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Video – Michelle Bachmann: “Marriage is under siege like no other time in America."

Michelle Bachmann spoke at the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition Convention on Friday where she gloated that her states unfair marriage amendment will go on the ballot in Minnesota in 2012 and urged other states introduce similar amendments to ban gay marriage.

What happened to the good old days when houses fell on witches?

Michelle Bachman To Appear With MN Gay Hater Bradlee Dean At "The First National Tea Party Nominating Convention"

Jesus wept.

The Tea Party may “say” they aren’t racist but they certainly can’t say they aren’t homophobic.

In late September, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R–Minn.) will travel to a Kansas City, Kansas, to speak at the National Freedom Jamboree, a five-day festival billed as “The First National Tea Party Straw Poll Nominating Convention”  and share a stage Bradlee Dean – another mentally ill, lying Christian sociopath, Minnesota radio host, anti-gay activist, and drummer for the “Christian” metal band Junkyard Prophets. Dean who’s show is broadcast from the Heritage Foundation and promoted on townhall-dot-com, a major conservative news site has made statements like “On average, (gays) they molest 117 people before they’re found out, call gays and lesbian mentally ill “Folks you are not dealing with a … you are dealing with a mental issue. I mean this is why it was considered a mental illness before 1973. This is why it was against the law in every state before 1961.”And Dean also believes and preaches that gay people should be murdered, much like they are in conservative Muslim countries.  And that’s just the tip of his crazy gay-hating iceberg

And this isn’t the first time that batshit crazy cougar Bahmann has hooked up with her rapid homophobe bi-polar cub Dean

From Mother Jones:

Over the last five years, Bachmann, the politician, and Dean, the metal-head, have formed an unlikely but powerful alliance. Bachmann has helped raise money for Dean’s traveling youth ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International; guest-starred in his television series; and prayed for his ministry to multiply 10-fold. Dean, for his part, has embraced Bachmann, whose district includes his suburban community of Annandale, as an ally against the gay agenda. But his inflammatory rhetoric and past links to an anti-government organization make Bachmann’s own controversial views seem downright pedestrian.

It even gets better.  Bryan Fischer (AFA) makes  appearances on Dean;s radio show filled with his usual characteristic rants about the purported ties between gays and Nazism, gays and the Obama Administration, and gays and “brainwashing” students in public schools while. Dean claims that Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, is using gay rights to topple the Constitution and introduce Sharia law. 

Dean with Brian Fischer


The BIG GAY Question is what are we going to do about it?

Are we just going to sit back behind our computers and bitch and moan or are we going to plan an action for late September and finally fight back against these assholes.

We can’t let this continue.  We sit here and allow this blatant hate speech thinking that they will cut their own throats, but they won’t because the people that Bachman, Dean, and Fischer reach are as crazy as they are. And there will always be more of them joining them because they use the standard brianwashing method of saying the same things over and over until it corrupts simple minds.

The LGBT Community NEEDS to ban together with other groups that are threatened by these lunatics,  Woman Rights Groups, Unions, Immigration Groups, etc and have to band together despite or differences and Stand up, FIGHT for each other and whats right and topple the Tea Party and the GOP once and for all.

Michelle Bachman Speaks To Iowa’s "Family Leader" Hate Group On Gay Marriage

It seems that Republicans &Tea Party Candidates go together with hate groups like PeaNUT butter and belladonna jelly as of late as ANOTHER Republican whack job, Michelle “Bachman Crazy Overdrive” spoke before Iowa’s “Family Leader” hate group on the current state of gay marriage and her initial reaction in 2003 when she heard  Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage:

“In 5,000 years of recorded human history… neither in the east or in the west… has any society ever defined marriage as anything other than between men and women. Not one in 5000 years of recorded human history. That’s an astounding fact and it isn’t until the last 12 years or so that we have seen for the first time in recorded human history marriage defined as anything other than between men and between women.”

BCO went on to say that she was “devastated” when she heard in 2003 about gays being able to marry in Massachusetts,  “”I heard the news on my local Christian radio station in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and I was devastated. And I went across the street and I took a walk and I went to prayer, and I said: ‘Lord, what you have me do in the Minnesota State Senate?’ And through prayer I knew that I was to introduce the marriage amendment in Minnesota.”

Hey Crazy!  5,000 years ago, people weren’t Christians either!

As Sassy Gay Friend would say.  “Stupid Evil Bitch”  (Okay I added the evil.  But it works!)

Video – Michelle Bachman Chats With KKK Linked Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Perkins

Michelle “Batshit Crazy Overdive” met with the Ku Klux Klan linked Tony Perkins, President  of the officially recognized hate group the Family Research Council to discuss thier strategy about “taking over America”

Be afraid and stand up and fight people.  Just remember people the sane intellegent Germans laughed at Hitler in the beginning and thought he was crazy and if they ignored him and his cohorts they’d go away also.

Video – Watch: A Palin/Bachman Ticket – The Opera.

True Theatre of the Macabre brought to you by the insanely talented and clever D.C. Douglas but perhaps best known as the voice of certain Geico commercials (primarily as the tag announcer of a 2007-2008 celebrity ad campaign) who was fired by the insurance company after leaving a voicemail for Tea Party group FreedomWorks.

Go D.C.GO!

Video – Rep Anthony Weiner Tell John Boehner To Embrace His BONER Birthright At Congressional Correspondents Dinner

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) the man who SHOULD be President took to the podium last night at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner and skewed himself, as well as John Boehner, Michelle Bachman, Rand Paul, Cedric Richmond, and Rahm Emanuel to name a few.

On John Boehner:
“I do the Weiner jokes around here guys.  And who is BAINER fooling?  What am I?  Anthony WAINER?  I’m serious brother just embrace it.”  (BONER! = Boehner!)

Also on Michelle Bachmann:
“I don’t know if she is here. She’s probably not. She’s campaigning in Iowa and organizing in that important caucus state because she’s running for President. That’s really all I have for that joke.”

I WISH Wiener would run for President.  But if he ever leaves politics, which I hope he doesn’t, I think we just found Jon Stewarts replacement for The Daily Show.


VIDEO – Gay Hate Mongers In Love – MN Bradlee Dean Interviews AFA’s Bryan Fischer: "HITLER WAS A GAY PROSTITUTE"

Gay hating, bat shit crazy . Bradlee Dean, who also heads a “Christian” heavy metal band that has has performed at fundraisers for Rep. Michele Bachmann and has publicly called for the execution of homosexuals invited Hate Group spokesman of the American Family Association on his radio show to push the Scott Lively agenda of his book, The Pink Swastika that says Hitler was a gay prostitute who surrounded himself with “vicious homosexuals”

What is sickening is the amount of lies and false witnessing these so called Christomaniacs are spewing — there is NO historical proof that the Nazis were gay of course,  quite the opposite — what there is is made up HYSTERICAL proof from the likes of these idiots — and the idiots that follow and believe them.

BUSTED! – TARGET Anti-Gay Political Donations Have Been Going On For Years, Despite "Apology" 240,000 Boycott Signatures Delivered To TARGET Corporate Offices (Video)

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel has come out with a statement that states the company is “genuinely sorry” for donating $150,000 in cash and services to the political action committee MN Forward which has been backing anti-gay MN Candisdate Tom Emmer.  . Steinhafel also told employees (and, by proxy, consumers) today, “We remain fully committed to fostering an environment that supports and respects the rights and beliefs of all individuals.”  (But Target DID NOT make a matching donation to any pro-gay political group to balance it out) 

But according to The Awl’s Abe Sauer, “Further research shows that Target has funneled significant funding to the most socially conservative of Republicans and that it boasts a frightening culture of anti-gay candidate support from Target’s own stable of top executives.”

*Read more about Target’s other anti-gay political donations and Watch The Video of the 240,000 boycott signatures being delieved to Target Headquarters after the jump……
It also turns out that CEO Gregg Steinhafel has personally  personally donated money to the campaign of that hateful crazy bitch Rep. Michele Bachmann.  And thats not all.

Target’s current group of top corporate officers have supported a murderers row of anti-gay politicians. Even more confusing, some of those anti-gay candidates supported by Target’s PAC and its executives don’t even represent Minnesota.

Of the small handful of donations he’s made, Target CFO Douglas Scovanner has given to both Rep. John Kline and Rep. Erik Paulson. John Kline joined Bachmann with a group of Republican members of Congress who put their names on a lawsuit to force the District of Columbia to put gay marriage to a Prop 8-like referendum. Meanwhile, Paulson supports amending the constitution to ban gay equality.

Of the five candidates to whom Target CMO Michael Francis has donated, three are George W. Bush and the aforementioned John Kline and Erik Paulson. Target’s Chief Information Officer Beth Jacob gave her largest personal donation ever to Erik Paulson. John Kline also received money from Terrence Scully, Target’s president of financial services. So did anti-gay amendment-supporter Mitch McConnell, who isn’t even a representative of Minnesota

Target’s own PAC, the newly formed Citizens Political Forum, has been funneling money to groups like Freedom First PAC, the who are made up of supporters of outgoing Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, whose is also anti-LGBT equality.

It’s one more way some of the billions Target generates every year finds the pockets of bigoted anti-gay politicians.

Yes, CEO Gregg Steinhafel is sorry……..SORRY THEY GOT CAUGHT.


Today Randi Reitan, the woman seen on YouTube last week cutting up her Target charge card to protest Target’s action was joined by her husband Phillip and Son Jacob to deliver signatures of 240,000 people across the nation to the Target CEO.pledging to boycot Target.


Mexican Singer Paquita La Del Barrio:"I’d Rather a Child Die Than Be Adopted By a Gay Couple" (Thats Okay By Me You Ugly BITCH.) – (Video)

Paquita La Del Barrio, a popular Mexican singer known for her strong stance against “the sexist male culture” is making headlines today by openly spewing some homophobic hatred in an interview in which she said that she would rather see a child die of hunger in the street than be adopted by a gay couple. (What a cunt.)

The bitch added that if she had a son she would never be at peace if he was with a gay couple — a child needs to be with someone who deserves him.

Video below with translation from Andres Duques at Blabbeando

Tea Party Candidate – "Rosa Parks Did Not Move To The Front Of The Bus To Support Sodomy"

Wingnut and Shew Barb Davis White

Last week, Minnesota held its first ever marriage equality hearings when the state’s House Civil Justice committee began considering three same sex unions bills. None are expected to pass, but that didn’t stop Barb Davis White, Teabagger and candidate for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, from offering up some hatefuligoted bile at the hearing.

Rosa Parks did not move to the front of the bus to support sodomy. There is no difference between a black person and a white person other than their skin color when there’s a tremendous difference between a man and a woman. Allowing a black woman and a white man to marry does not change the definition of marriage. However, allowing two men or two women to marry would fundamentally change that definition

If Rosa Parks were alive today, she would tear Barb Davis White’s hair off her scalp.

White doesn’t deserve the civil rights that we all have fought for her to have. If that’s her take on ’sodomy,’ then she should go back to living as a second-class citizen in order to known what it’s like to be treated differently. Once she’s tired of leading her life as a second-class citizen, then maybe she will have the sufficient empathy in her heart to realize that it’s not up to the public to grant/deny civil rights, because those rights exist despite the public’s opinion.

So I am going to call this evil cunts statement and raise her a statement by one true America civil rights leader: Coretta Scott King:

“Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity, and their personhood.”

Oh and by the way Barb you ignorant big fat hiefer.  Rosa Parks DID NOT move to the front of the bus. She was in the back of the bus and refused to give up her seat when the front got too full for all the white people.

Learn your own Equal Rights history you BITCH!