBT people on “religious freedom” grounds, which Gov. Jan Brewer (R) vetoed in February.

“State Sen. Reagan voted for that hateful legislation and stood with those who would make us second-class citizens, even at the risk of losing the Super Bowl,” Puskar-Blakely says. “With that record, how can we trust her to be fair as Secretary of State?”

After Brewer vetoed the bill, Reagan did a 360 and released a statement saying she was “pleased” the governor did so and feigning ignorance of its consequences.  “I’m pleased that the governor had the courage and good sense to veto SB 1062,” the statement read. “It was the right decision. I regret specifically that the members of the Senate were not fully educated or informed of this legislation.”

Despite the fact that SB 1062 was passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature and only voted by Brewer because of the threat of the losing the Super Bowl, Netroots Nation in 2015 will be hosted in Phoenix next July.

Back2Stonewall.com will not be attending.

ON THE SET of the HIT Web Series “Old Dog & New Tricks” w/ La Figa’s Lisa Derrick

Recently I introduced my good friend and LGBT activist/straight ally Liza Derrick of FireDoglake’s La Figa to Leon Accord the DILF-Y writer/creator/exec. producer of the award-winning hit web TV series Old Dogs & New Tricks the popular web series that asks: In a place called Boystown, do gay men ever grow up…or do we just grow old? Leon who was who was busy planning their Halloween episode which will be their first episode of their upcoming Season 3 invited Lisa to the set and even let her join in the fun on camera.

Lisa,had a blast and sent back the following report:


Lisa DerickJust a few days before Halloween as Los Angeles geared up for its annual gianormous Halloween celebration–half a million people expected, Queen Latifa getting crowned as Carnaval Queen(!), and, oh my gods, the horror, the horror of resident permit parking suspended for the night–I celebrated early, on the set of Old Dogs & New Tricks, the fabulous web series about the friendships and tribulations of a group of diverse and successful West Hollywood men – each one located squarely within middle age. (I have a super soft spot for ODNT who donated DVDs to give away at Netroots Nation 13 LGBT Connect booth

The old dogs and their new tricks were shooting a special Halloween episode in set in disco with pulsing music, hot go-go boys, and costumed extras drawn from their friends and friends of friends. So, thanks to the master of Back2Stonewall.com I threw on a gown, afixed my witch hat firmly on my head, and headed to the top secret location to join my fellow revelers and dance the afternoon away.

I don’t want to give away too many plot points, but expect some awesome costumes and rippling muscles, an appearance by “Barack Obama,” fine drag served with a side of melancholy from one of the series’ stars, Leon Acord–and if it made the cut, me in a Sapphic embrace with Wonder Woman no less.

Old Dogs & New Tricks has also just signed a licensing deal with LGBT film distributor Wolfe Video to release Season 1 and Two of the hit comedy series on DVD  (They are that good!) and via various streaming platforms online beginning November 26.

Ross (David Pevsner) witj Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson)
Ross (David Pevsner) with Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) – Circumcision pro or con? 


Curt (Brad King) takes a cat-ty nap on set
Curt (Brad King) takes a cat-ty nap on set


Young Wonder Woman meets Cougar Wonder Woman Nathan Adler (Leon Acord)
Young Wonder Woman meets Cougar Wonder Woman Nathan Adler (Leon Acord)



Netroots Nation 2013 LGBT Connect Scholarship Applications Are Now Available! – Deadline May 17, 2013

Netroots nation

Every year Netroots LGBT Connect offers a limited number of scholarships to help bring the best and brightest grassroots LGBT  advocates, activists, and bloggers together to attend the Netroots Nation political convention for American progressives and the Netroots Connect LGBT Pre-Convention this year held in San Jose, California June 19th – 23rd.

Netroots LGBT Connect Scholarships cover travel, hotel accommodations, and Netroots Nation and LGBT Pre-conference admission, all or in part as needed for who would not be able to attend the Netroots Nation convention otherwise.

If you would like to apply for a Netroots Nation –  Netroots LGBT Connect Scholarship, the application is posted here: http://www.netrootsconnect.org

The deadline for scholarship applications is Friday, May 17 and those chose will be notified shortly afterwards.


*What is the Netroots Connect LGBT Pre-conference?

On June 19 at the Hotel St. Claire in San Jose the  Netroots Connect LGBT pre-conference will take place for Netroots Nation. The pre-conference will include bloggers, journalists, national/state organizations leaders and others who will come together in an amazing opportunity for the community to work together on issues that affect us the most.

The one day event is filled will opportunities to network, exchange ideas and socialize with online and offline leaders from the progressive LGBT and allied movements.

If you are already attending Netroots Nation and would like to attend the LGBT Pre-Confrence please register by CLICKING HERE



LGBT Buying Power Equals Over $790 Billion A Year, And We Still Can’t Buy Equality

Witeck Communications which has worked since 1993 on counseling and marketing Fortune 500 companies in the LGBT community has released a report stating that the total buying power of the U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adult population for 2012 is projected to be over $790 billion dollars.

Buying power, in the research, is another term for “disposable personal income,” or DPI, which economists define as the total after-tax income available to an individual to spend on personal consumption, personal interest payments or savings. 

Buying power is  not the same as affluence or wealth and there is no hint that same-sex households are more affluent than others, which is little more than a stereotype. Bob Witeck of Witeck Communications states “We have seen research from economic research that strongly suggests that gay men may earn slightly less than their heterosexual counterparts, for instance.”

$790 billion dollars a year?  Surely we could buy our Equality for 10 times over for that price./

Perhaps we are just giving to the wrong organizations.  *cough* HRC *cough*

***Speaking of LGBT Money and Donations.  If anyone would like to donate any of thier $790 Billion to a worthy Independent Blog  PLEASE feel free to use the Donation Button on the right hand side of the screen to help us raise funds to attend Netroots Nation 2012 to be held in Providence R.I. in June.

INCOGNEGRO: Black Progressive Media Goes Undercover At GOP’s "Right Online" Conference In Minneapolis

While I and about 2500 other Progressive bloggers, media people and acvocates wandered around the Netroots Nation Exhibit Hall on Friday night  Elon James White of This Week in Blackness and Blacking It Up and Cheryl Contee (Jill Tubman) of Jack & Jill Politics infiltrated the Right Online conference masquerading as black conservatives!

I look hard for people of color in the audience. There’s a black hotel security guy at the door but not sure he counts. There’s the brother in a grey suit sitting next to us. Middle-aged, I’d guess. And hey, is that Dinesh D’Souza over there?

Conscious that our every move is being watched, I use jazz club rules and clap hard every time the audience claps. Black conservatives tend to be pretty hardcore as if they have something to prove so I also nod my head a lot. Elon claps at first but then mostly folds his arms in front of his chest and scowls at the proceedings. I clap and nod even harder to compensate. We mostly communicate with each other via our iPads. We also keep an eye on both the #RO11 and #NN11 twitter streams. Elon and I agree not to tweet until later in the afternoon (despite desperately wanting to live tweet the hell out of Right Online from the inside) so as not to blow our cover. Again, we knew we were being watched.

PLEASE head over to Jack & Jill Politics and give the article a read.  Its amazing

Great work by Elon James White and Cheryl Contee.

 I am just so not worthy

"One Angry Queer" Blogger Ian Finkenbinder And The Other Unsung Heroes Of DADT

One of the best things (and I’ll be honest, sometimes noit so best) about Netroots Nation and the LGBT Bloggers Initiative Pre Con was meeting and learning about other LGBT bloggers, advocates, and activist.  I had the honor of having lunch next to the EXTREMELY hot and humpy Jarrod Chlapowski of Servicemens United and I watched in car crash amazement as Dan Choi theatrically ripped up an autograph and threw it as a kid who was with the Obama campaign (who i think might have been mildly special needs) when the kid said he didn’t agree with gay marriage even though he was Bi. (Very long story and by the way Dan.  A major part of public speaking us trying NOT TO show that you have been coached in it because when it does it comes off more theatrical than sincere)

Now where DADT is concerned everyone knows Choi and many people know Jarrod  but who knows Ian Finkenbinder or the other heroes of the DADT Repeal Movement?

I’ve tweet chatted with Ian who writes the “One Angry Queer website for months before we met at Netroots Nation 11 and I always knew that Ian was a major HIV advocate and angry at the trials, tribulations, and obstacles that HIV+ men and women in the LGBT community have to deal with it.  What I didn’t know was that Ian is also one of the unsung hero’s of the fight for the DADT repeal.

Ian was an Army Arabic linguist who graduated from the Defense Language Institute in 2002 and was discharged from the military in 2005 after announcing to his superiors that he’s gay. Ian served eight months in Iraq and was about to return for a second tour when he let his sexuality be known and was discharged.

I looked at myself and said, ‘Are you willing to go to war with an institution that won’t recognize that you have the right to live as you want to? It just got to be tiresome to deal with that — to constantly have such a significant part of your life under scrutiny.” – Ian Finkenbinder – MSNBC 2005

Ian has been at the forefront of the movement of the DADT Repeal since its inception.  He’s been featured on PBS’s Imdependent Lens – Unfriendly Fire, has held vigil at the graveside of vigil at the grave site of Sgt. Leonard Matlovich along with other DADT heros who have been overlooked including Miriam Ben-Shalom, Evelyn Thomas, Robert Smith, James Pietrangelo, and Mara Boyd. And was also arrested for handcuffing himself to the White House Fence, along with this group which forced the hand of the Obama administration to push Congress to get the DADT repeal through before the Republicans took over the House.

It’s a shame that Ian and other men and women actively involved don’t get the credit that they deserve.

Ian Finkenbinder, along with Miriam Ben-Shalom, Evelyn Thomas, Robert Smith, James Pietrangelo, Mara Boyd and others are the unsung heroes of DADT and should be recognized as such.

It’stime to give credit where credit is due because we all know it’s not all about Dan Choi you know, right?

Netroots Nation 11 Speaker Attacked By White Supremacist Outside GOP Convention Hotel

Benjamin Lowe, the Advocacy Communications Director at the Truman National Security Project was in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend for Netroots Nation 11,  a political convention for American progressive political activists where he led a panel called Dive Into the Deep End: Mastering Communications of the Most Difficult Progressive Topics.

On Saturday night after the days panels and seminars were over Ben was attacked by a white supremacist outside the Hilton Marquette Hotel where many NN11 participants were staying and also coincidentally was host to the GOP “Right On 11” conference for their blogger and journalists.

According to Ben a car pulled up alongside him and his friend and a passenger inside shouted “White Power” the man then jumped out of the car and punched Ben in the head and then got back in the car and took off.

Ben and his friend were unable to get the license plate but a police report has been filed.

VIDEO – Andrew Breitbart Attempts To Crash Netroots Nation 11 (Right On 11 Must Be Pretty Damn Boring)

Andrew (Extortionist Douchebag) Breitbart must have been so bored over at the Right Wings psuedo counterpart of Netroots Nation called Right On! because Mr. Sleaze himself slimed his way over tot he Minneapolis Convention Center to check NN11 out. (And really can you blame him, I mean Right On 11 can’t even fill the Hilton Hotel let alone a Convention Center and I am sure the members of GOProud give lousey head)

Somehow Breitbart who’s not only a douchebag but he’s a cheap douchebag at that refused to shell out the $350 dollars it would cost for a ticket and barged his way in, all the way down two flights to the main door of the convention where he was confronted by those in attendance with one member asking Breibart if he snorted cocaine and read gay male pornography instead of the relevant questions like does he eat children and suck the souls out of virgins as they sleep.

An obvious stunt by Breitbart which the right will lap up like the well trained curs they are.

Video – Dan Choi Rips Up Autograph After Being Told The Person Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage

At this afternoon’s Netroots Nation 11 panel entitled “‘What To Do When The President Is Just Not That Into You.’

An Obama for President volunteer named Nick Tischda (strangely) approached Dan Choi and the panel during the Q&A was going to get Dan Choi’s autograph on one of the flyers that he had.  And he almost got it, until he mentioned that he was against gay marriage at which point Choi ripped the flyer in pieces and threw it down at Tischda.

I was at the panel in the front row and I’ll say with all honesty it was a nice piece of drama but somethings not sitting right with me about this. It is bizarre to say the least

Watch the video and see what you think.

Many thanks to ThinkProgress.org for uploading the video