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Missionary Killed By Remote Tribe Toured With Liberty Counsel Hate Group President Mat Staver

The death of an American christian missionary John Allen Chau on an isolated Indian island has cast a rare and unwelcome spotlight on the Sentinelese, thought to be the world’s most reclusive hunter-gatherer tribe despite the fact that researchers have long warned that any contact with outsiders could devastate the reclusive tribe as they likely have no immunity to many modern diseases.

The murder also cast a spotlight on Chau himself who now it turns out four years ago went on a sabbatical with Liberty Counsel hate group leader Mat Staver, who is also the founder and chairman of Covenant Journey, a program that takes college students on tours of Israel.

USA Today reports:

P.C. Joshi, an anthropology professor at Delhi University who has studied the islands, said the isolated tribe has little resistance to diseases and could die from contact with outsiders.

Chau had wanted ever since high school to go to North Sentinel to share Jesus with the indigenous people, said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Covenant Journey, a program that takes college students on tours of Israel to affirm their Christian faith. Chau went through that program in 2015.

“He didn’t go there for just adventure. I have no question it was to bring the gospel of Jesus to them,” Staver said. Staver said Chau’s last notes to his family on Nov. 16 told them that they might think he was crazy but that he felt it was worth it and asked that they not be angry if he was killed.

Staver the disgusting human being that he is, is already using Chau’s death for Liberty Counsel propaganda and publicity.

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

John Allen Chau, a Covenant Journey alumni, was martyred on November 17, 2018 by the Sentinelese tribal people on the island of North Sentinel. In its effort to preserve the distinctness of the indigenous Sentinelese, the Indian government has granted extreme autonomy – even to the point of allowing the senseless murder of outsiders.

This is not right. His family deserves to bring John’s body back home where he can be buried. Human life is a universal inalienable right. John was seeking to bring them peace and the Prince of Peace. May his sacrifice bring about change and new life to many in North Sentinel and around the world.

He wanted to befriend the Sentinelese to share Jesus with them. He loved Jesus more than life. John was a courageous martyr for Jesus. John’s life and his love for Jesus, to the point of giving his own life to bring the gospel to others, will be remembered and will echo throughout eternity. I know that God will bring good out this loss

Perhaps Staver should get the body by himself and bring a big box of smallpox infected blankets to spread Jesus’ love with.

Kim Davis, Kentucky Anti–Gay Marriage Clerk Loses Re-Election Bid

Bigots Wanted: Matt Staver’s Anti-Gay Liberty Counsel Trolls For Shyster Lawyers To Join Hate Group

Kim Davis and Matt Staver


Are you sick of winning your cases all the time? Then the Liberty Counsel is the place for you!

Via press release:

Are you a highly-motivated Christian attorney who is passionate about advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and family values? Do you have an unquenchable desire to be on the front lines of the culture war that is raging against America’s Christian heritage? Do you want your life’s work to reap the eternal rewards of making a difference for God’s kingdom? If so, there could be a place for you on our elite litigation team.

Liberty Counsel, a public interest legal and policy ministry, has an immediate opening for a highly-motivated and organized attorney in our Central Florida office. Eight or more years of litigation and appellate experience are required, preferably in federal courts. Necessary qualifications include proven management skills, high moral character, excellent oral and writing ability, superior academic background and eligibility for Florida Bar admission. Applicants must have excellent interpersonal and time management skills, and be comfortable with editing pleadings in Microsoft Word. Familiarity with case management software and online document filing is preferred.

This position is not for someone who is merely looking for an interesting career change or an easy second career. Applicants must believe they are called to actively fight for family, faith and freedom. To be considered for this position, email a cover letter explaining why you want to work at Liberty Counsel with your resume (including law school rank and GPA), salary requirement and a current legal brief or memorandum.

Understanding of the Constitution not required.

Kim Davis, Kentucky Anti–Gay Marriage Clerk Loses Re-Election Bid

GUILTY! – Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and Anti-Gay Liberty Counsel Found In Violation of the Open Records Act

Kim Davis and Matt Staver

Kim Davis, and the “religious” anti-LGBT legal group the Liberty Counsel have been found in violation of the Open Records Act, according to Kentucky state’s attorney general office.

The opinion found that Davis, the Rowan County clerk, and her counsel improperly refused to turn over public records requested in March by the nonprofit Campaign for Accountability, reported the Courier-Journal.

The Liberty Counsel rejected the records requests as improper for a variety of reasons, such as attorney-client privilege and legal exceptions from preliminary documents.

The nonprofit legal activist group also refused to turn over those documents to the attorney general’s office for review.

“An agency cannot benefit from intentionally frustrating the attorney general’s review of an open records request,” said Assistant Attorney General Matt Jones. “Such result would subvert the General Assembly’s intent behind providing review by the attorney general.”

Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of the of the anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel, said he never had a problem providing the contents of the documents, but he wanted to make sure no information was revealed that was protected by attorney-client privilege.

Staver has said that he didn’t expect to file an appeal and said he would turn over the contested documents.

Anne Weismann, executive director of the Campaign for Accountability, praised the attorney general’s findings and said her group had requested the records to learn more about the elected clerk’s relationship with the anti-LGBT activist group.

“I think the Attorney General was right to call them on completely flouting the law,” Weisman said.

Davis and Liberty Counsel could be required under the Open Records Act to pay attorney fees for the Campaign for Accountability, as well as up to $25 a day for each day for the four months that they denied access to the documents.