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Michele Bachmann’s Memoir To Be Sold In Walmart’s Toilet Paper Aisle Because Its So Full Of Shit

Just in time for the holidays Michele Bachmann Crazy Overdrive has released her large print, small minded (fantasy) memoir “Core of Destruction Conviction,” that’s full of so many lies, garbage, and shit it should be sold in the toilet paper section of your local WalMart.

Bachman’s lies begin on page one when describing her candidacy for state Senate in 2000

From Mother Jones:

As Bachmann describes it, she had made a spur-of-the-moment decision to show up for the district nominating convention but had no intention of running for the seat herself; she just wanted to be a part of the democratic process. She was dressed in moccasins and a torn sweatshirt. She was coaxed into putting her name on the ballot, stumbled through her speech, and somehow defeated both the Republican incumbent Gary Laidig and the party machine.

“I was just doing my duty as a citizen, speaking out,” she writes. “It was like that wonderful Norman Rockwell painting from the forties, Freedom of Speech, in which an earnest man speaks out at a town meeting, politely but firmly.”

But that account puts Bachmann in conflict with Bachmann. In 2001, she bragged to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press that she had been planning her primary challenge a year in advance of the convention because of Laidig’s support for the state curriculum standard, Profile of Learning, as well as Minnesota’s compliance with a federal program called Goals 2000. She told the Stillwater Gazette prior to the election that “I told [Laidig] that if he’s not willing to be more responsive to the citizens, then I may have to run for his seat.” As Laidig told The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, referring to Bachmann’s citizen crusade, “Michele came to me on several occasions and to my face said, ‘If you don’t vote to get rid of School to Work and Profiles, I will run against you.'”

There’s enough to dispute within the first 13 pages that by the time she announces, on page 14, that she was born in Waterloo, Iowa, you almost want to ask for a birth certificate.

Core of Destruction Conviction,” is Bachmann’s last attempt to save her doomed GOP Presidential campaign and also nothing more to make a few extra bucks for her trouble.

Only true die-hard Bachmann GOP/Teatards out there will be rushing out to get this book. 

But you know what they say…..

A fool Teartard and his money are easily parted.  (Unless its for the good of the country then it’s MINE MINE MINE!)

Beau Breedlove To Pen Memoir – Must Be A Pop-Up Book

Remember the 17/18 year old Portland WA unibrowed “Man-lita” Beau Breedlove who’s one night in bed AFTER he turned 18 almost brought down Mayor Sam Adams political career?

Well after parlaying the his new found Amy Fisher like fame into a Porn Star Bookstore opening appearance and and a non-frontal Unzipped photo spread bitch is gonna write a book soon to be in your favorite dollar bin!

“The book is a reflection on the events of my life before, during and after the ‘scandal’ surrounding my relationship with Sam Adams,” Breedlove wrote in an e-mail to The Oregonian.

“In addition, the book will cover a broader look at people who have been in similar situations to mine, and how stereotypes both play into the media attention as well as are used as tools against victims. This book is a memoir, and an insight into the change that the GLBTQ community needs to see in the way we are portrayed and represented.”

Breedlove a VICTIM?  Plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

For those who don’t know Beau Breedlove was far from innocent even before the “affair” with Adams. “Allegedy” Breedlove had been a fixture in under aged gay clubs, and rumours of being a petty thief were circulating BEFORE he even met Sam Adams.  And not to mention a “friendship” that Breedlove had with Bob Ball the man who started leaking the info on Adams because Ball wanted to run againt Adams for Mayor.

Thats how much of an “innocent victim” Breedlove was.

Beau honey, you’re 15 minutes of fame is over. Stop milkinmg it and tryiong to make money off it.