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TRIGGERED: Madison, WI Police Banned From Marching in PRIDE Parade

Professor Declares Millennial Snowflakes and Their Victim-hood Is Destroying Gay Culture


Cynthia Belmont, a professor at Northland College, in a new op-ed published by Salon, states that in the last few years, she’s seen an uptick in students who seem to take offense at things that have defined LGBTQ culture for decades.

We deserve all the rights, obviously. We deserve to be who we are and who we want to be and not to be harassed or killed for it, and we deserve to have and keep our children and set up shop in the suburbs if we want. We deserve to pee in peace in the bathroom that suits our identity and serve in the military. Obviously. I myself have lived in fear as a parent with no legal rights. But. Apparently, in the pursuit of rights and respectability, we have somehow shifted as a culture from the celebration of eros to the celebration of victimhood — to comfortably inhabiting a state of being prickly and appalled — and apparently we now have to be and feel like victims in order even to deserve rights. This worries me.

Are we going to become so focused on our legal standing and our feelings, so invested in queer culture as a culture of rights, respectability and sensitivity, that we lose our playfulness and the toughness that used to define survival? Do we just not want to be tough anymore? Are we too emotionally exhausted, or just too bourgeois, to appreciate a classic bitchy drag emcee? Her sensibility was always at the cultural fringe — is there no room for it now? Or are we the truly bitchy ones, ever ready with the political upper hand raised to slap down those among us who still want to play around the edges, where things are a little less comfortable and correct?

Who cares? I do. Because my queer students are so fragile, so easily hurt, and I am worried about them — and not in the way that they want me to be. Because when I say to one of them, “Being a victim is not hot, and in my day a political platform based on being a victim would never have gained traction,” she seems startled but retorts that on the contrary, victimhood is hot, adding, “What about BDSM?” And so I explain that BDSM is not about being a victim, it’s about moving beyond and transforming  victimization — for those who come to it that way — and it’s about destabilizing the grounds of victimization, through playing with power. Which is also what drag is about in its way. And I am shocked to find myself in the position of defending, to a queer, the value of hotness — as shocked as she seems to be at the idea that hotness could be the point of queer culture.

I don’t believe her. I don’t believe that she really finds victimhood hot, unless . . . is this a new fetish that is hopelessly lost on me since I’m almost 50? I won’t — I can’t — believe in the victim as the new face of queer culture. What were all those drag queens at Stonewall fighting for, anyway? If victimhood is hot, then we have lost.

 So in a nutshell.  We fought for our rights so millennials can be offended.

So are millennial snowflakes are ruining LGBT culture? Share your thoughts in the comments…

The REAL Reason Hillary Clinton Skipped Netroots Nation 2016? She’s Not Stupid.

Hillary Clinton snubs Netroots nation

Even though Hillary Clinton has no events on her public schedule for Friday or Saturday she is skipping this year’s Netroots Nation in St. Louis and  is sending a video message in her stead that will be aired at the national progressive conference Mary Rickles, a spokeswoman for conference confirmed.  Clinton’s absence from the conference, which has had 3000 attendees the past two years and begins is particularly notable given her struggle to win over disaffected Democrats who believe the party will, under her leadership, move away from the left.

So why did Hillary skip?  The answer may lie in what Netroots Nation has become itself and its recent tradition of not only allowing protests of featured political speakers but helping them.  While a stop  in St. Louis for Netroots could have helped Clinton to ingratiate herself with the left, she would have risked being heckled or more.

Originally called the YearlyKos the conference was first held in in 2006.and featured such prominent Democrats such as Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and Barbara Boxer,  In 2007 Seven of the eight major Democratic Presidential candidates attended the Convention in a debate moderated by bloggers. The candidates were Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson. This conference was the one and only time Hillary Clinton attended and she refused to join John Edwards and Barack Obama’s pledge to stop taking money from Washington lobbyists.

In 2008 the conference was rebranded to Netroots Nation to better reflect the growing influence and membership of the “netroots“as a whole rather than just Daily Kos and its then that many say the focus started to shift from political, policy, and foreign issues to more social issues and the demographics shifted to a much younger more “social justice warrior” type audience without adult supervision.

In 2013 Nancy Pelosi was booed by the audience in San Jose, California for saying that Edward Snowden had broken the law by revealing information about the NSA’s surveillance programs and for defending Barack Obama on the issue.

In 2014 at Netroots Nation in Detroit, MI a group of protesters interrupted Vice President Joe Biden’s speech, vocalizing their dissatisfaction with the Democratic administration’s policy of deporting undocumented immigrants. 

At the 2015 conference held in Phoenix, AZ protesters repeatedly confronted Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland during a town hall discussion demanding the Democratic presidential candidates address issues like discrimination and police brutality.

Chanting, “What side are you on, my people, what side are you on?” and “Black lives matter,” the protesters led by the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and Heather Cronk and Angela Peoples of GetEqual, moved to the front of the ballroom about 20 minutes into the event as Mr. O’Malley discussed proposed changes to Social Security. They remained there, heckling the candidates and posing questions, until organizers shut down the event, one of the centerpieces of the annual conference. There was much speculation afterwards that the Netroots Nations staff knew well in advance that the protest was going to happen and did nothing to stop it and actually helped the protesters.

In light of Netroots Nations past record, is it really surprising that more and more politicians have opted out of attending over the years?  Instead of creating dialogue, a real dialogue between attendees and politicians Netroots Nation has helped foster a culture of shutting them down and off its own stage by special interest groups and alienating the very people they should be talking with.  Not shouting at.  

At this time, this close to the November 2016 Presidential election the last thing Hillary Clinton needs is a Black Lives Matters protest and scene in front of a progressive audience, many of which supported Bernie Sanders in the first place.

You can say what you will about Hillary but she isn’t stupid.  A videotape message is much harder to shut down and try to make look like a fool.

Well played Hillary.  Well played.


Black Lives Matters Crashes Toronto LGBT Dedication, Drops Out Of San Francisco Pride March

Black Lives Matters Toronto


This year despite the fact that Black Lives Matter TO is set to be honored at the July 3rd Gay Pride parade it didn’t stop them from crashing a Toronto Police news conference Friday, where Chief Mark Saunders unveiled a mural honoring the local LGBTQ community chanting “No pride in police”

The mural, in the gay village near the corner of Church and Wood Sts., is meant to celebrate the history, diversity and strength of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, according to a police news release.

But the protesters claim the media event, like the Toronto police chief’s public apology this week for the 1981 bathhouse raids, was a publicity stunt.

They are “PR tools used to mask the reality of police relations amongst the queer and trans community: black people, indigenous people, sex workers et cetera,” said Black Lives Matter co-founder Rodney Diverlus, 26, after disrupting the unveiling.

The reverend and gay rights activist, Brent Hawkes, tried to mediate between Black Lives Matter and the police, to no avail.

Black Lives Matter is still waiting for the police to meet the demands it made after its tent city protest outside police headquarters on College St. this spring, Diverlus added.

At the time, the protesters called for a face-to-face meeting with Saunders and an overhaul of the Special Investigations Unit, the civilian agency that investigates serious crimes allegedly committed by officers.

Const. David Hopkinson, a police spokesperson, said the chief’s apology for the raids and the new mural aren’t empty gestures.

“I believe the chief was heartfelt in his apology for the bathhouse raids. He was sincere in his words.”

Meanwhile on our side of the pond……

The San Francisco Bay Area’s chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) has pulled out of San Francisco’s gay pride parade because the city provided an increased police presence for security in wake of the Orlando shootings.

In a statement announcing its withdrawal, Black Lives Matter insisted that the increased police presence “does not increase safety for all people.”

BLM spokeswoman Malkia Cyril claimed, “We know firsthand that increasing the police presence at Pride does not increase safety for all people. Militarizing these events increases the potential for harm to our communities and we hope in the future SF Pride will consider community-centered approaches to security at pride events.”

Malkia also insisted, “As queer people of color, we are disproportionately targeted by both vigilante and police violence.”