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Gay History - March 10, 1778: First Gay Solider Court Martialed At Valley Forge

Gay History – March 10, 1778: Meet Lt. Frederick Gotthold Enslin. The First Soldier Court Martialed At Valley Forge For Being Gay

Gen. George Washington’s general orders for March 14, 1776 at Valley Forge, PA., included the following description of a court martial that occurred on the 10th. of one Lt. Frederick Gotthold Enslin.

In March 1778, Enslin was brought to trial before a court-martial. According to General Washington’s report: “…Lieutt. Enslin of ColoMalcolm’s Regiment tried for attempting to commit sodomy …” Washington’s secretary continues to describe the results of the trial: “His Excellency the Commander in Chief approves the sentence and with Abhorrence & Detestation of such Infamous Crimes orders Lieut. Enslin to be drummed out of Camp tomorrow morning…

“At a General Court Martial whereof Colo Tupper was President (10th March 1778) Lieutt. Enslin of Colo. Malcom’s Regiment tried for attempting to commit sodomy, with John Monhort a soldier; Secondly For Perjury in swearing to false Accounts, found guilty of the charges exhibited against him being breaches of 5th. Article 18th. Section of the Articles of War and do sentence him to be dismiss’d  the service with Infamy. His Excellency the Commander in Chief approves the sentence and with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes orders Lieutt. Enslin to be drummed out of Camp tomorrow morning [March 15] by all the Drummers and Fifers in the Army never to return; the Drummer and Fifers to attend on the Grand Parade at Guard mounting for that Purpose”

Lt. Frederick Gotthold Enslin is strongly believed to be the first person to be forced out of the U.S. Army on charges of homosexual behavior.

*Source: General George Washington, March 14, 1776, General Orders. Library of Congress’s American Memory Project online here.

GAY HISTORY: September 19, 1964 - The Little Known First Ever Gay Protest

GAY HISTORY: September 19, 1964 – The First Organized Little Known Gay Protest In NYC Takes Place


Many people believe that the first protest against gay discrimination happened in Washington, D.C. and was led by the late, great gay activist Frank Kameny on April 17, 1965.  

Well, they are  wrong.

The first true organized protest against gay discrimination took place in the middle of Manhattan, on September 19, 1964 at the U.S. Army’s Whitehall Induction Center,over the army’s failure to keep gay men’s draft records confidential.  New York City activist Randy Wicker organized it along with Craig Rodwell (known as the Father of Pride), who would go on to open the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore. They were joined by eight other members of the Sexual Freedom League, (six of them straight), and they gathered outside the army’s induction center at 39 Whitehall Street in New York City to protest the armed forces’s anti-gay discrimination and complicity in the MacCarthy era witch-hunts. 

Other marchers included Renai Cafiero,who would go on to become  one of the first openly gay delegates to the 1972 Democratic National Convention and Nancy Garden and Jeff Poland of the New York League  for Sexual Freedom. Picket signs declared, “Homosexuals died for U.S., Too,” “Love and Let Love,” and “Army Invades Sexual Privacy.”

Let’s give some credit where credit is due and remember these often overlooked and brave people who stood up and spoke out out at a time when very few were willing to do so..

You can see Randy Wicker’s original photos from that event here

Delusional Trump Says That NY Tax Law Doesn’t Apply to Me, I’m Not President

Trump Orders Pentagon To Hold Massive Military Parade In His Honor

The Washington Post:

President Trump’s vision of soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the boulevards of Washington is moving closer to reality in the Pentagon and White House, where officials say they have begun to plan a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of America’s armed forces.

Trump has long mused publicly and privately about wanting such a parade, but a Jan. 18 meeting between Trump and top generals in the Pentagon’s tank — a room reserved for top secret discussions — marked a tipping point, according to two officials briefed on the planning.

Surrounded by the military’s highest ranking officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford, Trump’s seemingly abstract desire for a parade was suddenly heard as a presidential directive, the officials said.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” said a military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the planning discussions are supposed to remain confidential. “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.”


It has been done before after all. Nuremberg, Germany 1937 for example.



GOP Rep. Steve King Compares Trans Military Members to Ottoman Empire Castrated Slaves


Notoriously crazy and anti-LGBT Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King  is in hot water again for his comments comparing transgender troops to castrated slaves from the Ottoman Empire.

“And today, we’re here thinking somehow we’re going to make the military better by letting people line up at their recruitment center who have planned that they want to do sexual reassignment surgery, know that it’s expensive, and believe ‘if I can just get into any branch of the United States services — to the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines; maybe become a Navy SEAL — and then submit to sexual reassignment surgery and then go from a man to a woman,'” King said.

King then brought up the Ottoman Empire, arguing that their castration of enslaved soldiers was akin to the proposed hormone therapy and reassignment surgeries.

“What they did in order to keep them from reproducing was that they did reassignment surgery on those slaves they had captured, that they had put into their janissary troops,” 

Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel, director of One Iowa, an LGBT advocacy group, condemned King’s House floor speech, saying in a statement: “Rep. Steve King’s speech is absolutely unacceptable. Not only does he compare transgender troops to castrated slaves, but he insinuates that transgender people going into the service only do so to get free surgery.

“People join the military for a multitude of reasons, and the same goes for transgender individuals. To group all transgender people together and claim they all intend to somehow game the system is not only false, but contributes to harmful and untrue stereotypes transgender people face that contribute to harassment and violence.”

Despite his bigotry and insanity  King is serving his eighth term as a congressman in the very conservative northwestern district of Iowa. He has repeatedly made brazen comments regarding immigrants, gays, minorities and Muslims. King is expected to win his ninth term in Congress in 2018 after Democratic challenger Kim Weaver dropped out of the race earlier this year and Democrats have not replaced her with another candidate.

*To put the numbers of trans-military members into perspective.  As of January 31, 2017,  1.4 million Americans are serving in the U.S. armed forces.  According to the Williams Institute 3.5 of America’s population identify as LGBT and out of that number only .03 people identify as transgender.  


The Pentagon Recognizes LGBT Pride Month While Banning Trans Service Members

DoD Prtide

The Department of Defense (DoD) has supported observances of LGBT Pride Month through the development of local programs of recognition and many diverse activities but it has been only recently that the DoD has recognized Pride Month with a special observance at the Pentagon  (2012 – 2013.)

The Department of Defense issued similar flyers in 2012 and 2013 and all three include the word “transgender” despite the continuing ban on transgender service.

While the observance of LGBT Pride Month by the Department of Defense is yet another example of the tremendous amount of progress the observance is bittersweet at best because of the continuing ban on transgender service members.

After the long drawn out battle of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” out attorney and former Marine Capt. Tom Carpenter repeatedly tried to draw attention to the fact that the repeal did not include trans servicemembers. In one post for LGBT POV in 2012 on why LGB people should care about trans bias in the military, he wrote:

There was disappointment that some in the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) community would so casually turn their backs on people who are on the same side as us on every major issue: the end of DADT, marriage equality, the end of DOMA, passage of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), and every form of legal protection for LGB people. The implication that trans people are ballast that should be chucked overboard at the earliest opportunity disturbed me greatly.

Now after 4 years U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has hinted at an upcoming reviews of the military’s current policy, which bans trans citizens from serving.

“The issue of transgender [service members] is a bit more complicated, because it has a — a medical component to it,” Hagel told ABC’s Martha Raddatz Sunday. “These issues require medical attention. Austere locations where we put our men and women in — in many cases, don’t always provide that kind of opportunity. I do think it continually should be reviewed. I’m open to that, by the way. I’m open to those assessments, because, again, I go back to the bottom line. Every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it.”

Until we can all serve together, be treated equally and be recognized as full citizens of the United States there is no PRIDE at the Department of Defense.

DOD Pride

BUSTED! – FRC’s Tony Perkins Lies About Male Sex Abuse In The Military

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

Family Research Council President and white supremacist Tony Perkins went off on make sexual assault in the military and putting the blame squarely at the feet of the repeal of DADT and allowing gay men to serve.

“President Obama is finally admitting that sexual assault is a serious  problem in the military, but what he hasn’t conceded is that his policy  on homosexuality helped create it. According to a new Pentagon survey,  most of the victims were not female (12,000 incidents), but male (14,000), highlighting a growing trend of same-sex assault in our ranks. How could this happen? Well, for starters, the Obama administration ordered military leaders to embrace homosexuality–completely dismissing the concerns that it could be a problem to have people attracted to the same sex, living in close quarters. Groups like FRC were right to be concerned about the overturning of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.'”

Problem is that Tony has lifted his info from Wing-nuttier (if possible) Judith A. Reisman,  a close pal of Porno Pete LaBarbera who recently wrote an article (if you can call it that) in World Net Daily called: Military sodomite abuse: The untold story which uses statistics from a report that was published BEFORE the DADT repeal legislation passed Congress on December 18, 2010 and President Obama signed the bill on December 22, 2010.



OMFG! – Islamist Terrorists Behead British Soldier On London Street – Video Report


Two suspected terrorists were shot by armed police after attacking a pedestrian, believed to be a soldier, with a machete-style knife close to military barracks in whats being called an ‘Islamist attack’

Local MP Nick Raynsford said he had been told the man attacked in the street was a soldier serving at the Royal Artillery Barracks near the attack. Mr Raynsford said the soldier had been returning to the barracks after a day out when he was attacked. The BBC reported sources had told them the men were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they carried out the attack and had filmed carrying it out.

The Telegraph reports that one of the killers approached a passing city bus and asked passengers if they wanted to take his photo and then ranted into a camera.



Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: Gay Hating Military Members, We Got Your Back!

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“To any member of the armed services who is harassed, demeaned, reprimanded or charged by this Obama Pentagon with obeying Jesus – with endeavoring to ‘recruit or convert’ others to His exclusive saving grace – we at Liberty Counsel are delighted to say, ‘We’ve Got your back!’ Pro bono. Free of charge. How are we able to do this? Through the generous financial and prayer support of more than 1.2 million Liberty Counsel donors and supporters. So please, get this information to every member of the armed forces you know. If you (or they) are being persecuted in any way, at any time for sharing the love of Christ, let us know.” –  Currently under RICO investigation  Liberty Counsel leader  Matt Barber,

1.2 million? In your dreams fat boy.

Maybe the Liberty Counsel loons aren’t aware of the fact that the law against religious recruitment and converting on military bases was passed during Dubya’s administration.

Matt Barber. Failed boxer, failed insurance agent, and  current religious extremist ambulance chasing grifter.

Only in America folks.

Gay Hating Military Solders, We Got Your Back!


FRC President and KKK Brethren Tony Perkins: Straight Soldiers Are Committing Suicide Over DADT

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

“The volume of these decisions coming out of this administration is unbelievable, unbelievable. The stress in our military, when you look how they have used the military for their social experimentation: driving Christianity out, putting homosexuality in, suicide rate going through the ceiling. I think it was last year if I recall the numbers there were 349 suicides in 2012 and I believe that’s more than were killed in combat, that’s the highest number since the Pentagon began tracking suicides back in 2001. And what are they doing? Adding additional stress by this social engineering. Unbelievable.” – Family Research Council President and David Dukes best bud Tony Perkins, speaking on “Christian”radio.

Tony and company really needs to get more creative if they want to stay in business.  I wouldn’t even give this one a 2 on “originality hate scale”.

Can we say DEATH RATTLE?


Russian Military To Give “Short Arm Inspection” To Look For “Gay Tattoos” On Soilders Penis’

Naked russian soilder

Today in the “Where do I apply for this job?” department.

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that The Russian Defense Ministry has come up with a new plan  for searching out gay soldiers which includes a directive to inspect firm russian soilders asses and peens  for “gay tattoos.”

Special attention is recommended for tattoos near the face, sexual organs and buttocks, as the author believes that such tattoos reveal possible sexual deviations. “The reason for getting tattoos could indicate a low cultural or educational level. If an influence by external factors is determined, for example, persuasion or direct coercion, this indicates the malleability of the young man, his disposition to submit to another’s will,” the text says.

The guidelines also include a wide range of warning signs indicative of mental instability, including early sexual experience and ‘uncontrolled sexual behavior,’ both of which are included in the same category as alcohol abuse, running away from home, suicidal tendencies and theft. Officers acting as mentors to new recruits are advised to hold a personal conversation with the conscripts to ask about sexual experience and conduct a physical examination, paying special attention to any tattoos — but only after leading up to such intimate questions by asking about family, everyday life, success in school and attitudes toward alcohol.

Falcon Video porn parody of this story in 3…2…1…