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Boat Race Drama and Naked Rowers, STROKE! – Video

With the famous Oxford-Cambridge boat race throwing up more drama than anyone ever expected, there’s a certain buzz around rowers this Easter weekend. All current visits to the gym involve me feeling like a shameless wannabe if I step anywhere near the rowing machines. And with this rowing interest in the air, I thought I’d bring your attention to a rather more fun (read: naked) side of the sport that the rowing club at my old university indulge in each year.

First, a recap on the Boat Race, in case you missed it. The two teams were racing side-by-side for the first ten minutes until they had to suddenly stop due to a protester in the water. After completely destroying the rowers’ rhythm and composure, and causing lactic-acid build-up in their muscles, both teams restarted the race from near the point of incident. Only moments into the restart a collision of oars between the two boats resulted in a broken oar for Oxford. The umpire deemed Oxford to be at fault and allowed the race to continue, awarding a somewhat empty victory to Cambridge as they stormed ahead to the finish line. The drama continued then as, having raced himself stupid in attempt to retain some of his team’s honour, Oxford’s bowman passed out unconscious in the boat and had to be rushed ashore for medical treatment (later recovering fully).

I have deliberately not linked to any articles reporting about the protester in the water as I do not wish to give support to his public profile. While I am a activist myself, protests of this kind do nothing to raise support nor respect for you and your cause; whatever his reasons, he attempted to destroy the hard work of the athletes involved and by giving him any airtime we are encouraging such actions in the future. You may easily find articles about his apparent reasons by searching online. More can be read about the race here.

And now onto the reason you’re all actually here!

For three years now, Warwick University Rowing Club have produced a naked calendar to support the club and to raise money for charity, shot by photographer Angus Malcolm. The 2012 calendar even includes a video, here’s the trailer:

Warwick Rowing 2012: The Making of the Calendar (Trailer) from Progressive Media on Vimeo.
Money is being raised to support Sport Relief, a major British charity that works in partnership with the BBC to support people affected by conflict, poverty, discrimination and disease around the world.  For more information please go to sportrelief.com

More information, photos, and purchases can be made from the Warwick University Rowing Club website.

Yes, I used to be in lectures with some of these guys. Remind me, why did I not join the rowing club?