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Bill O’Reilly Says Watching GLEE Will Make Kids Gay Transgender Smokers! (Or Something Like That)

The awesome Carlos Maza at Equlity Matters reports that during the April 19 telecast of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly did a segment trashing this week’s episode of Glee for featuring a storyline about a transgender teenager struggling with her gender identity.

O’Reilly criticized GLEE for encouraging “dopey kids” to experiment with homosexuality.

If you make the behavior of these people … if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don’t have parents watching their — they might go out and experiment with this stuff…When I was a teenager and I saw James Dean smoking, it made me want to smoke…a lot of these dopey kids are confused about who they are. They’re confused.”

Then using his logic if you watch O’Reilly’s show, you’ll become a loud mouthed, loofah loving douchebag.

Media Matters Launchs "Equality Matters" To Battle Homophobia In Media and Politics. Has GLAAD Become Ineffective?

The New York Times is reporting that Media Matters is launching a new division of its organization devoted to LGBT equality called ‘Equality Matters’ which will be run by former Clinton adviser Richard Socarides  and edited by intrepid Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld, who is leaving that publication in January

While a range of groups are working to advance gay rights, the movement has lacked a national rapid-response war room of the sort that can push back against homophobic messages in the media and the political arena and keep the pressure on elected officials, said David Mixner, a gay author and activist.

“I think the lesson we have learned over the last two years is that you’ve got to be tough,” Mr. Mixner said, “and you’ve got to keep people’s feet to the fire.”

The organizers of Equality Matters say that is their intent. Mr. Socarides and the founder of Media Matters, David Brock, said they began planning Equality Matters several months ago. They quickly persuaded Ms. Eleveld, who covered the Obama campaign and has covered Washington for the last two years, to join them.

“I’ve spent the past two years with a front-row seat to history, and the longer I sat there the more I felt drawn to participating,” Ms. Eleveld said in an interview.

Part of GLAAD’s, (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Mission Statement is “holding the media accountable for the words and images they present”  But they have been long absent on doing anything at all in pushing back against homophobic messages in the news media arena seemingly content to keep themselves to patrolling sitcom’s and movies.  We desperately need an organization that will take on homophobia in the news and political area.  Case in point news programs such as CNN and MSNBC and print outlets giving Hate Groups such as AFA and FRC public platforms to express homophobic ideas while lying and using made up statistics and evidence.  Where has GLAAD been during all that? 

We as a community need an organization such as Equality Matters and I for one welcome them.