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Beloved Methodist Minister Forced To Resign For Being Gay: “I Won’t Hide.”

Benjamin Hutchinson


After three years of serving his congregation faithfully a beloved United Methodist Church in Cassopolis, Michigan, the Reverend Benjamin Hutchison says Methodist leadership gave him the option of resigning Monday night of being fired for being gay and having a partner. Despite the fact that his congregation and the community was well aware of that fact that Hutchison was gay from the beginning of his appointment.

“It wasn’t only my place of employment; it was the love of my life.” Hutchinson said. “I’ve never been shy about it, and I won’t hide from it. Monty Hutchison is my life partner and that’s who he is to me. I consider him my partner, Lord willing, someday to be my husband.”

The Methodist Church released the following statement:

“This subject has been passionately debated for a very long time in our denomination.  In May 2016, clergy and laity from around the world will meet in Portland, Oregon for General Conference, where discussions are expected to take place on the church’s official position on these matters.”

The church’s Book of Discipline says the Methodist Church is open to everyone, but practicing homosexuals are not allowed to be ordained as ministers or appointed to serve in the church.

The congregation is both shocked and appalled by the news.

“I was very shocked, and very upset,” said Bill Loux, a member of Hutchinson’s congregation said.

“He’s just done a wonderful thing here, and for the Methodist Church to treat him this way is totally unacceptable to our church and everybody in this community. Even though he’s gay, he’s part of our family, my family, the church family,”

Benjamin Hutchison is also a part of our family also and he should not be treated like this.


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Washington DC Church’s LGBT Affirming Rainbow Banner Set On Fire In Hate Crime Incident

St Lukes Mthodist Rainbow Banner

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Mission Center, just blocks from the vice president’s residence at the United States Naval Observatory, was a victim of a hate crime last week when a pro-supportive rainbow banner with the words “Stop the Trials” printed on it was set ablaze. The banner was hung outside church to express support for Methodist ministers on trial for blessing same-sex unions like Rev. Frank Schaeffer and Rev. Thomas Ogletree.

In a statement, the church’s pastor, Rev. Charles Parker, asked for mutual respect from those who disagree with his church’s LGBT-affirming stance.

“I am clear in my own wrestling with scripture, tradition, reason, and experience that the current position of our church is wrong,” he wrote. “I am also clear that other colleagues of good will and integrity have likewise wrestled with the issue and come to a different conclusion. What I would like to ask is, ‘can we respect each other enough to allow each of us to act in accordance with our conscience?’”

DC Police have classified the incident as a “destruction of property-hate bias incident.”

Smells like KKK-ristian love…..