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STRAIGHT-WASHED: Ken Burns Ignore FDR’s Anti-Gay Navy Scandal, Eleanor and ‘Lesbians’ Avoided in ‘The Roosevelts’

Ken Burns sucks


The ever awesome and straight (gayly) to the point Michelangelo Signorile of Sirius XM and Huffington Post has some serious and truthful  issues with Ken Burns’ negligence of any gay or lesbian mentions in Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s lives in his epic, 14-hour PBS documentary series The Roosevelts:

How could we not hear about the scandalous anti-gay witch hunt beginning in 1919 in Newport overseen by then assistant secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt? As detailed in historian John Loughery’s 1998 book The Other Side of Silence, Navy sailors were recruited to entrap other men to have sex with them, with the undercover “operatives” engaging in sex to orgasmic completion — oral, and yes, some anal — with the men they entrapped, and logging all of this in their own reports.

And what about the bi-erasure of his right-hand man, Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles?

“He was FDR’s school chum — and page boy at Eleanor and FDR’s wedding — and he was also bisexual and quite sexually active, something about which FDR apparently looked the other way. Eventually, though, Roosevelt reluctantly accepted his resignation in 1937 after one of Welles’s rivals in the state department seized upon information that Welles had sex with two black men, Pullman porters on the same train that carried the president from the House Speaker’s funeral in Alabama, and threatened to provide the details to a GOP Senate enemy unless Roosevelt dumped him.”

And during a recent discussion in Chicago Burns himself dismissed the mention of Eleanor’s “close” friends as  too “tabloid”

“Burns treats all of this is to discuss Eleanor and Hickok as close and intimate “friends” — he has Doris Kearns Goodwin telling us Hickok was “in love” with Eleanor, almost as if it was one-sided — but never using the “L” word, or even raising the possibility of sex, seeming to view that as sleazy…”

I myself could argue that Eleanor’s rumored lesbian relationships may  be debatable. But what is not debatable was the anti-gay navy witch-hunts and not including them in the 14 hour series was a huge mistake. That was real documented history that would be critical to later civil rights struggles and also speaks to FDR’s character and not including it speaks volume of Ken Burns character as well.

LOOKING Star Jonathan Groff Explains The Symbolism Of The Handjob Scene In The First Episode

LOOKING handjob

“I feel like that scene is incredibly symbolic in ways about the show but also for the character Patrick, where he’s for the first time stepping outside the comfort zone in his life and trying to go deeper, ask questions, break patterns, and also figure out where he fits in the gay community. If he wants to hook up with people and sort of have an openness about his sexuality, or now that there’s marriage, if he wants a boyfriend, and just settle down. Just about what he’s looking for in that arena. He’s looking for that and also looking to see where he fits in the world as a whole.” – Jonathan Groff, when asked about the anonymous handjob in the park scene in an interview with SiriusXM Progress‘s Michelangelo Signorile

I never realized a handjob could have such meaning!

Jonathan.  Sometimes a handjob is just a handjob.

But in Looking’s case it was more like a waste of video.

Michelangelo Signorile Puts 100% American Texas Tea Party Patriot In His Place – Audio

Mike Signorelli

LGBT radio host and activist Michelangelo Signorile, host of the Sirius XM Progress radio show named for him took a call from John in Houston, Texas who identified himself as  not Republican, not Democrat” but rather, “a 100 percent American” who immediately started to attack President Obama with the same Fox News and Republican false talking points.  Signorelli was having none of it though and using the truth and facts put the tea bagging patriot in his place but good.

… But you was [sic] talking about the President carrying 49 percent of Hispanics, 87 percent of Hispanics, but just like I said, it’s, uh, free money is votes, and I know for a fact, I’m a, I haul all over Texas, I see it all, I been there, done that, ….”

Michelangelo immediately pounces on the “free money” assertion asking him, “what do you mean, ‘free money’?”  To which John replies: “How many Hispanics as you call them, come over here, and I’ll give you examples of the people that I know, that come over here and haven’t worked a day in their lives, and they’re getting welfare, they’re getting Social Security …” Signorile comes back at him with the conservative’s Achilles heel, facts, pointing out:

“First of all, there are no immigrants who are undocumented getting any federal money. The people who are getting the lion’s share of federal dollars because they are poor are white people … Do you know that the majority of people on welfare are what John in Houston is, ’100 percent American’ white people?… The majority of people on unemployment are white people. The majority of people on every program are white people. So this argument, it really wears thin … the idea that people voted for the President because he’s given them money, no. People who voted for Mitt Romney were getting government money themselves. They’re rich people on welfare. You know those people? They’re really rich and they have all kinds of tax loopholes, and they don’t pay as much taxes as you do.”

Well that of course didn’t sit well with the caller who probably doesn’t have a pot to piss and depends on armadillo road kill to feed his family. So being so brainwashed by the GOP’s lies he just has to defend the very people who have ruined his quality of life in the first place with their greed.

Why are you against rich people? I mean, they didn’t take it away from you…”

Michelangelo responds perfectly: “I’m not against rich people, I want rich people to pay their fair share and not get tax loopholes. Mitt Romney paid 12 percent in taxes while the average American is paying 30 percent taxes.

Again John comes back with a typical right wing talking point, this time based in his religious convictions: “Well, what I’m saying is, 10 percent’s good enough for the good Lord, why isn’t it good enough for the American government?”

And that is where Michelangelo goes in for the kill.

 “We cannot run this country on 10 percent, of everybody giving 10 percent of their income, and still have roads, and highways and infrastructure and bridges. You like those bridges, you like all those roads you drive in Texas?  Your Governor [Rick Perry], right? He slashed the state budget, he slashed the fire department, we were just talking about it earlier, and the federal government had to come in and bail him out. I’m sick of bailing you people out, and your big giant state. You should be paying more money. You got a lot of people there, and your Governor has the gall to ask for a bailout from the President of the United States? What a moocher he is.

John, are you proud of your last Governor, before Rick Perry? Because he took this country … first he ran your state into the ground, and your next Governor had to be a moocher and ask for federal dollars, and then he ran the country into the ground, and took us to war based on lies, and thank God that President Obama saved this economy from George Bush, who bankrupted us with his war, and bankrupted us because he let the banks bilk everybody of billions of dollars … Man, John, you have some losers, losers who’ve run your state, and you have the gall to talk about President Obama, man, or anybody else, when you have all of these moochers and losers who’ve run your state? Give me a break.”


You can listen to the entire exchange in the audio clip below.

Mike Signorile Takes On Duck Dynasty-gate: There Is Too Much Defense of This Crap As Free Speech

Mike Signorelli

“The Duck Dynasty controversy has become so ugly so fast. It’s time to just call it what it is. Religious zealots like Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are using the Bible to defame a group of people and excuse horrible actions against that group in the name of their Bible, refusing responsibility for the hate their words condone and inspire. And much of the media seems to be going along with it because the Robertsons, a Louisiana family with a reality TV show on A&E, are home-spun country people whom everyone seems to love. I’m seeing way too much defense of this crap as free speech — as if every corporation is forced to allow its employees to spew vile and offensive defamation against people. Try telling your boss that he or she is like a pig-fucker and see how long you keep your job. Just tell him or her it’s in the Bible, and see if that keeps you from getting shown the door immediately without collecting your stuff.” – Michelangelo Signorile, writing for the Huffington Post.”

The whole Duck Dynasty debacle is nothing more than bigotry hiding behind the cross.  Jesus should smite them all.


Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Goes Cuckoo Over The Thought Of No Religious Exemption In ENDA

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“The religious liberty death spiral continues. Writing in the Huffington Post, popular homosexual radio personality Michelangelo Signorile confessed that, of any potential ENDA legislation that might reach President Obama’s desk for his pledged signature, ‘none should include any religious exemptions’ whatsoever. If Signorile and other ‘LGBT’ activists get their way, this would mean that churches, mosques, synagogues, religious schools, Bible bookstores, as well as any and every other business in America with 15 or more employees, would be forced, under penalty of law, to abandon the biblical and traditional-values viewpoint on human sexuality, and hire (and otherwise not offend) those who openly flaunt expressly sinful and demonstrably self-destructive sexual behaviors.”Matt Barber channeling the hellbound spirtf of Jerry Falwell and lying his hat ass off for Wingnut World Net Daily

Yes!  The religious liberty death spiral continues.”  Two words sum up Matt Barber perfectly: DRAMA QUEEN

And Kudos to Michelangelo Signorile for pissing off the fat evil bastard.

Michelangelo Signorile: Remove The Religious Exemption From ENDA And Stop Asking For Crumbs

Mike Signorelli


“The fact that ENDA is unlikely to get a vote in the House gives us a chance to make sure the religious exemption comes out of this bill. That may make it harder to get it passed, and it may take a lot longer, but so be it. There are no shortcuts or bargains on civil rights. And quite honestly, when you ask for crumbs from the outset, both your friends and your enemies don’t take you very seriously. We still need full protections in employment, housing and public accommodations, and none should include any religious exemptions. We need to stop viewing the ENDA vote this week as a sign of how far we’ve come — as much of the hyped-up media has been doing — and instead view it as a sign of how much further we need to go.” – Michelangelo Signorile, standing up as any proud LGBT American would against the ridiculously broad religious exemptions that makes the current version of The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)which is about to go to debate and vote in the Senate virtually worthless.




Harvey Fierstein: ‘You know what boys? Time to stop fucking with us,’”

Harvey Fierstein

The awesome Harvey Fierstein appeared on The Michelangelo Signorile Show  on Sirus XM today where he let loose on “Rat Putin”, anti-gay churches and told the gay community thats its time to stand up, fight back, and not let others take advantage of us or use us as scapegoats anymore.

“It seemed to me a really good time for us as a community to say, ‘You know what boys? Time to stop fucking with us,’” he said, also backing the boycott of Stolichnaya Vodka that has taken off worldwide. “It’s time for them to stop to making money. Time for churches to stop raising money by demonizing us. Time for politicians to stop making money by demonizing us. It’s time to make the gay community too dangerous to do that too. Russia happens to be a great place to do it because Putin — I call him ‘Rat Putin’ — is such a villain. I think there’s an entire movement here and an opportunity to say the gay community is no longer available to be your scapegoat.” Fierstein urged LGBT people to take a stand. “A lot of people are saying, ‘We can’t do this, we can’t do that,’” he said. “You can do everything. You don’t necessarily see the results right away. We have to create an environment where we are too dangerous to mess with. “


You can listens to Fierstein’s entire interview below.

Breitbart Talks S**t Defending His Actions Against Anthony Weiner While Condemning The “Outing” Of Gay(stepo) GOP

Huffington Posts Mike Signorile’s talks to Andrew Brietbart who defends his actions of pursuing the destruction of Anthony Wiener  and progressive politicians while condemning the “outing” of closet case GOP members and politicians.

Michelangelo Signorile Explains Everything You Wanted To Know About GOProud But Were Afraid To Ask

Journalist, author, public speaker and radio host on Sirius Satellite Radio’s OutQ Michelangelo Signorile has just an awesome  an article for The Advocate in which he takes on Chris R. Barron (who once referred to yours truly as “The gay left = The American Taliban”) and GOProud and shows just  how grotesque Barron and his group of Auntie Tom’s actually are.

It’s a brilliant article.  Allow me to whet your whistle with some excerpts:

First off, denialists and elitists who believe they are superior to other gays — even if the attitude masks a pitiful self-loathing — are clearly as prevalent as ever in the LGBT movement, except that they can now be out of the closet. Perversely, the fact that we can find such people in GOProud is a measure of our success…

Their motivations are probably unique to each but there are some commonalities: a desire to be close to power; a hunger for attention and GOP approval; a selfish devotion to Republican “fiscal” policies over civil rights; and a belligerence toward gay activists, whom they seem to detest.

GOProud’s Chris Barron fits right in, often appearing desperate for Republican acceptance, compromising his positions at a moment’s notice—if he even had any to begin with. Formerly political director for the Log Cabin Republicans, he broke away and cofounded GOProud, claiming that Log Cabin wasn’t conservative enough. Since its founding in 2009, GOProud slowly moved in the direction of not taking any pro-gay positions, all in an attempt to be included in the Republican Party, even though Barron oddly once tweeted that GOProud is “a gay organization, we only work on gay issues.”

GOProud is opposed to the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which is now law. And fearing being cut out of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference — which for 2012 has banned groups that support any pro-gay legislation — Barron told the blog RedState last February, “Considering we don’t support gay marriage and DADT isn’t part of our 2011 legislative agenda [I’m] not sure how this affects us at all.”

Barron and GOProud now also support House speaker John Boehner defending section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act in federal appeals court after President Obama announced he believed the law is unconstitutional — though Barron himself is legally married to a man in Washington, D.C. Barron’s husband, to whom he refers a lot in his tweets, is a D.C. teacher who wrote a piece in MetroWeekly about how kids learn to be bullies from adults who bully one another. But there couldn’t possibly be a better example of an adult bullying other adults than Barron tweeting this: “The gay left = the American Taliban. Hateful, angry and dumb as shit.” He’s also tweeted that Andrew Sullivan is “fat,” “pathetic,” and “self-important” and that Meghan McCain is “intensely stupid.”

Barron’s impulsive tweets are telling in a variety of ways. He obsessively tweets about his abs and his workouts in a way that betrays a guy who’s pretty insecure about his body and perhaps his very manhood, out to prove he’s a real guy, not like those other gays, such as the “catty” Barney Frank, who Barron tweeted has a “purse” and wants to “sit in Scott Brown’s lap.”

This insecurity over masculinity seems to be a theme at GOProud. In a YouTube clip that received much attention over the winter, GOProud member Matt Hissey says he doesn’t like most gays: “I don’t really like gay people that much. Gay people frustrate me, the stereotypical gay people, it frustrates me…”

Signorile hits it out of the park.  Covering every point from GOProud’s want of power and finacial gain over equality for the LGBT Community to it’s members own self-loathing of their own sexual orientation.

It’s a GREAT READ, so please take a few minutes and head on over to The Advocate and read the entire article.  (And then come back here and comment!)