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Indiana Prepares Anti-gay “Right To Discriminate Law”. Who Is Going To Fight Against It?

Gay discrimination


A law soon to be introduced in Indiana by Sen. Scott Schneider (R) would borrow and manipulate language from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), that was originally designed to prohibit the government from burdening the religious beliefs of otthes to an anti-gay discrimination law would allow a business owner to use their religious beliefs to justify refusing service to LGBT individuals. .This state law, would supersede any local municipal nondiscrimination laws that are currently in effect in that state to protect LGBT people.

Those involved in the writing and support of this law are so shameless that they are not even trying to hide their bigotry and willfully admit that the law is specifically being written to discriminate against the gay community.

Via: Think Progress

Micah Clark of the American Family Association explained to The Indianapolis Star that the bill would allow small businesses to refuse services to LGBT individuals and also that it would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples. The Indiana Family Institute made an end-of-year fundraising pitch that promoted the legislation, noting examples of small businesses who were facing discrimination complaints from same-sex couples. Schneider claims, however, that the bill will not discriminate against anyone, but would simply “protect freedom and protect religious liberty.”

These laws are very dangerous and unless we fight against them using everything in our power they set a precedent of discrimination that hearkens back to the Jim Crow laws.  So while HRC is making hokey commercials down South in Chad Griffin’s birth state of Arkansas.  Who is going to help fight this type of discrimination in the Midwest?



PRIDE Is Everywhere! – Boise, Idaho Pride Draws Thousands, Gets Back To The Roots Of PRIDE

Everyone knows about the “fabulously famous” Pride Parades.  New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Los Angeles.  But rarely you hear about the smaller Pride Parades and events of smaller Midwestern and Southern cities which are just as important.  They may not have the grandiose floats, baton twirling gay marching bands or speedo clad go-go boys grinding away.  But they do get back to the roots of Pride.   Visibility, politics, and standing up for who you are.

Yesterday to culminate Boise Pride Week a massive rally took place on the Idaho State Capitol steps where hundreds gathered to hear from speakers on the importance of staying vigilant in the face of discrimination for gender identity of sexual orientation.

Congressional candidate Nicole LeFavour asked the audience if they voted and encouraged them to register and get out early and often.  The crowd cheered the openly gay lawmaker and then began the  Pride March which along its route to Ann Morrison park across the river drew thousands of marchers and spectators.

The event came off peaceably with no visible protests but that doesn’t mean that all in Boise, Idaho were happy about it.

But that didn’t stop negative comments on Boise Weekly online:

I happened by Ann Morrison Park in downtown Boise yesterday ( I don’t live far from there, and pass by frequently)…

There was a quite large (noisy, exuberant) celebration going on. What they were celebrating (which I found out as I approached the general area) was the existence and promulgation of a list of various human perversities and interpersonal moral degeneracies. Musical bands and singers on stage, many food booths, “security” police, all the usual for a large gathering in the public park… It was being conducted under the aegis of “rainbow” this, and “diversity” that, but what it was really about was some kind of public extolling of a wide range of sexual perversities and abnormal human degeneracies.

Is THIS what you want happening in our (YOUR) city??? What you want celebrated here? What you want your parks used for?

But our voices and PRIDE were heard even online as Kay Wyman, replied:

As I walked in the Parade in downtown Boise on Saturday I felt an immense sense of PRIDE in my little city.  Finally, the LGBTQ community could openly celebrate without a sense of threat and discrimination.  There were no (obvious) protesters as were present in many of the past parades.  I thought, “Wow”, times really are changing for us, even in Boise, Idaho.”  People we passed waved and shouted support.  Some seemed a little surprised by our flamboyance, for sure, but I didn’t hear any ugly comments from the crowd.  If anything, they seemed mostly entertained. 

As for the comments above, I am really sorry that these people feel threatened by our lifestyle.  Perhaps if we hadn’t been locked up in the closet for so long we wouldn’t feel the need to come busting out quite so loudly.  I hope they noticed that we were fenced in at the park, as much to protect the community from us, I think, as to protect us from the community at large. And yes, there was security.  For the most part we are a gentle people, happy and gay, but sometimes an outsider will enter our midst and stir up trouble.  We are not the people who steal your childrens bikes, or break into your houses,  rape your women, or shoot your sons.  But we are citizens, we do pay taxes, we do contribute to this community as much as anyone else, and we do have a RIGHT to use Ann Morrison park for our celebration.  So, if you are worried about your children seeing us, or about losing your close-minded, white breaded little bubble of bigoted, backwards Utopia, then STAY AWAY from our fence, because we ARE NOT going back in the closet. 

Oh, and by the way, I am a 4th generation Idahoan, and I am not proud of people like you who have given Boise and Idaho a reputation for being bigoted.

Major props to Boise, Idaho and to all Midwestern and Southern Pride events everywhere.

The same sex marriage fight and LGBT acceptance in the easy states of the upper eastern seaboard and California is almost done.

Pennsylvania, Midwest and the South is where the hardest and final push LGBT equality is going to take place and we must get ready for the fight, and we must start now.

Santorum Surges Through The Midwest. Wins GOP Caucuses In Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri

Ole Frothy Rick Santorum won Republican presidential caucuses in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado on Tuesday night surging forth like the Johnstown Flood of 1889 and sweeping through the three Midwestern states winning them with homophobia,  hated and bullshit.

“Conservatism (and lunacy) is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota,” Santorum told cheering supporters in St. Charles, Mo. 

Meanwhile. Elder Romney who ran second in all three races was his smarmy self and  showed no sign of disappointment in remarks to his supporters. “This was a good night for Rick Santorum. I want to congratulate Sen. Santorum, but I expect to become the nominee with your help,” he told supporters in Denver.

Even though Santorum beat Romney In Minnesota and Colorado and by a huge margin  in Missouri : 55% to 25%. Missouri does not deliver any delegates to Santorum and Man on Dog Ricky is still far behind in GOP delegates thanks to his horrible showing in the Northeast. (Romney 102, Gingrich 35, Paul 18, and Santorum 17)

This just goes to prove what I’ve always said about Midwestern Republicans.

They are full of shit.

Forget Katy Perry’s California Gurls – Watch Ammon Miller’s "North Dakota Bois"! (Video)

I guess it’s adorkable day here at B2S.com. 
Check out Ammon Miller, Ben Grassel, Karsten Pudwill, Devin Roll, and Kristen Stewart in s Special Guest Apperance as they put a new spin on the “over-spoofed” Katy Perry sonf “California Gurl’s”

I’m surprised that there are that many cute biys in North Dakota!

Cute Midwest dorks always mess up my Gayday,  But according to Ben Grassel all four of them are staught.  No owrd on Kristen Stewart though.