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Meredith Vieira Apologizes For Remarks Concerning Hurt Locker’s Male Stars Hugs (Video)

Meredith Vieira has apologized for remarks on the Today show on Monday morning to Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie. Vieira asked Mackie if his hugs with co-star Jeremy Renner were something she needed to be “worried about.” (Renner again? He’s cute but he’s NOT THAT cute!)

In a statement to GLAAD Meredith Viera said:

“During an interview with the cast of The Hurt Locker on Monday, I turned to actor Anthony Mackie and made a joke about ‘man hugging’ in reference to a hug he and fellow actor Jeremy Renner had shared a few weeks earlier on our air. It was meant to be lighthearted, but some were offended by what they believed to be a homophobic comment. That was never my intent, but that doesn’t matter. Words are extremely powerful and should never be chosen lightly, even in a lighthearted moment. I apologize to any and all that I offended. My support of the gay and lesbian community is longstanding and well documented. It has not and will never waver.”

This is how you make an apology…own your fuck up, offer sincere regret, admit that words can be used as weapons,and then reaffirm your commitment to the LGBT community…exactly what she did.

Thank you Meredith.