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D.C. National Equality March Reveals More Details, Changes, and Poster Art

The National Equality March in Washington DC was announced months ago and now, only in the last few days have some more details come out out.

From an announcement posted to Facebook on Friday:

The Equality March for Unity and Pride named a diverse group of leaders with years of advocacy and community mobilization in LGBTQ+ liberation movements across the country and the world as 12 of its national co-chairs. The co-chairs will be responsible for guiding the ongoing development of the march, which will take place on June 11 in Washington, DC.

“This is the most diverse national executive committee of any of the past five LGBTQ+ marches in Washington” said San Diego City Commissioner and National Co-Chair Nicole Murray Ramirez, who has served on the national organizing committees of all five past Marches in Washington.

“From queer youth, Two-Spirit members, Transgender, Black Lives Matter activists, Undocumented, Immigrant, to HRC, AmFar, and various organizations. The Equality March and the rally stage will indeed truly represent the changing faces of the U.S. and of our LGBTQ+ movement.”

Inspired by the queer liberation movement’s history of diverse, inclusive, and politically resonant public demonstrations, the Equality March for Unity and Pride will elevate and mobilize LGBTQ+ communities by highlighting those who, historically, have been actively silenced and neglected in the fight for full liberation, so that we may find unity and strength through diversity.

The march is centered on the principle that in order to heal from the decades of neglect and erasure of marginalized people in the community, we must center transgender and gender expansive communities, and people of color. The co-chairs demand the inclusion of those left behind by social justice movements, including Black, Latinx, Bisexual, and differently-abled individuals.

The co-chairs firmly believe that the community finds strength in diversity, and that the current political and social movement demands not just solidarity, but work towards intentional equity, representation, and protection of the most vulnerable. Equality March planners are working in coordination with the National Parks Service. Further details on the logistics of the march will be released in the coming weeks.

There have been a few changes since the the March was originally announced it seems.  At first many believed that it would be held on Saturday June 10th and that it was to be associated with the the Capital Pride Alliance.  But along the way a few locals Pride festivals that were scheduled for that same week had some issues with the fact that they might lose some revenue and denounced it . So word is that there now will be many ” sister marches”  across the country which will be sure to bring down any impact that could be made with marcher numbers in Washington, D.C.

Also it seems that the Unity March instead of going full-out grasssroots has hooked up with HRC and AMFAR.

Regardless it a perfect opportunity for you to to show-up and advocate for your civil rights.

I’ll be there with other friends and supporters of Back2Stonewall.com. But due to the date SNAFU we will be flying out on Sunday afternoon.  But we will be having a get-together Saturday night after the DC Pride parade and everyone is welcome. When we have more details we’ll let you know.

So get those protest signs ready.  And for gods sake go to KINKOS .  Nothing says tacky queen more more than black magic marker on poster-board.