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Trans Police Officer Boo’ed and Called “Pig” By QPOC & Trans Radical Activists At Awards Ceremony

Over 400 members of the city’s LGBT community gathered at the San Diego LGBT Community Center this weekend to celebrate Transgender Day of Empowerment. The event included speakers, the awarding of academic scholarships to trans students and a segment honoring those in the local transgender community who have made a difference.

One of those honored was transgender Officer Christine Garcia, who was met with shouts and jeers by a group of protesters gathered in the back of the auditorium. As she took the stage, they shouted “Pig!” while holding signs that read “Revolution not Reform” and “I Will Not Put Up With This Sh*t.”

Allegedly the disruptive group is led by trans QPOC radical CZ Firestone (AKA Syra Olivia-Zoe Evans) who also teaches at the Hillcrest Youth Center, and was one of the speakers at the event and describes herself as a youth advocate, social and restorative justice educator, community organizer, cultural critic, intellectual, and healer. Founder of “Movement for Race and Gender Justice”

In a Facebook post following last night’s events, Firestone wrote:

“The sound of booing resounds in my ears, deafening silence prevailed, stuck standing still. For my real ones carrying signs, my undying love and respect. For all the fake people, betraying their own wellness, J. Cole said it best: “If they don’t wanna be saved, don’t save them.” You think you’re risking your life for trans people’s safety, stop lying to yourself, you risk your life so that those with power privileges go unchecked. You didn’t betray me or even the youth, YOU BETRAYED YOURSELF.”

“This attack on police officer Garcia was one of the most ugliest incidents against our own that I have ever witnessed in our community,” Murray Ramirez said. “What’s even sadder these anti-police activists, and these actions are supported by The Center associates “A.T” and CZ Firestone.”

Transgender activist Autumn Sandeen who was in attendance and posted on her  Facebook, “the horizontal community violence was heartbreaking.”

Autumn is right.