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MICHIGAN: Beauty Salon Owner Refuses to Serve LGBTQ+ Community Because TQ+ is ‘Pedophiles’

MICHIGAN: Beauty Salon Owner Refuses to Serve LGBTQ+ Community Because TQ+ is ‘Pedophiles’.

Studio 8 Hair Lab in Traverse, Michigan owner Christine Geiger says she is exercising her right to free speech by refusing specific customers (LGBTQ+) her services. She also compared gender-diverse people to animals, the Kansas City Star reports.

A description of the business on Instagram says it is “A private CONSERVATIVE business that does not cater to woke ideologies.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill in March that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Geiger, who mocked Whitmer in the post, expanded on her bigotry in a comment on a Facebook post in the Overheard in Traverse City group.

I have no issues with LGB,” she wrote. “It’s the TQ+ that I’m not going to support.”

She continued, “For those that don’t know what the + is for, it’s for MAP (Minor Attracted Person aka: pedophile).”

Geiger explained that she’s taken this stance to “[e]nsure that clients have the best experienc.

This is a free country and I am not a slave to any narrative,” Geiger concluded while hoping that “more of you will see this and be inspired to stand up tall and speak your own truths and not simply let them be.”

The real question is should we retaliate?

MICHIGAN - NBC Affiliate Tells Reporters To Ease Up On LGBT Coverage. It Upsets The Haters.

MICHIGAN – NBC Affiliate Tells Reporters To Ease Up On LGBT Coverage. It Upsets The Haters.

“The news director of a Michigan NBC affiliate ordered her reporters to ease up on coverage of LGBT-focused stories during Pride Month, saying the news pieces were upsetting some of the station’s conservative viewers.

“We know that West Michigan is a Conservative area in many ways. We need to recognize that some stories related to LGBTQ issues are going to be controversial and polarizing in our community. While you personally may not agree with a certain position, people are entitled to their opinions, and they are our viewers.f the memo was first reported early Monday morning by media columnist Scott Jones at his website FTV Live, who noted that WOOD-TV had covered numerous St. Patrick’s Day events without any apparent pushback or consideration for station resources.

The memo, penned by WOOD-TV (Channel 8) Assistant News Director Amy Fox, followed several reports that focused on a celebration hosted in the city of Grand Rapids after officials there approved a permit for an inaugural Pride Month parade.

The memo was a rare instance of a news executive encouraging reporters to sideline stories based on the political affiliations of its viewers. Fox did not respond to an email from The Desk seeking comment, nor did the station’s news director, Stanton Tang.”

the desk

The memo was first reported early Monday morning by media columnist Scott Jones at his website FTV Live, who noted that WOOD-TV had covered numerous St. Patrick’s Day events without any apparent pushback or consideration for station resources.

WOOD-TV is owned by Waystar Nexstar Media Group, which is the largest owner of local broadcast television stations in the country. On its website, Nexstar says the company “strive[s] to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, so all of our employees feel respected, and no one feels discriminated against.”


Michigan Drag Show Protestors Outnumbered by Counter-protestors 100 to 1 in Royal Oak

Michigan Drag Show Protestors Outnumbered by Counter-protestors 100 to 1 in Royal Oak

” I have one thing to say: sashay shante. Shante, shante, shante!” – RuPaul

A crowd that police estimated reached 1,000 jammed sidewalks of Royal Oak, Michigan with a peaceable skirmish at the Sidetrack Bookshop on Saturday afternoon when anti-gay drag show protesters were outnumbered by pro-gay protesters by almost 100 to 1.

The Oakland County Republican Party sent out information to members before the event.  ” The OCRP encourages adults to attend this protest. Every seat that responsible adults take allows one less child to be victimized by these events.. Only 12 protestors showed up.

When word got out on social media about the protest, those in support of the LGBT community showed up, They held signs that said “Good Parents Teach Love, Not Hate” and “Hate is a Drag.” At times, the throngs chanted “Bigots go home!”

Jason Frantjeskos, of Westland, shouted “You must repent and turn to Jesus Christ.” Between shouts, Frantjeskos told a reporter, “I’m here to preach the word of God.” He said he’d worked for a tree service for 23 years and that in his spare time, “I’m a street preacher.” With him was Noble D’Angelo, also of Westland, who held a large elaborate sign that displayed a list of sins, from “Porn watchers” and “Liars” to “Sex Freaks” and “LGBT.”

As parents and children lined up outside the shop, lighted billboard trucks playing “Proud to be An American” circled the block, showing digital signs of Jesus, mixed with images of drag queens, and anti-drag sentiments.  Escorts with bright vests who normally walk with women and doctors at pro-choice clinics guarded the doors and helped protect families as they wove through the crowd into the door. 

Story hour at 2 p.m., after which the crowd slowly began disperse. On one corner of West Fourth Street and South Washington, catty-corner from the bookstore, Leslie Jones, 49, of Detroit, was holding forth — and holding a very large bible.

“I’m not a homophobe. You guys are biblephobes,” Jones said, adding: “You’re going to hell, man.”

The Royal Oak Police were on hand as well to keep the peace.

Sources: Oakland County 15 and The Detroit Free Press

Hey Guys. Want to Meet A REAL MANLY MAN?

Meet Garrett Soldano a God fearing, GOP, Murican manly man like Josh Hawley who is running against  Gretchen Whitmer  for Governor of Michigan.

MEET GARRETT: “Garrett Soldano is a chiropractor, small business owner, author, public speaker, former football player, family man and proud Catholic.”

The Equality Act Gets Reintroduced to Congress. Again.

Michigan LGBT Rights Ballot Initiative Falls Short Of Signatures Needed

The Michigan elections bureau has determined that Fair and Equal Michigan gathered nearly 299,000 signatures, short of the roughly 340,000 needed for a ballot drive to prohibit discrimination against LGBT Michiganders according to a report released Thursday. 

Election staffers ruled many ineligible because the signers were not registered voters or there were address, date or others errors. The bipartisan Board of State Canvassers will meet Tuesday to consider a recommendation to not certify the initiative.

“The Bureau of Elections threw out thousands of signatures that are valid and we will fight for every valid signature so no voters are disenfranchised,” said Josh Hovey, spokesman for Fair and Equal Michigan.

Michigan is one of 27 states without LGBT housing, employment. and accommodation protections.

In 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a landmark federal civil rights law protects gay, lesbian and transgender people from employment discrimination but did not cover the other main tenets in the LGBT discrimination issues facing American’s

For the 40 years the Equality Act or some version of it has been introduced into Congress and it still has not passed that would add LGBT protections to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Our community needs to focus on getting the Equality Act passed once and for all because once that happens many of the other minor issues we keep getting hung up on will dissipate also.

Neo-Nazi Proud Boys Get Their Asses Kicked and Run Out of Town By The Good People of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Proud Boys Neo -Nazis Get Their Asses Kicked And Run Out of Town By The Good People of Kalamazoo, Michigan – VIDEO

The Proud Boys, a white nationalist group, were in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a planned rally. In response to publicity about the event, counter-protesters staged their own event in the area. When the Proud Boys arrived a confrontation ensued in the streets.

Long story short. The PB’s got thier asees kicked and chased out of town.

Captain America would be proud.

Lansing, Michigan Gay Sex Club Closed For Violating COVID-19 Orders

Lansing, Michigan Gay Sex Club Closed For Violating COVID-19 Orders

Club Tabu, a backroom gay sex club in South Lansing, Michigan was closed Friday after police served the business with a cease-and-desist order for violating coronavirus restrictions.

Health officer Linda Vail, who represents Ingham County, told the alt-weekly publication City Pulse that a retail portion of the Fantasies Unlimited complex which sells pornography, lube, poppers had been open in violation of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency COVID-19 order.

Via City Pulse:

Vail said the Ingham County Prosecutor, Carol Siemon, had police serve a cease-and-desist letter a week ago, but the business ignored it. She said it closed after police served a second letter this afternoon. Fantasies is at 3208 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The club to which Vail referred is called Club Tabu, which caters to gay men. According to a customer, who did not want to be identified, patrons pay a fee to be buzzed into a large area with rooms for private encounters with one or more other men and monitors showing explicit sex films. One room features “glory holes,” where men could have oral sex through holes in the wall, he said, while another room has a sling.

“On top of that, there’s a club in the back room which has been opening and there’s a lot of close contact. No way they are 6 feet apart,” Vail said.

The Club Tabu right-wing media, who used the fact that the business remained open as a weapon for attacking Whitmer’s order.

Said right-wing propaganda outlet PJ Media which caught wind of the story and is now using it to attack Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Megan Fox wrote: “Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is by far the worst. That was made clear with the news that a gay swinger’s club with ‘glory holes’ is being allowed to operate under her nose in Lansing while she aims her business-killing death ray on 77-year-old barber Karl Manke for giving haircuts.”

Let’s set an example boys. Let’s keep it in your pants or hands until this is all over.

Detroit GayMurder

Detroit Man Charged in the Murders of 2 Gay Men and 1 Trans Woman Over Memorial Day Weekend

A Detroit man charged with fatally shooting three people and wounding two others at a Detroit home over Memorial Day weekend which he targeted because they were gay or transgender..

18 year old Devon Robinson, of Detroit, was charged Thursday with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of assault and weapons charges in the May 25 shooting on the city’s east side,

The shooting killed 21-year-old Alunte Davis, 20-year-old Paris Cameron and 20-year-old Timothy Blancher, all of Detroit. Davis and Blancher were gay men and Cameron was a transgender woman, the prosecutor’s office said.

Prosecutor’s spokeswoman Maria Miller provided the alleged motive in an email Friday but declined to release additional details, saying those would come out later in court. “The allegation is that … the homicide victims were targeted and killed because they were part of the LGBT community.”

“We must remain ever vigilant in our fight to eradicate hate,” prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a separate statement. “The alleged actions of this defendant are disturbing on so many levels, but the fact that this happened during Pride Month adds salt into the wound. “

Robinson is due in court Friday.

Michigan Trans Activist Burns Down Own House Because No One Showed Hate Against Him

Bored Michigan Trans Activist Burns Down Own House Because No One Showed Hate Against Him

Move over Jussie……

A Michigan Trans – LGB activist burned down his own house because he was annoyed there was no prejudice for him to campaign against, police say.

Nikki Joly is accused of faking the August 2017 fire – which killed his two dogs and three cats – because he’d been left bored after the passage of a nondiscrimination law in Jackson, Michigan.

Joly, a trans-man, had married girlfriend Chris Moore shortly before the fire, which prompted a $58,000 fundraising effort for the couple

Barbara Shelton and Bobby James who worked alongside Joly told police he’d been disappointed the Jackson Pride Parade, held five days before the fire, hadn’t received more attention or protests.

Shelton and James – also described Joly as being ‘very deceptive’ and as having ‘layers of manipulation.’

Police turned their attentions to Joly after discovering he had bought $10 of gas at a local Marathon store on the morning of the fire and traces of gasoline were also found on his clothes, The Detroit News reported.

Joly has denied setting the fire deliberately.

His attorney Daniel Barnett said Joly was happy with the level of attention he has received.

Kid Rock at Detroit Concert Campaign Speech: “Why these days is everything so gay?”

Kid Rock who has talked about running for the Senate, delivered an expletive-laden political speech in Detroit at his concert Tuesday evening — tearing into “deadbeat dads,” the welfare system, transgender people, white supremacy and asked the question: “Why these days is everything so gay?”

At Tuesday’s concert, the announcer welcomed Kid Rock to the stage as “the next senator of the great state of Michigan,” though he downplayed the introduction. If Kid Rock, whose real named is Robert Ritchie, did decide to run for the Senate, he would go up against Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who will be seeking a fourth term next year.

Read his full speech below.

Public announcer: “Ladies and gentleman, will you please welcome the next senator of the great state of Michigan, Kid ‘motherf—ing’ Rock.”

Kid Rock: “Well, well what a crowd. [Louder] I said well, well what a crowd. What’s going on the in the world today? Seems the government wants to give everyone health insurance but wants us all to pay. [cheers from the crowd]

And to be very frank, I really don’t have a problem with that, since God has blessed me and made my pockets fat. But redistribution of wealth seems more like their plan. And I don’t believe you should save, sacrifice, do things by the book and then have to take care of some deadbeat, milking the system, lazy a– motherf—ing man.

Now, the issue of struggling single parents is an issue close to my heart. But read my lips: We should not reward those who can’t even take care of themselves but keep having kid after f—ing kid. [cheers]

Of course, of course we should help them out. I don’t want to stand here and sound like a jerk. But let’s help ’em out with child care, job training and find them a f—ing place to work. And you deadbeat dads, who refuse to be a man, who refuse to be there for their sons and raise them up to be good men. You no good derelict sperm donors wannabes. I say lock all you a–holes up and throw away the f–king keys.

And if you wanna take a knee and sit there during our Star Spangled Banner, call me a racist because I’m not PC and think you have to remind me that black lives matter. Nazis. F–king bigots. And now again the KKK? I say f–k all you racists. Stay the hell away.

And why these days is everything so gay? Gay rights, transgender this and that. I say let gay folks get married if they want to and I’m not even close to a Democrat. But things shouldn’t be this complicated, and no you don’t get to choose because whatever you have between your legs should determine the bathroom that you use. [cheers]

It’s no secret we’re divided and we all should take some blame, and we all should be ashamed because we all seem scared to call him by his name [pointing to a picture of Jesus]. So please, almighty Jesus, if you’re looking down on us tonight, please guide us with your wisdom and give us strength to fight. To fight the tyrant evils that lurk here and abroad and remind us all we are just one nation under God.

And I do believe it to be self evident, that we’re all created equal. I said it once, I’ll scream it again: I love black people. And I love white people, too. But neither as much as I love red, white and blue.

And if Kid Rock said it, it’s got some folks in disarray, wait ’til you hear Kid Rock for the President of the USA. Cause wouldn’t it be a sight to see, President Kid Rock in Washington DC. Standing on the desk in the Oval Office like a G. Holding my d–k ready to address the whole country.

I’d look them straight in the eyes, the eyes of the nation live on TV, and I’d say to them, ‘You ever met a motherf—er quite like me?'”

Pray for America