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BOOYAH! The MPAA Concedes, “BULLY” To Be Rated PG-13

Coming after an intense few weeks of activism, challenges and a petition from Change.org signed by over half a million people , the MPAA has reportedly assigned a PG-13 rating to the Weinstein Company’s Bully which spotlights the horrors that bullied teens in America face today on a daily basis and the adults that turn a blind eye to it.

From MarketWatch:

The Weinstein Company (TWC), aided by the guidance and consultation from attorneys David Boies and Ted Olson, announced today that the MPAA has lowered the R rating, given for some language, for BULLY to a PG-13 in time for the film’s April 13th expansion to 55 markets.

The scene that has been at the forefront of the battle with the MPAA, the intense scene in the film that shows teen Alex Libby being bullied and harassed on a bus, has been left fully intact and unedited. BULLY director Lee Hirsch felt editing the scene was not an option, and subsequently refused to do so, since it is too important to the truth and integrity behind the film.

Also a victory is the exception the MPAA made by allowing the film to be released with the new rating before 90 days, which is the length of time their policy states a film must wait to be in theaters after a rating change to avoid confusion or inconvenience for moviegoers.

Please note that the octogenarians and tight asses at the MPAA didn’t admit fault of giving the socially responsible film an “R” rating what  they basically did was just gave in to what people wanted–a PG-13 rating. They broke their own rules about a 90 day window before a ratings change, but never admitted fault. they decided to concede without a fight in the way that would allow them to save the most face possible.